End of Summer & Un-Lady Bugs of Autumn, Plato & Starke County Politics, Rambo & The Gun Clip, Snakes & Apples

Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

It was fun, that Indian Summer 2011. Now Indian Summer’s sometimes great and sometimes not so great. Sometimes long and sometimes not so long. This time, was long. Thank you Indian Summer, you brought happiness into the EastWing after the first frost. You reminded us all ‘bout the joys of summer past. We had fun in that Indian Summer of 2011, we danced and played in your warm sunshine, Indian Summer. To the Chiefs and Medicine Men, who always appear in the smoke of Autumn, the powers that control Indian Summer, we thank you. This year, 2011, it was such a trip. Wow! An Indian Summer for the ages.

But you also brought those damn little lady like bugs that really piss me off! I’m sure that many of you can relate to my sentiments on those little fellers, those bugs that look like ladies. They came from China ya know, brought here to control a particular parasite in the east coast tobacco crop. More precisely the North and South Carolina tobacco crops.

Major concerns were expressed by the professionals who knew about the dangers of bringing non native creatures from one part of the world and transplanting them elsewhere. Even when it sounded like a good idea to take care of the little parasite in the tobacco plant, it seemed to be a good idea at the time. Those that knew the danger of such activity were effortlessly dominated by those who had only an interest in getting reelected to congress.

Does the name Storm Thurmond ring a bell? The next time you smell one of those little messy unlady like bugs, think about Strom Thurmond. It was the sole political influence of one old, old senator from the state of South Carolina that brought these little unlady like bugs to this country. Just another reason to support term limits for elected officials everywhere. Damn stinky bugs. Damned old senator that done us all dirty.

Now if you thought the worst thing this man ever done in his life time was being a member of the KKK, that was second worst. Calling in political favors in order to assure votes to approve the import of this species of insect into the tobacco growing regions of the east coast, that’s the worst thing this man ever done to this nation as a whole in his lifetime. Damned old senator, smelling like those nasty little bugs.

This terrible disservice to our great nation is justification alone for the enactment of term limits on all elected officials, from the president to the most local elected office. The most amazing thing is that every candidate for elected office at every level of government I’ve ever talked to on the issue of term limits, they’re all for term limits. Then they get elected and the game changes the next day. I’ve not supported elected officials for reelection in the past, based solely on their change in position on term limits.

Once had a member of the United States House of Representatives tell me “Bob if I’d have know how much I didn’t know, then I wouldn’t have even run for congress. Now that I do know what I know, I’m afraid to let anybody else have the seat. The job’s just too important to turn over to an amateur”. I reminded that feller he was that same amateur just four years ago. And what about the other 240 or so years before him and all those other amateurs that held the job too important for an amateur.

He said “you’re not gona support me, are you?” I said “no, you told me two terms is all I want in Washington and I’m out of there”. “So, no I’m not gona support you”. We didn’t part friends, me and that congressman from Indiana’s Second Congressional District. He lost the election that year. I was glad he lost, ‘cause I felt that feller had told me a lie.

It always amazes me how elected officials become so much smarter than the electorate within days after their election into office. Seems someone said something to the fact “don’t become involved in politics and you’ll be governed by your inferiors”. I’m not sure if Ben Franklin said that or was it Thomas Jefferson. But I do know it was Plato who said “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber”. That Plato feller had a way with words. I so wish he lived in Starke County Indiana right now. I’d encourage him to run for County Commissioner. But he’d probably be too smart to do that in Starke County.

Such true statements, be it the national level all the way down to the local county government, and even into the township level. It seems that those who seek an elected office should never be elected. Apply that concept to every level of government, and you’ll be amazed. How well it fits. Seems it’s an ego thing with people who want to be elected officials.

Right here at our own local level of government we are no better or worse than the rest of the country when it comes to this matter. “Too smart to engage in politics, get punished by being governed by those who are dumber”. Too bad the politicians in our lives don’t know ‘bout Plato. I wish they did. But don’t’ think it’d make a difference, ‘cause it’s an ego thing. But I’m like so many others, too lazy to get involved in politics and am being punished by being governed by those dumber.

I think I already told you ‘bout a county commissioner who one time told me “only 10% of the people in Starke County know what’s really good for ‘em”. He got beat in the next election. I guess ’cause he was so much smarter than the voters he tried to represent. Yeah, right.

It’s just carp like that, that makes Sophia the Republican Cat want to go at ‘em all, and believe me, the cat’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. Ya gotta remember, Sophia walks with swagger, and carries concealed weapons.

Standing almost 8” tall and weighing in right at 8.0 lbs, some may think something that small surly couldn’t make a big bang in the political realm. Did ya ever hold in your hand a stick of dynamite? One stick is about 8” tall and weighs 8 oz. By sheer weight, Sophia would equal 16 sticks of dynamite. By destructive force, ‘bout equal. Damn tuff Republican Cat, Sophia.

It’s sometimes hard to keep the cat in the cradle.

Such fun reading your comments ‘bout me and the opossum and Rambo of the EastWing. It was with so much delight that I read all those emails. I’ll just take a couple minutes here and respond to a whole bunch of emails, all at the same time.

Yes I shot an ‘possum. Yes I did put the little red dot on the ‘possum’s head and squeezed the trigger really slow, and yes, the bullet did go where the red dot was. No, I did not have two gun belts strapped across my shoulders. Give me a break here, It was a .22 caliber pistol with a laser site, I didn’t need gun belts strapped across my shoulders. I only had one gun clip of bullets duct taped to my chest. Yes, at that moment, when I slowly squeezed the trigger with the red dot in place, I was, at that moment, at that very moment, Rambo of the EastWing!

The Rambo reference is a metaphor, now that’s a word used to describe somebody or something or a part of a word or phrase that is not meant literally, but by means of a vivid comparison expresses something about him, her, or it, e.g. should I say that somebody’s a snake, doesn’t make that person a real snake. But ya know what I mean. I’m sure ya know people who are snakes in grasses. ‘Cause we all know people who are snakes in grasses. Oh sure, don’t we all know ‘em well, those snakes in grasses, that’s for sure.

I even know some folks I’d call Sneaky Snakes. Maybe that’d be a double metaphor. I’m not sure if ya can have double metaphors or not, and I’m not sure if snakes are sneaky or not. Just the fact that snakes got off to a bad start in life, getting mixed up in that Eve and Apple Deal with God and all, pretty much doomed the snake to be looked down upon forever. If ya stop and think ‘bout that Apple Deal, maybe the snake was kinda sneaky. But to this very day, it don’t take too much to temp someone to take a bite of an apple, sneaky snake or not.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, End of Summer & Un-Lady Bugs of Autumn, Plato & Starke County Politics, Rambo & The Gun Clip, Snakes & Apples

I wish you well,