Fast Track Summer, Danger Music, 59 Fords & Running Boards, UFO’s & Orange Groves, Me & Sophia Dancing In The Rain

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

I’m telling ya right now, ya might as well get ready of it. ‘Cause somebody in the next month or so is gona say to ya, “Where’s the summer gone?” Like you’re the one who put summer on the fast track and let it run away this year. Then they’ll say “ This summer sure has just flown by”. Yeah, at the same light speed it has for the last million years or so. It just flew by, one tick at a tock. DUH!

Ya know, one of the things that’d really make a difference in the world is if we all had built in Danger Music inside our heads. I love Danger Music. Ya can just never get enough good Danger Music in your life. Just think of all the stupid things that you would have never done, had ya heard the Danger Music inside both ears before ya started that dumb thing to begin with.

The best Danger Music ever was in the early days of Television. Half hour TV shows like Dragnet, Sea Hunt, Mr. District Attorney, Sky King, and Rin Tin Tin. Those, along with the Cowboy shows, Gene and Roy, and the Lone Ranger, Cisco & Poncho. Cowboy Shows, made the right way. They all had really good Danger Music.

Even the original Superman on TV had some Danger Music, but not too good. ‘Course Superman didn’t need really good Danger Music ‘cause, well, Superman had “Truth, Justice And The American Way” on his side. Now when ya got that going for ya, ya don’t need really strong Danger Music, ‘cause Superman’s gona save the day anyhow. And everybody knew that.

For those too young to know about real Danger Music, it’s simply background music played over action on the screen without dialog, but from the music alone, ya just knew something bad was gona happen to the good guys, and so it did. It happened to the good guys, but they always overcame and justice won out in the end. That Danger Music, it gave ya Goose Bumps, it made the hairs on your arm stand up. Good Danger Music, it chilled ya to the bone. Danger Music is soooooo American, and makes ya so proud to be.

You seldom hear good Danger Music anymore. It’s mostly been replaced with computer animated violence of the most grotesque nature possible. It seems that many movie makers turn to computer generated crap rather than good Danger Music to make ya chill.

Extreme violence along with equally excessive vulgar language has taken a preponderate role in the movie business today, so it seems to me. I still think that the world would be a whole lot better off if we all never spoke a single word that we’d be afraid to say in the presence of our Mother or Grandmother. For my whole life I’ve held that truth be self evident, ‘cause I’s afraid of both my Mama and Lou when it came to cuss words. Ya just didn’t say ‘em. Or at least when Mama or Lou was around, ya didn’t say those dirty words. And the non-use of such language seems to have stuck with me for life, or at least so far.

Did you ever think that Superman would look more real if he flapped his arms when he flew? Just asking.

It was on a Friday, the 13th day of July, that I happened to be returning from Demotte IN after delivering a supply of fresh made potato chips and potato salad over to our Bub’s BBQ Business there in Demotte IN, that I met for the first time in a long, a 1959 Ford. What really stuck in my mind was not so much the 59 Ford rather what was tucked inside the rear wheel well.

Finder skirts, I’m telling ya, finder skirts, it’s been a while since I’ve seen such on the public highways. Now not everybody’s gona know about finder skirts, so you’re just gona have to look it up and you’ll be surprised at what ya find. Seeing the finder skirts along the way, out there west on hwy 10, toward Demotte, over by Wheatfield, I got to thinking about what else in 1959 just went away from cars of today.

Without any fanfare at all, many things just went away. Moon Hub Caps, Steering wheel knobs, Coon Tails on antennas, Antennas, Curb Feelers. Running Boards, Gear shift handles, Clutches, Dimmer switches on the floor, Starter Buttons on the dash, Spot Lights and Running Lights, Side vent windows. They all just slipped onto the back roads of our memories and we never again thought about ‘em. Until they, from time to time, pop up like finder skirts on a 59 Ford. Memories, how they linger.

Remember last winter when I told ya ‘bout planting an orange grove that didn’t quite work out the way I intended and ended up with a single orange tree carrying all my hopes for independence on foreign orange juice for me and my family. Yeah, that story. Well in that same pot, I now have a 5” maple tree, which I grew from this spring’s maple seeds. Those little helicopter kinda seeds that ya see twilling around in the springtime. Just picked one up, stuck it helicopter first into the dirt and it grew. It’s doing well at 5” and rising.

It was back in the spring that I sat the pot containing my orange tree and the planted helicopter outside on the north deck and left it out there for several days. It must have been during that outside time that a bad seed somehow got into the pot. I for sure didn’t put it there , but it grew there anyhow. Now it’s twice the height of the orange tree, three time the size of the maple tree and seems to be growing at 4 inches a week. I have no idea what it is. Since I didn’t put it there, and the She didn’t put it there, it must have come from the sky. WHOA!

Now I’m not saying it’s a UFO, but ya never know. In its short life so far It’s well over 14” tall and growing like there’s no tomorrow to grow into. I tried to pull it out and it wouldn’t come out. I may even have to get the chain saw out, or maybe even bring in the Ax Men. We’ll see.

Ever wonder why some people seem to enjoy life so much more than others? Part of that reason could very well be simply their outlook on life itself. Now I’m not saying I enjoy life any more than anybody else, but here in the EastWing we do have some rather simple rules that we think helps us to get along in this world. With all our heart and soul, every day, we try our very best to these things:

Smile at both friends and strangers, To Play fair, To Reach for the sky, To jump for joy, To remember our blessings every day, To celebrate as much and as often as we can, To always dance in the rain, To hug every chance we get. To Love everything and everybody we can, To smell the roses, To walk in the sunshine and sing a little sunshine song. To look for God, everywhere, and find him daily.

Now if ya do these things, they won’t make ya a saint, that’s for sure, but they, for sure, won’t make ya a sinner either. And besides, few things in life are more fun than dancing in the rain. WHAT?? You’ve never danced in the rain? Then do…. Just do. you’ll love it. I’m telling ya, you’ll love it. ‘Cause you’re never too old to dance in the rain. I think it even says that in the bible, or something along those lines, I’m sure it does somewhere in there.

Now I’m not real sure where in the bible it talks ‘bout that dancing in the rain part. It might be in the Old Testament. Don’t know if ya ever read the Old Testament or not, but it’s a really neat book to read. Just keep in mind, if you decide to read The Old Testament, it’s a horror story. I’m telling ya that right up. It’s a horror story. And it has all the elements of a good movie.

Actually the Old Testament contains every element of every movie that has ever been made. ‘Cause every movie ever made has its story line based on events described somewhere in the Old Testament. I’m not joking ‘bout that. It’s all there for your reading pleasure, in the Old Testament. Then on the Seventh Day…..

Now one thing I do know for sure, there’s never been a God that didn’t want everyone to be happy. And of course everybody knows there’s no better way to be happy in this life, than dancing in the rain. So with that being said, there ya go! JUST DO IT !! Dance in the rain,,,, be happy and please God all at the same time.

This year, at the EastWing, our summer’s playing out to be the driest in a long, long time. My poor grass and outside plants have pretty much given up any effort to have a happy summer time in this drought of 2012. So yesterday when it started to rain in the late afternoon, even Sophia The Calico Republican Cat, danced in the rain. But you gotta remember Sophia don’t do rain. So she danced inside the EastWing, just watching the rain drops splash against the glass walls, as she danced. I was smiling as I watched my cat dancing in the rain.

Sophia turned to me and said WHAT???????? Damn Republican Cat.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Fast Track Summer, Danger Music, 59 Fords & Running Boards, UFO’s & Orange Groves, Me & Sophia Dancing In The Rain

I Wish you well,