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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


February’s gone and so is winter! Yeah!!! It’s springtime in the Valley. Shewwwww, never thought it’d get here soon enough. But I think that every year, ‘bout this time. Happy spring.  Cold winds of March, cold rains of March, snow of March, bring ‘em on. After all is said and done, it’s springtime in the valley, and summer’s just around the corner.  Here comes summer.


Ever notice how we spend so much of our life in fear? Fear of the unknown, it’s the worst kinda fear ever. It’s the fear of the unknown that’ll drive ya crazy. A good example of what I’m talking about is; it’s not the spider we fear, it’s NOT knowing where the spider went, that’s what we fear. Not knowing where the spider went, I’m telling ya, that’s  the real fear of spiders.


Damn spiders, scares us so bad when they hide, and all the while the spider hides because he’s afraid of us. Since spiders couldn’t tell us that, we fear the unknown, hidden spiders. I don’t know ‘bout you, but I’m for sure afraid of ‘em, hidden spiders that is. Yet I’m not aware of a single case where a spider has attacked a person. But I’m not going to be the first, ‘cause I’m afraid of ‘em.


Maybe life would be better if spiders could talk. Which could lead to all kinds of major, and I do mean major changes in society. For  one thing,  the spider could tell us how to make spider silk. Spider silk, a material many times stronger than steel, and many times less weight than steel. Plus, just think how much fun it would be to carry on a conversation with a creature that has so many legs. If I could talk to a spider, the first thing I’d do was ask him, or her to sit down and cross their legs. That’d be kinda cool.


Did ya ever read Gulliver’s Travels? If not, it’s a story ‘bout a regular feller who went on a trip one time and found himself in a land where he was a giant. I bet if the truth be known, the spiders of the EastWing look at me much the same as those folks looked at Gulliver, a giant who has invaded their land.


For sure, I don’t feel like a giant in the EastWing, but from the point of view of that hidden spider, looking out at me, he sees the giant of the EastWing. The reason the spider hides, he too fears the unknown. Even spiders fear the unknown.


Giving credit where credit is due, I’ve never seen a better manipulator of the fear of the unknown than President Obama. Over the course of the last couple weeks, he had made every effort to drive the fear of the unknown into the heart and soul of every American in this nation.


The people who clean the halls of congress will be laid off. Social Security checks will be delayed, he said. Meat inspectors will not be able to assure the safety of our food supply, he said. Air traffic will be delayed due to the laying off of air traffic controllers, he said. The military will not be able to provide for the defense of the nation, he said.  The Navy will be unable to send ships out to sea, he said. Teachers, police and firemen will lose their jobs, he said.  Medicare and Medicaid services will suffer, he said. Now it don’t get much more “fear of the unknown” than that. No wonder the low information electorate voted for the guy. I would have too, had I not known better.


A year or two ago I talked about some friends of mine who just happened to be in the  business of trying to find what they called the “God Particle”. These  guys  are in the science business of particle physics.  Particle physics is the science of looking for the most basic building blocks of the universe. I call ‘em my friends in small places. They just  call me BobbyRay.


They gave me an explanation of their quest for the God Particle.  Was smaller than small, they said. Even smaller than that, they said. We know it’s there, they said. We’ll someday find it, they said.


Now guess what, yap, they found the God Particle. ‘Course it helped ‘em to have had a billion dollars worth  of scientific equipment in the form a particle escalator which is a  17 mile  circle underneath the Swiss Alps and  a full circle  of really strong magnets and  a gun that shoots really little bullets  around corners in different directions at the same time  so they bump into each other at the other side of the circle.  Guess when ya have a setup like that, finding the God Particle is a piece of cake, a really, really small piece of cake


Guess God thought it was time in the evaluation of humans for this knowledge to come into existence, else the God Particle would have remained a yet to be discovered piece of knowledge. An interesting result of the discovery of the God Particle, is the calculation that the whole universe will, many, many billions of years in the future cease to exist.


It seems that the God Particle has brought into the mathematical formula of things, stability which cannot be sustained. The result being an end to the existence of the whole. The whole everything. The universe as we know it. All the stuff we know outside the universe we live in. I’m telling ya, these guys are telling me, the whole damn thing is going to blow.


The only think is, they don’t know if it’s gona blow in or gona blow out. The only thing for sure, it’s gona blow one way or the other.  But not to worry it’ll not be for many billions of years and even if ya were there, it wouldn’t hurt, ‘cause it’s all gona happen at the speed of light. I guess if ya blink, you’ll miss it.


With all that crazy stuff being discussed, I some times wonder why I even hang around with these guys who talk so much over my head. I bet sometimes my Particle Physics Friends wonder why they even hang around with someone  with such a simple mind as BobbyRay.


Yet we all recognize that we’re  equally ignorant, just about different things. One time in the middle of conversation on particle physics, I ask the question, “Can any of you guys milk a cow?” Laughter rang out across the internet. LOL rang supreme.


No one could milk a cow except me. I’ve milked cows. Some of my friends in small places had never seen a live cow, only pictures of such. Yet they all knew that milk did come from a live animal and not a plastic jug. Which is a higher knowledge level than some from other parts of our society. many of those who have spent a lifetime on concrete, asphalt and steel, the intercity child, they have no knowledge of where milk comes from other than the plastic jug.


And it all comes back to the spider and he’s hiding from us, ‘cause he’s afraid of us, and we’re afraid of him ‘cause he hiding from us. And he’s hiding, cause he afraid of us. Damn Spiders.


Just little boxes made out of wicky wacky, and they all look the same. Even knowing why spiders hide, I’m still scared of those spider when I don’t know where they’re hiding. Hiding spider are much the same as doing business with a crook. I can do business with  crooks, as long as I know up front they’re crooks. It’s the ones I don’t know, the hiding kind, that I’m afraid of, kinda like hiding spiders, Those hiding crooks.


Stay safe in Afghanistan.


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I Wish You Well,