From the EastWing, Dumping On George Will & Mitt Romney & Bill Kristol And Any Others Who Walk

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing,


With all the attention on the FBI decision not to recommend charges be filed against Hillary Clinton, and the continuing fall out of that story, my time to comment on those events is yet to come. That thing  is still playing out. We’ll see how that goes.  So for now we can talk of other things.


One of the thing that makes this country great is our freedom to think what ever we want, freedom to say whatever we say without fear of reprisal from our government. It’s with those thoughts of freedom dancing in my mind that brings me declare “I don’t spiders and snakes and George Will”.


The time has come do address George Will and his grand exit from the GOP. A few days ago he declared that he had enough of those ruffians and peasants that  went out and voted in such large unheard of numbers in the most recent Republican primary. He wants nothing to do with those kinda people. They’re not his kind of Republican and so he’s out of here.


My first, last, and only response is “Don’t let the door hit you in the a*# as you leave”.


He must have figured all those who voted in the primary would come begging on bended knees. “Oh for the sake of the party, we  can’t ever function without George Will. How will we ever know what to think without good ole George telling us. Who can tell up proper behavior, if not George Will? Oh whoa is us. Oh whoa is us.


I’m sure the party would survive if I left, and I’m equally sure it will survive with  George Will gone. So sorry, George, that it had to be YOUR way or NO way. Guess the highway suites you better after all. George Will  is a self-proclaimed atheist. He finds disgusting any views of faith. So he walks out. An old southern phrase

“Good riddance to bad rubbish” seems to fit George Will.


Now he’s in his own little party of one. An advantage of having your own party of one is you don’t have to put up with the likes of those Southern, redneck, grits-eating, gravy-slathering, less-than-Ivy League-educated, church-going kind of people who voted republican in such record numbers.


Now it can be said that all those hard hat and factory workers who lost jobs, pensions, homes, and their sense of self-worth because of the brilliant globalist policies that the elites pushed as “good for us” do know that the party of Lincoln and Reagan will again have some respect for the “little people” that the George Will types looked down their political noses at.


Lincoln is quoted as saying that “God must have loved the common man because he made so many of them.” Reagan’s election coined the term “Reagan Democrats” that represented the many working men and women who were ignored and held in contempt by the “In The Know Politicians” of both parties.


There has forever been a distinct difference between people who are educated and those who are smart. Some very well educated folks aren’t very smart. I believe it was comedian Brother  Dave Gardner who said “Some folks are educated way beyond their intelligence” Then there are some folks I grew up with who may not have been as well-educated as I, but  who are truly smart, truly smart indeed.


They knew that we would lose America if the only ones making money were the ones who owned the companies and who robbed Americans of jobs that were shipped to Mexico, China, or Indonesia. They knew that the Ivy League politicians who continued to live off credit by running up trillions of huge national debt would face a day of reckoning.


They knew that having open borders so that we looked the other way as masses of people poured into the country illegally would lower wages and strain the budgets of states trying to educate, medicate, and incarcerate the hordes of new arrivals. They knew that losing a sense of pride and nationalism for America first and creeping into the multicultural, politically correct, and globalist “one world order” would turn America into a wussy, wobbly, and weak country where people showed up illegally, waved flags of their home country, burned our own flag, and demanded that we give them instructions and education in their native language, drivers licenses, healthcare and maybe even the right to vote. And yep,  just look at where we are now.


George Will doesn’t like Donald Trump. I’m sure he wouldn’t like me, either. Come to think it, he also didn’t like Bill O’Reilly. He famously got into it  with Bill on TV and ended up getting shredded by his Bill-ship. Bill O’Reilly let loose on George Will  the street-fighting Irish instinct he learned in a blue collar, working class neighborhood on Long Island, and his passion to stand up for the “little guy” means that he will basically beat the crap out of those who try to take his turf. George Will disrespected his turf, and paid the price.


Donald Trump got more votes than any Republican in nomination history. And Republicans ELECT our nominee, we don’t delegate the process to backroom bosses who SELECT our nominee. I’m staying in and will help Donald Trump become President. George Will, Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol, all the Bushes and a handful of others are in full-pout mode and have left. I hope the door hits ‘em all in the same place as they exit.


To any other who may choose to leave the GOP, It’s your decision. What makes this nation great is our freedom to choose. You may go and come as you please. The only thing I ask is to keep in mind, your time of stewardship of this  Grand Old Party has not been beneficial for the “folks” despised by George Will.

The last 8 years of promises have been ignored by your actions after being elected. Such promises and your lack of action have not been ignored by us “folks”.


Do not expect me to beg you to reconsider. You have decided to leave. I have decided to do everything possible to stop, using Donald Trump’s descriptive words, “Lying Hillary” from continuing the slide of this nation into the abyss. And it appears  that a lot of Americans, just like me, are ready for a fight to keep their country and their American Culture the way it is.


What I’m really hopping for is all those Hollywood types who said they’d leave the country if Donald Trump was elected president, I’m hopping they’ll keep their word, and take George Will with ‘em.


From the EastWing, Dumping On George Will & Mitt Romney & Bill Kristol  And Any Others Who Walk

I Wish You Well,