Fightin’ Like Cat & Dogs, Sophia & Swagger, Deadly Mountain Lions, Never Fear Summer, Hating Lady Like Bugs, Looking For The End, The Mercury And Finger Painting With Words And Little Cats Feet

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

“They fight like cats and dogs” I’ve heard that saying most all my life. I can only hope it applies to the whole world in the same manner as my cats and dogs fight. They don’t fight, ever.  Now not everybody visiting the EastWing at any given time is aware of who’s who, in the cast of players  at my EastWing.  So from time to time I gotta re-indentify the players, and bring everybody up to speed on the EastWing cast of characters.

So it’s by weight, from the largest to the smallest, we start with Mr. Bentley James, a Pit Bull, 90 lbs. of boy dog, with a little anti reproductive surgery thrown into the mix,  and a bark that can make your blood run cold. Bentley James, well, Bentley James he’s  in charge of Home Land Security here at the EastWing.

Mustina James, aka, the Pup Baby.  50 lb. of ½ of   a mother / daughter German Short Hair Pointer  Birddog Team. The Gray Lady James, 35 lbs. of the other ½ of that mother/ daughter Birddog Team. The Gray Lady James, and the Pup Baby,  why they’re the 2girldogs in the EastWing.

 Spike The Man Cat, 15 lbs of “I’m a man cat and you’re not.” Sophia the Calico Republican Conservative  Cat, 6 lbs of alley cat from the neighborhood of LeRoy Brown.  Sophia walks with swagger from the Southside of Chicago, and carries her knives with pride. The knives of Sophia, they’re switchblades ya know. Concealed weapons from the Southside. Switchblade knives and a cast that jives….

Now starting from a position of influence, It’s Sophia The Calico Republican Conservative Cat, and everybody else  tied for the second spot.  Only when Sophia gets way, way too crazy, that the true patriarch of the EastWing comes to light. It’s in the darkest times of trouble, that  the wisdom of  the Gray Lady James reigns supreme.  She then brings tranquility back to the EastWing.

At the EastWing, it’s so apparent that God gave a bird dog the wisdom of knowing when to hold ‘em  and when to move ‘em out, and so she does, the Gray Lady James. Even with that being said, there’s few things that can quite compare to when Sophia struts her stuff. And she does, often. Damn Republican Cat.

So it was this year, 2012,  when March came into being as the Killer Mountain Lion of Winter.  Death and destruction walked upon my mountain heritage in eastern Kentucky.   March also ushered in the summer time. Now I don’t care who ya are, when it’s 82° on March 14th, that’s summertime. The unprecedented  warmth of  the March weather has caused many to fear the coming summer.

For me, that’s too dumb to talk about. What the hell! Are you kidding me? Fear the summer. God didn’t put me or you on this earth to fear the summertime. Or any other season for that matter. Enjoy your life forever, and never fear the future, or regret your past.  Nothing is more pleasant than the sunshine of March. Nothing is more pleasant than the sunshine of August. My most precious hope for all your life  is to never fear your summer times.  Here comes summer, oh happy day.

Now one of the little things I can live without this early summer time are these damn little “lady like bugs”. I, like you, hate ‘em to pieces. But oh well, they too have a purpose in life. Our problem is we don’t know their purpose. And so at the EastWing, I use ‘em as hockey pucks and flip ‘em with my index finger to see how far I can make ‘em fly. I’ve often wondered if those little creatures have any type brain, and after I’ve sent ‘em on their way, they think, “what the hell happened?” Maybe they think they just went through a worm hole in time. Ya know about them worm holes in time things? We’ll talk about worm holes someday just for fun. I just know the theory, but never really stepped thru one, yet. But I’m still looking for ‘em/

Ya gotta remember that these little creatures didn’t come to our world by their choice. No, it was the choice of people who thought it was a good idea to bring ‘em here.  It’s kinda like the killer bees coming from Africa. Now we’ve never  really talked too much ‘bout those killer bees, but we might someday.

We did talk about the hornet nation a few years ago. Those little Sons of Bees who stung me so bad and I developed a severe allergic reaction six weeks after the fact, and had such a tuff time recuperating from the stings. But we got even with the Hornet Nation, them little Sons Of Bees. We won the war. We had  God, Gasoline and Matches on our side.  The final score was BobbyRay 2, Hornet Nation 1.  But I got lots of stings  when I lost in that first round to the Hornet Nation. But the battle was 2 out of 3. Gasoline into  round 2,  and  matches were in round 3.  Two out of three. I took the final two. It was in round three that I  brought the heat.

Two weeks to go in the income tax filing season, and yes, I’m now looking forward to the end. It’s such a  love / hate relationship. I love it and I hate it all at the same time. I look forward to the start, every year for over 30 years. I look forward to the end, every year for over 30 years. If that’s not a love / hate relationship, then I don’t know what is. But, oh well, it’s this kinda work that keeps me off the streets and not  out looking for a real job.  This love / hate job of mine also allows me the luxury to set in the EastWing and tell stories. And do I ever love to tell stories. Well yeah!           

Had a conversation a while back with a long time friend of mine who just recently visited the EastWing for the first time. Now we’re talking a long time back friend.  A back to the Downtown Toto time, friend of mine.  I was the same age of his youngest brother and so he was a few years older than me, so we didn’t have a lot in common in 1959 Toto.  But we do have a lot in common  in 2012 North Judson. It’s funny how that age thing works out as ya get older. I almost forgot to tell ya, he’s got the Mercury.
It’s not just any Mercury, but the Mercury from the James Dean Classic Movie “Rebel Without A Cause”

Yep, you read that right, The James Dean Mercury from  “Rebel Without A Cause”, right here in North Judson. Now I’m not name dropping here just to get your attention, but ya just don’t see that many 1949 Mercury’s around anymore. And yes he does go to the James Dean Festival at Fairmont IN  and of course he  takes the Mercury. I’m glad he’s a friend of mine. I never road in the Mercury though.

Said he was surprised to read my stories, and thought that people who work in details like I do,  number crunching kinda stuff, they tend not to be able to be creative in writing. Told him I’m not at all creative in writing, I just tell the story, and the readers fills in the pictures in their mind, my readers are the creative side of the equation. The neat thing ‘bout telling stories with your fingers on the keyboards is ya paint the words and the readers draw the pictures in their mind to match your words, It’s kinda like  finger painting on keyboards.

Computers, ya gotta love ‘em. They let ya finger paint with words. And when ya do, pictures on the back roads of memories emerge thru the fog of time. Now I’m not gona say they come on little cats feet, ‘cause Carl Sandburg, bless his heart, he’s already said that, but it’s kinds cool to think they might, those pictures coming thru the fog, on little cats feet.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Fightin’ Like Cat & Dogs, Sophia & Swagger, Deadly Mountain Lions, Never Fear Summer, Hating Lady Like Bugs, Looking For The End, The  Mercury  And Finger Painting With Words And  Little Cats Feet

I wish you well.