F3 Winds In Salyersville, Not to Wonder Why, Helping Hands, March 24th, Pup Baby and Arthritis and Doggy Stairs, And Watermelon Wine

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

By now most all of you are aware of the devastating F3 Tornado that plowed thru the mountains of eastern Kentucky. By now most all of you are aware that my roots lay in those very same mountains of eastern Kentucky. By now most all of you can see that I’m setting ya up for somethin’.

 Yap, I’m about to hit ya up for a donation to the cause. The cause is simple, help rebuild an area where a tornado has caused unimaginable damage. As the F3 Tornado screamed thru Salyersville KY, death and destruction road the wind.  More than 15 businesses have been destroyed, along with hundreds of homes. The suffering is great in Magoffin County as is all over the area affected by the tornados of March 2nd  Most tornados stay on the ground for short distances, many less than 2 miles. The Salyersville Tornado touched the ground for 49 miles. From Salyersville all the way into West Virginia. It’s as if the devil, himself, walked through the mountains and left mayhem in his wake.

We as mortal souls can never address the question of why, we can only address the issue of how. How to rebuild, how to assist our fellow man, how to move into the future. And that’s where you and I come into the picture. We both can address the how part of this disaster. And we, together, can address the how part of moving into the future.

If you haven’t seen evidence of this disaster, I suggest you go on FaceBook and do a search for BobbyRay Howard. I’ve posted all the pictures that’s been sent to me from the disaster area of Salyersville KY. As the pictures came into the EastWing, we cried. Me and Sophia The Calico Republican Cat, the 2girldogs, Mr. Bentley, Spike The Man Cat, we all cried, we just sat there  and hugged and we cried as we looked at the power of the dark side.  Salyersville just went away in every new picture that came to us. We looked at annihilation beyond belief, in a place we loved.  To help those poor souls became our mission. And so now we ask you to come along.  Ya don’t have to, but will be glad when ya do. Everybody knows what’s the right thing to do.

Everything is needed. Imagine, if you can, that you lose everything  that you own in this whole world in a matter of seconds. You didn’t have time to decide what to hold on to and what to let go. It just all went away in a heartbeat. Everything you own in this life is gone. If you can imagine that, then you can imagine what the folks at Salyersville need. Everything.

And that’s why I’m asking for your participation in the cause, the cause to rebuild a community that’s near and dear to my heart. The disaster of March 2nd is wide spread, all the way from southern Indiana to Georgia, yet I single out Salyersville KY for a simple reason. The  simple reason being, Lord knows ya can’t help ‘em all, so ya pick the one ya know the best and pray to God that other folks pick the rest. I have, and they have.

The acute needs of this disaster have been met by an outpouring of aid from across the country. In a time of true need, we hillbillies come alive.  At the start of this disaster the single most acute need was water. The Salyersville water supply was destroyed. Bottled water was the single most pressing need at one time. The need for water has been addressed. Clothing need has been addressed, housing needs cannot be addressed from northern Indiana, so we tend not to spend our time on things we can’t impact, rather we consternate on those things of which we can.

The impact we can most make at this point in the recovery process in CASH!  MONEY !!! Now I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that money talks and BS walks. Well it’s even more true in a disaster. Those in charge of the disaster relief efforts in Salyersville can now do the most good by having the steady supply of cash available to apply it to the acute needs of the people as those needs  are identified.

Your contributions can be made to my non-profit 501(c) 3 Corporation set up years ago to handle just such situations, it’s called  The North Judson Main Street Committee Inc.  Keep in mind any donations to the North Judson Main Street Committee Inc. is a fully deductable tax credit for a public supported  charity. And we all know that charity begins at home.

The mailing address for the Non Profit 501 (c) 3 corporation, The North Judson Main Street Committee Inc. is 219 Lane Street  North Judson IN 46366.  You will receive an acknowledgement  for tax purposes for your donation.  I thank you so much for coming along with me on this rebuilding effort to my little part of the world. I’ll forever keep you informed as to our progress in the future. Salyersville will come back stronger because people like you care, and are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Next Saturday, March 24th, we’re having a fund raising even at Grand Central Station in North Judson. A music festival, a Christian rock concert. It ya haven’t heard that kinda music, don’t knock it, just come on out and you’ll be surprised. It’s this coming Saturday starting at 3:00 PM. Come ready to be entertained and enjoy the day.

Few things feel better than 70° weather on your skin in early March. It just makes ya glad to be alive. Ya know that the next day might very well bring back the snow and cold, but when its warm, then God’s smiling at ya, it’s the spring time on your skin.

The ravages of time is taking its toll on the Pup Baby, Mustina James, as you long time visitors to the EastWing know, the Pup Baby has had her share of trials and tribulations in this life. First it was the attack of the badger that left her in the hospital for 10 days with three major surgeries thrown in there just to keep her life interesting.

Coming home with an open wound  the size of a small plat on her back. After getting over that, developing a case of heart worm infection. Then surviving the life / death treatment for that disease, and now developing arthritis in her hip joint so severally affected by the badger attack.  The Pup Baby’s medical issues are long and complex.

One of the problems the Pup Baby has is that my home is a house of stairs. Damn near everywhere ya look, it’s up stairs or down stairs. The Pup Baby don’t do stairs well. I’m of the opinion that I need to get the Pup Baby one of those things ya see on TV, those stairs that allows your pet to climb on the couch or the foot of the bed.

They call ‘em doggy stairs or doggy steps or something like that. Either way, the Pup Baby soon may need ‘em ‘cause  she sleeps at the foot of my bed, and when the time comes that the Pup Baby can’t quite jump up on the bed, well, guess I’ll just have to pick her up and put her up there. ‘Cause me and the Pup Baby, well we  go back a ways, me and that little dog, we just go back a ways.

But I guess ya already know that saying  ‘bout old dogs and children and Watermelon Wine……

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, F3 Winds In Salyersville, Not to Wonder Why,  Helping Hands, March 24th, Pup Baby and Arthritis and Doggy Stairs,  And Watermelon Wine

I wish you well,