From the East Wing

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

As usual, who’s  gona be the first to say “where’d summer go?” DUH! It went June, July and August. The summer time is rapidly slipping into the things that used to be. Just slipping into the backroads of the memory of Summer 2013. It’s right next to the spring time of the year. Right there by the side of when we felt the first warmth of the springtime sun.

Remember that first springtime sun that felt so good, you just were glad to be alive in that sunshine. Yeah, that’s the one I’m talking about. It happens every year. And every year it feels so good every year that you forget about the last time it felt so good. That’s the one. Like you, I’m soooo glad when the springtime sunshine comes along.

And so tomorrow is Labor Day, the first Monday in September and it’s always Labor Day. For many people, they consider Labor Day the end of summer. If that’s when you want your summer to end, then for your world, summer ends on Labor Day.  In my world I got a little bit to go still.

WOW!! Did the email ever light up like a Christmas Tree on the prospect of protesting in downtown North Judson IN. So far the PPR People have not shown up. Sure hope they do, their presence will bring some national attention to both the little city as well as the EastWing. I don’t expect they will appear. In the past, anybody that has pretty much told such PPR People to shove it, have been ignored from that point forward. Now keep in mind I didn’t really tell anybody to shove it. There’s a difference between telling and suggesting.

I did suggest alternative locations without sunshine. Then  did cut and paste from an email to respond and say “bring it on “Mother(*&^$%#!”. Yet I did highly recommend the location without sun shine as a good location to hold their demonstrations.  If my Mama knew I even cut and pasted stuff like that, she’d want to wash my mouth out with soap. At the very least wash both my fingers and keyboard with soap. My Mama was kinda “old school” when it came to not liking cuss words.  She didn’t like any of ‘em. To my knowledge, my Mama never said “damn” In her whole life.

Have ya ever played with a truly mammoth cat? I’m not talking a regular big cat here,  I’m talking Spike The Man Cat here. 18 lbs of switchblade knives. Every time Spike and I play on the floor, I’m amazed at how gentle he can play while carrying  4 full sets of 4 switchblades per set. Spike The Man Cat has the ability to put sixteen (16) blades into my body  at almost the speed of light. For sure it’s way faster than I can get out of the range of the claws.

Yet when Spike and I do “The War On The Floor”, he never shows the blades. With Spike laying on his back, I pin him to the floor by placing my thumb and index finger across his neck. I’m not chocking the Man Cat, but he can’t get off the floor, ‘cause I’m holding him down.  He can’t bite but still has four feet that contains the knives, and they are free to move at will. He kicks like there is no tomorrow, but never brings out the knives. He only brings out the easy cat kicks of playing with “I love you and you love me and we get along”. Me and Spike and the “War On The Floor.”

An outsider watching the battle would only conclude that I’m gona get clawed to pieces. It never happens. Even though I’ve got Spike pinned to the floor, Spike is the man cat in control of the battle. After all, he’s the guy with the knives. All I’ve got are fingers and faith, faith in the friendship with the Man Cat. Playing with Spike The Man Cat is kinda like Russian Roulette, except you don’t risk the chance of dying, just bleeding, from a lot of different little holes all at the same time. Me and Spike, we get along. We play together. We go to War On the floor, and I don’t bleed.

The Baby Beagles finished up their immunizations and boosters and so they’re now good to go. Lime Disease, Rabies, Ticks & Fleas, and whatever else shots and medicine Baby Beagles are supposed to get, they got. So the Girl Beagles are now good to go play in the sunshine of the EastWing and grow up to be pretty Beagle Girl Dogs. And are they ever growing fast, WOW! If they were in a garden, these Girl Dogs would be considered “Beagle Weeds”.

At the same time we visited the Vet Office for the final set of booster shots and medicines, we scheduled the appointment to assure that no unexpected baby beagles would surprise the EastWing. There’s no way we want a stork to visit the Beagle Girls at the EastWing. Measures have been taken to safe guard against such an unexpected visit. Hence the Vet Appointment of October 2, 2013.  The surgery date for the Beagle Girls. A month to go.

From time to time, when I say something in the EastWing it doesn’t  really earn a hotspot in my memory until someone says “hey that’s kinda cool.” Then I revisit the words and look at ‘em thru a different part of the rainbow.  And so it was with the line “Beagles triumphantly bark me a tune. Timing  your music with your tails”.

Now I’m not saying that’s the most descriptive words that can ever be strung together. It’s not. I am saying if you’ve ever seen or heard two Baby Beagle Sisters, then you can see “Beagles triumphantly bark me a tune. Timing  your music with your tails”. It is a picture you can see.  All baby puppies have the music, and it’ always timed by their tail.

Did you ever see the “Dance Of The Hummingbirds”? If not, it’s kinda cool. Part of the pleasure of watching the hummingbird feeder is to see that dance in the air. They came late this year, but have danced all summer. Almost thought they were going to be “no shows” and then when most of my hope was gone for the year, the little pretties came to me. That’s just another example of “a time for everything”. I truly think God tells the humming birds where to go, and when to be there. Else I’d have had ‘em at the EastWing in early May. But it just wasn’t time. And here it’s now Labor Day and I’m still enjoying the Dance Of The Hummingbirds. Ya never get too old to thank God for small things in life. The dance of the hummingbirds is just a small example of such things.

One of the things I seldom ever do is pass along a web site address. But once in a while someone sends me something that is so special it just has to be shared.   is such a special web site. Copy and paste that address and set back and play for a while. A little hint, move the mouse. You’ll figure out the rest. WOW!

As the early shades of evening are drawing closed on this September 1st day of the year and we look forward to cooler days and even cooler nights here at the EastWing, we’re forever glad you came to visit this holiday weekend.  All too often friends forget to say how much they enjoy being friends with you. So I just wanted to tell you how much we do enjoy your friendship here at the EastWing. We’re forever glad you come by to visit. We look forward to your return.

Stay Safe in Afghanistan.

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I Wish You Well,