From The EastWing, Who’s Dark, Who’s Right

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 One of the  remarkable traits of the progressive democrats in our nation  is their amazing  lack of self-awareness. This trait was on display last week in the media and Democratic Party’s characterization of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech and the entire Republican National Convention as being “dark.”
 Of course one would expect the Democratic Convention to have a different opinion on how to run the government than their republican counter part, but “dark”. Really? Really? Is this the depth of the democrat ability to define the opposition? A single  word to define a political party. The other point of view could be well served to choose a single word. Stupid comes to mind, among others.
 For the left to dismiss other Americans as having a dark view of America is laughable. Because no one, not Donald Trump, not the Republican Party, not any conservative  has nearly as dark a view of America as does the democratic left.  Across the board  from the universities to the media to the Democratic Party the left, around the world and in America, has put forth an unremittingly dark view of the United States.
 Lets just do a walk down the left side of memory lane and visit a brief example of what I’m talking about.
 Racism “is part of our (American) DNA,” President Barack Obama said in 2015. Is there anything Donald Trump said in his acceptance speech that is even close as dark about America as that? The President has painted the darkest of dark picture on the whole nation. For Obama to attach racism to American DNA is beyond dark, it’s an insult to every American who takes pride in being an American.  On this past  July Fourth weekend, Vox published a long column arguing “3 reasons the American Revolution was a mistake.”
 The most widely read historian in American high schools and colleges, the late left-wing professor Howard Zinn, was asked whether he thought the United States had done more good or more bad in the world. “Probably more bad than good,” he answered. The left regularly characterizes the United States as a sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist and bigoted country. The left considers our wars are wars for imperialist expansion, driven by material greed.

The top 1 percent relentlessly exploits the other 99 percent. America is rigged against blacks, Hispanics and the 99 percent.  Cops kill unarmed blacks proportionately more than they kill unarmed whites because so many cops are racist. Is there anything in Trump’s speech that can match any of those left-wing views of the United States for “darkness”?

 Moreover, every one of those leftist critiques of America is totally and completely  false. Not a single one can be validated by facts. Even though they are not factual, and never have been, the left continues to spew this crap out day after day, year after year, election after election.  Nevertheless, we are in a dark time in America. In fact, Trump didn’t make the case for America’s darkness nearly effectively enough.
 Donald Trump should have said our universities  outside of the natural sciences  are being destroyed as learning institutions. They close minds, censor speech and indoctrinate rather than educate. Blacks have more anger toward whites and America than at any time since the civil rights era. This black anger is fueled in a major part by the President, himself.  in  American students are learning less while being indoctrinated more. They graduate high school barely able to write a coherent essay with proper sentence structure, grammar and spelling. They know nothing of substance about history or basic skills needed to become productive members of society. But they know all about the existential threat allegedly posed by fossil fuels.
 According to a recent Gallup Poll, fewer young Americans than at any time since polling began are proud to be Americans.  A greater percentage of Americans are dependent upon government for their income and even for food than at any time in American history.  The American national debt is the highest it has ever been. And it is increasing at a rate that can only lead to an economic implosion. A smaller percentage of Americans are married than at any time in American history. Americans are having fewer children than ever. Fewer businesses in proportion to the general population are being started than ever before.

Sectors of major American cities are essentially killing zones. Chicago being the best example of one such city possessing the killing zones.

 Fewer Americans than ever before believe in God, go to church or affirm Judeo-Christian values, the basic moral code of America’s founding and of Western civilization. Only 2 in 10 black children are born to a married mother. This alone is the single most important  factor in this social stigma, yet it’s shunned like the plague by the likes of Jessie Jackson  Al Sharpton and President Obama.
 Is that dark enough? And the list has only scratched the surface.  Believe me, I could double this list with ease. Moreover, every one of these dark facts listed here is the result of left-wing policies, left-wing politicians, left-wing writers, left-wing professors and the left-wing party, the Democratic Party.
 If all Donald Trump did between now and November were to delineate the darkness created by the left and the Democrats, he could potentially win in a landslide. But, for reasons that elude me, I question if he will, just as no Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan has. In the same way that Democrats won’t identify America’s international enemy,  Islamic terror.  Republicans won’t identify America’s domestic enemy, the left.   And until such time Republicans do, the darkness from the left won’t go away.
 From the EastWing, Who’s Dark, Who’s Right
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