From The EastWing, Groundhogs And Musicians

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Damn Groundhog. He done us dirty. Saying we’ll have an early spring, then we get the only blizzard of the winter. It never ceases to amaze me that educated people will put faith in the musings of an uneducated groundhog every year in early February.


Of all God’s creatures, great and small, the one least qualified to  make prognostications that time of the year is the groundhog. A useless creature who has slept the winter away and is disturbed only by little people in a small Pennsylvania Town that time forgot.  Yet we wait with much anticipation each and every time February comes around. Now more snow is predicted to start into March.  So this year he did do us dirty. Damn Groundhog.


After posting my thoughts about Donald Trump, the e-mail filled up with requests for thought on Hillary Clinton. one does not have to have thoughts on Hillary Clinton. Her own words are all that’s necessary to convince most anyone that there’s more to come  .


For my music loving friends, bet you didn’t know Hillary is a musician. Oh sure, Hillary’s a musician. So far she’s sang like a bird when it comes to this matter of how she protected the secret emails she received while Secretary of State. Her explanation is this never ending love song.  Hillary tried ‘there were no emails”… it didn’t work.

Then Hillary tried “there were no government email”… it didn’t work.

Then Hillary tried “there were no classified government emails.”  it didn’t work.

Then Hillary tried “the 3 democratic appointed inspector generals that say I handled classified emails illegally are being manipulated by Republicans.”  it didn’t work.

Then Hillary tried “this is a massive over classification of email.”  it didn’t work.

Now she’s quit denying it altogether and changed her tune to “others have done it too”… Guess what.. that won’t work either…..

Guess at some point it’ll be time to face the music with a different tune.


From The EastWing, Groundhogs And Musicians

I Wish You Well,