Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the East Wing.One of the by-products of  ramblings from the East Wing is the email  generated as a result of words spoken onto screens in places I’ve never seen. Ya just never know how such words will be interpreted or even taken to be as fact. Never, before the East Wing, did I realize there’s such a significant change in the meaning when words are converted from English into Chinese or the other Asian and Middle East Languages, as well as many of the other languages thru out the world. One thing I decided, I chose not to let that worry me one  little bit. I speak English. I don’t speak Spanish, I don’t speak Hebrew, I don’t speak Chinese, I even don’t speak Arabic  or  any other language, I speak English. Unlike my government, I don’t make any effort to translate into umpteenth  different languages to ensure that all the illegal aliens in the United States understand what I’m saying. I speak English. If ya wanta know what I’m saying in the East Wing, learn the language,  and  then you’ll know.

But I do some times wonder if me and some of my Louisiana friends ever speak the same language.  The only ones I don’t wonder ‘bout down there in Louisiana, are my Cajun friends. We’ve  already bonded when they called me Coon Ass, so I don’t wonder ‘bout the Cajuns, those folks way, way south  of Shreveport. As a matter of fact, Cajuns consider Shreveport up north.

Words and their meanings to different people are what brings ‘bout much of the conflict in this world. It’s those things ‘bout what people do and what people say. Egypt is just such a an example.

I sit in the comfort of home and watch on my personal Jumbo Tron,  an uprising of a nation of people.  The same people who’s history dates back before the birth of Christ. Watching the people of Egypt rise up and throw off the shackles of a ruler who had not harkened to the needs of those  he  governed.  The life or death of freedom for a nation of people who predate history.  It’s as if these Egyptian people are somehow revisiting the exodus but, in a different fashion, in the since of “let my people go”. I do believe that phrase has been spoken once before, there in the land of the Pharaohs. But it was a while back.

 The price of freedom’s high.  It’s always been high. It’s paid in blood. It’s always been paid in blood, freedom.  It’s always been worth the price. That price of freedom paid in blood. That’s  the only currency that can buy freedom.

In these United States we have so much freedom we don’t even know how free we are. In our world, freedom just another word for nothing left to loose, and nothing aint worth nothing, but it’s free.

Imagine if ya will, that ya couldn’t move between any of the United States without producing your passport and proper identification.  WOW!  Ya can’t cross that big bridge down there  on I65 just north of Louisville without proving who ya are.  The only way to get on the Chicago Skyway is to produce identification showing you reside in Indiana and have a reason to be on the Chicago Skyway.

Freedom’s  just another word for nothing left to loose, freedom aint worth nothing but it’s free. The cost of freedom’s high, it’ paid in blood, it’s always been.  Seems that most everybody in our society has forgotten ‘bout the time our nation purchased freedom.  Our nation used the same currency as is now being spent by the Egyptians, and they are still paying the price as I talk ‘bout ‘em.

Most of the time the stories from the East Wing originate on the same Sunday it is emailed ya, but not today.  And I don’t know why, it just isn’t. Usually I tell a story, email into the distribution system and go to sleep for the night. But didn’t do that this night. It’s still Sunday Evening, and  for some reason I  still had something to say, don’t know if it was the Egyptian conflict or just wasn’t done telling stories, either way It’s still Sunday night, I just sent ya a story ‘bout the lost story and I’ve still got stuff to say. Things that may or may not seem important to you, but important enough to me to keep me and Sophia looking at the screen, saying words from the East Wing.

I’ve been asked many times by email during the last month to comment  ‘bout the current political situation at the local level here in Starke County Indiana.  I’ve chosen not to respond to such inquiries and questions for a very simple reason. Those who visit the East Wing from many other parts of the world really don’t give a crap ‘bout Starke County Indiana politics.  I found out last week that the emailings into Starke County now comprises less than 2% of my friends who visit the East Wing each week, and as such, we try to talk ‘bout stuff  the majority will hopefully find interesting.

We’re forever humbled to be able to speak to such an audience. Knowing full well our words are not always interoperated the same as spoken, but always meant in the manor in which it’s spoken.  A Hillbilly boy from Toto Indiana talking “round the world ‘bout just common stuff. I don’t care who ya are, that kinda cool.  Never in my wildest dreams could I’ve thought of how the East Wing would expand ‘round the world.

Just to think that there are  people in India, whom I’m made fun of for their inability to provide tech support in a language I can understand,  and they visit the East Wing, these people form India,  then send me an email and ask me not to laugh at ‘em, ‘cause they  try to the best of their ability to speak my language, and they tell me how hard life is in their home town.  it’s a humbling experience, I’m telling ya it’s a humbling experience .  Now if ya ever get an email from one of those towel heads, telling ya off, it’ll makes ya stop and think.  It just does. But I do prefer tech support in English, not Indian English.

As I sit here in the East Wing, this 30th day of  2011, it’s the 46th anniversary  of my marriage to the She. It’s a happy day. A happy day for me and the She. A She who is sooooo  Italian. It just seems to me that if ya have to be born a hillbilly boy and ya have to find someone to love in this life, well, ya just find an Italian She and you’re all set. Thank God for the She.

Today as I taught my CCD (confraternity of Christian Doctrine)   class at SS Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in North Judson IN, I told ‘em ‘bout the importance of love and stuff like that, ‘bout the 10 commandments and how they guide our lives in what good and what’s’ bad. ‘Bout how there’s more rules to getting your driver licenses in Indiana than there is to being Christian. 10 commandments, how hard it is to not break ‘em.  And so we do, but God’s love brings us back into the fold, forever back to God, but only when we ask for his forgiveness.  One of the great things ‘bout being a Baplic and teaching CCD, I can truly see the face of God in their eyes when I tell ‘em the stories. I love teaching CCD.

It’s now January 31st and I’m setting in the East Wing along with Sophia,  looking at the front end of what may well be the blizzard of 2011. For the last 24 hours the weather forecast people have been talking up this major weather system which is moving it’s way ‘cross the nation. They’re calling it the storm of the season, some are even  calling it the largest winter storm since 1967.

But what really makes me mad on this storm of the year, it’s not that foot or so of blustery which is expected to hit the East Wing tomorrow night, it’s that Global Warming thing that’s taking place right here in the middle of winter, just outside the glass walls of the East Wing.  I still propose that we didn’t have global warming until such a time Al Gore lost the presidential election and needed to have another job to go to ever day, after he got fired from the Vice President. And because he got fired, he couldn’t even sign up and draw unemployment compensation, so he had to come up with something to do to make money..

Did ya notice how Al Gore’s fallen out of the national news of late. Seems that when both the science and the weather turn against ya, it’s best to lay low.  And so he does. Ya  gotta remember Al Gore’s at his best when the going is easy. There are many political types who fit this mold. Some of the locals fit this mold as well.

But in defense of good elected officials, we also have those, both at the local and state level, who don’t demonstrate  the Al Gore style of public service, but do demonstrate a true calling to public service.

One of the things I do in this life is listen to my mama, now for those who may not know my mama, she’s 89 years old, still sharp as a tack and told me to make very sure I don’t say anything too bad  ‘bout Ed Charbonneau when I talk politics  from the East Wing. Turns out Ed and my mama are friends even though Ed’s republican and mama’s a democrat.  Things work out in this life, it always amazes me how, it just does, it always has, always will, things just work out.

One of the old weather saying is “ when the snow comes from the east, it’ll be heavy” As I set here in the East Wing tonight, the snow is coming from the east. Now the science behind that old saying is very sound.  It simply means that if the storm pattern is of such size to produce snow and the storm center is still well to the west and south of your location, and it’s gona snow till the center gets past ya. Sometimes that may even take 24 or more hours.  In such case it’s gona snow a lot.

I love to set in the East Wing and enjoy weather, all adverse weather, winter, spring, summer or fall. If it’s  a storm, the best place to watch it play out is from the comfort of the East Wing. A winter Blizzard is one of my favorites. Bring it on. I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the blizzard of the winter of 2011.

In the mean time I wait for this blizzard of the winter to arrive at the East Wing. It’s 11:00 PM, on this  31st day of January as we prepare to slide from January into February  and it has just stopped snowing.  But it just a  mere prelude of things to come as the wind continues to blow.  As I fell sleep, February 2011 blew into my life along with the front running winds from the east. A sure sign of winter weather woes.

Early morning on the first day of February, I call my mama and tell her that a major winter storm is barring  down on us and she can’t stay at her home alone, and I’ll be over to get her to take her to my hose at noon. Mama says ok. When I call my sisters to tell ‘em that mama is with me, one sister says “why I just talked to her and asked her did she want to come by me and she said no.” Told my sister, “there ya go, I didn’t give mama a choice, just told her I’s coming to get her, you didn’t.”  Mama was glad I called. I was glad I called. I’m glad I got my mama safe and warm in my house just west of my East Wing.

 By 5:00 PM the weather this February Day One  turned to the dark side and looking like something akin to the  “B” word which has so often tossed ‘round during the last 49 ½ hours. The snow’s now riding on the waves of the wind, they move as one, that wind and snow. Past the glass, the south glass of the East Wing, they move in unison.  In concert, they move the bare branches of my south garden maples as if mystical music is being plucked from bare limbs of Maple Trees. Now ya may not be able to hear the music played by the wind and by the snow in the bare maple tree out there just beyond  the south glass of the East Wing. But go outside right now, bet ya’d feel the music. The wind song. The cold, cold wind song of this winter blizzard.

And so it is that through the East Wing windows I enjoy the blizzard of 2011, as it’s come to be called, with the same excitement as I always seem to generate when inclement weather comes to the windows. From noon until well past midnight on that first day of this new month, this February, I enjoyed the blizzard. Ya gotta  admit, blizzards are kinda cool.

 Snowed in at home on February 2nd   as a result of the blizzard the night before, I watched on TV as the Egyptian people made a down payment on freedom. They didn’t buy it all, just a down payment, sad to think, but more payments are still due. The price of freedom is high, paid in blood. This time it’s Egyptian currency.

But remember the last time people were freed in Egypt, several years back, there were many more difficult logistical problems  that had to be dealt  with. Not only was there a hard hearted Pharaoh who had to be shown 10 plagues, and arranging  for the opening of the Red Sea as no simple matter to begin with.” Let my people go”, a human cry raised for the second time in the Land of The Pharaohs. The price of freedom never changes.

One of the really neat things ‘bout getting snowed in on the second day of February is I’m able to work at home and as such I’ve been able to be more productive in one day of working at home than 7 or 8 days of working in the office.  No phones no clients coming thru the door.  Now don’t get me wrong here, I love both the phone calls and the clients coming thru the door.  I hope they have to line up just to get thru the door.  But ya can sure get a lot more done uninterrupted.

Just me and the home computer operating the office computer and the tax codes along with the client tax information. I love to do the income tax work. But I love a lot of stuff, and most of all, as we start year 47 as me and the She,  I love the She.

Stay safe in Afghanistan

From the East Wing,  Speaking English,  Freedom Just Another Word,  CCD, Al Gore,  Mama & The Blizzard, 46 & Counting

I wish you well,