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Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the East Wing.

It’s the middle of the income tax filing season, I’m up to my eyes in it and loving every day. I should probably say and every night too. An interesting thing ‘bout this kinda work, I do most of the actual work on the tax forms from the East Wing, operating the office computer and choosing which printer to use, home or office.

Every year is different and has it’s own challenges. This year the tax laws changed in a major way between Christmas and New Years. These changes in the tax code were a big, big benefit for ALL my clients. Without these new tax laws there would’ve been a BIG, BIG bunch of unhappy campers when they found out the bad news.

Knowing what was expected to come in the future with the tax codes, last year at this time, I started warning my clients that the 2010 tax filings wouldn’t be a good experience for most of ‘em. I’m glad that Congress did what they had to do to change the tax laws. It was beneficial for ALL my clients.

But make no mistake about it, had the November 2010 Election results been different, a massive change in the tax laws would be in place today. I’m just one little tax preparer who’s glad those massive changes are not in place today. A major factor in the calculation of funding the current health care law was banking on the amount of tax increase with the 2010 tax filing. It didn’t happen. It didn’t happen ‘cause this country stated their position on the current direction of the Federal Government, they rejected it at the polls. So we now have a health care system in place which appears to be a financial disaster waiting to happen, much like a boil underneath the skin waiting to pop. But it’s money not pus. From the point of view of an accountant, it scares me, it scares me a lot. Maybe the boil would be easier to treat.

Even though the average tax payer may never really know how much they’ve benefited by these tax law changes at the very end of the year 2010, they did. Believe me, they did. It was good for the average person. And that’s one of the things that gets me going. It’s the distance the people in Washington have between what they do there, and how they act in our presence. ‘Course that happens even at the state level.

Right here in Indiana, the Indiana Democrats in the Indiana House left the state rather than attend to the peoples business in debate. It’s tactics like that that now make me ashamed of being a democrat right now. My voice in the Indiana House has chosen not to represent me on the floor of the Indiana Hose of Representatives, but would rather represent me by being in Urbana, Illinois. YAAUH!!!

What ever happened to politics like the dear old Mayor Daily of Chicago. The real mayor, not the kid. When he said of a particular election. “We stole that election fair and square”. And so they did. The opposition didn’t run and hide. They bit the bullet. Guess the old school Chicago Republicans have more moxie than the current Indiana Democrats. Gota give ‘em credit, those Chicago Republicans didn’t run and hide. I can’t believe they done that here in Indiana . Damn hiding Democrats.

At the East Wing, the most die-hart democrat, the Gray Lady James, when confronted by Sophia the Republican Cat, with the situation of those bailing out of the Indiana House of Representatives, just wags her tail, and has no comments. Seems dogs don’t smile as well as cats do. It’s hard for me to put a good spin on this thing, this disgraceful thing the democrats have done here in Indiana. They’ve brought political shame to the East Wing, and the cat’s loving it.

It pains me to think this plan of opposition to the majority party, is to run and hide. It’ evident in Wisconsin as well as Indiana. It pains me even more to think this approach to the problem may have even come from those advising the President. That scares me. It should scare everybody. I Hope it does. When we the people are scared, we get things fixed the way they should’ve been in the first place. We the people don’t run and hide. We vote and stand in public, we don’t ever run and hide, we vote.

And all the while Sophia the Republican Cat’s saying “bring ‘em on” Sophia’s having a field day with the Wisconsin debate on the limits of public employee union rights. And this Indiana thing, well, she just sits on the back of my chair and I’m sure grinning from ear to ear. But if I turn around really quick, she looks most solemn. But cats are quick too, ya know.

Sophia says that if ya look at this Wisconsin thing, it’s an example of how weak the President of the United States really is. The President had publicly stated his unyielding support of the American Union System during his campaign for office. “Why is he not in Wisconsin?” Asks the cat. “Why is his wife not in Wisconsin? Why is the Reverend Jessie Jackson not in Wisconsin? Why is the Reverend Al Sharpton not in Wisconsin in support of the union position?” Sophia wondered out loud, just loud enough so I could hear. “While campaigning for office the candidate Obama said he would just change his shoes and march with the union. He didn’t march in Wisconsin. Maybe those shoes got lost somewhere, maybe in the office of the Czar who is in charge of public opinion for Wisconsin, or maybe even the Shoe Czar”. Sophia said as she barely took time to breath, and with the cat on a role she continued.

“It’s really simple, the vast majority of public opinion in Wisconsin lays with the Govern of Wisconsin on this matter. He was elected to do what he’s doing. The people spoke. And as such, the President, or those who advise him choose not to become public in their support of those who oppose the Wisconsin bill to limit collective bargaining of public service employees. In short the President and the President’s men will not support those who are opposed to the limitation of collective barging at the risk of alienating the majority in Wisconsin. Shame on them. They choose to be silent rather than truly support those they said they would support, based on poling data, not on ideology. Do we have a weak President or what”. Damn Republican Cat.

And the same holds true for Indiana. In Indiana, It’s an embarrassing time to be a democrat, that’s for sure, with my reprehensive leaving the state. Shame on her. She should have know that such tactics would bring disgrace upon her, the party and the district. And so it has. This may the first time I’ve ever been ashamed of being a democrat. My voice has left the state. Nancy Dembowski has left the building. Shame on her. It’s sad to think that on this one issue alone, she will most likely be defeated in the next election.

If my position wins or looses is secondary to the fact that my voice has been heard. I’m not being heard here. My voice ran away. She listened to voices other than those who elected her. Voices outside the district told her what to do. Shame on her. And so it turned out my voice in the minority would rather run and hide than fight and possibility lose. One thing for sure ya never have a chance to win when ya run and hide. I’m embarrassed to be a democrat in Starke County Indiana right now….. I may have to start listening more closely to that Damn Republican Cat. Cats never run and hide.

It turns out the President was at his best when he was campaigning for office. Once in there, the picture changed forever. But after all, we must keep in mind the President is at his best when the going is easy. And that was so demonstrated in the campaign for office. Was he that good on the campaign or John McCain that bad? Sophia proposed that maybe the President could moon-light for the mayor elect of Chicago and do some more community organizing on the South Side. But that could be just wishful thinking on the part of Sophia, she may have aspirations of re-opening that South Side Cat House, and we all know where that’s going. As I watch the carnage in Libya I can only pray such will not come to The United States of the future. We can not guarantee it will not happen here, we just can’t. When people are oppressed by government, be is massive force or rules and regulation, there are limits to human tolerance. And like the Children of Israel. There is a limit on what it takes to become free. Let my people go.

It’s been demonstrated in Egypt and is being demonstrated in the rest of that part of the world. Let my people go. Uttered first by Moses, and last by Charlton Heston, to which most of us relate to as Moses, he’s not. But he did give us a very visible Moses, one of which we would’ve never had, had it not been for Charlton Heston. Let my people go. I pray the Middle East will not explode all over the world. I fear it will.

But it’s oil ya know, it’s what keeps up running up and down the road. Oil from anywhere and everywhere. Just as long as there’s oil to keep us going where we gotta go. We don’t give a damn ‘bout human rights, we give a damn ‘bout oil and nothing else.

I’d have more respect for my government if we were honest and just said “we’re taking all your oil and ya can’t stop us. We don’t do that. We cover our intentions with our concerns of “human rights”. I propose we don’t give a damn ‘bout human rights, we’re concerned only ‘bout the never ending supply of oil, that allows us to make gas that allow us to run up and down that ribbon of concrete, asphalt and steel. The highways and byways that take us anywhere and everywhere we want to go. The oil that takes us everywhere. We don’t give a damn ‘bout human rights, just oil, and a little bit ‘bout miles per gallon. After all, it’s oil that takes us to Wal-Mart. YAAAAAG!!!

It turns out the ole Ground Hog was right, an early spring. It was such a pleasure to sit in the East Wing on February 27th in the afternoon, just doing the tax work and seeing the rain, hearing thunder, and seeing lighting. Sure signs of springtime, that rain thunder and lighting.

Of all the weather conditions I’ve encountered in the East Wing, lighting in the nighttime has to be most spectacular. As many of you know I’ve got a security light in the south gardens of the East Wing. As I face the computer, I face the light from outside, high upon the glass wall to my left.

That light turns on and off by photo cell technology, which is pretty cool stuff all by it’s self, and when lighting walks about in the darkness and the thunder rolls, the photo cell will turn off the outside light. It’s just on such occasions that I’m able to see the true beauty of the magic light show from heaven. The fireworks of God. Watching weather from the East Wing is special, so very special. I’m glad I’m here and not there. Where ever there would happen to be.

Have ya started doing that Facebook thing? It’s kinda like a party line telephone conversation with long pauses while somebody comes up with something to say ‘bout what ya just typed on the screen. Now granted, ya get a much larger audience, but for those who can remember the CB Radio of the 1970’s , the CB’s were much more fun. Ya may well have talked to many less people, but it was direct and without pauses.

Should ya have operated an illegal radio prior to the East Wing ever having being build, well then ya could’ve called yourself “the Thunder Base” and spoke as the voice of the “Cold Country, Radio Free Indiana” in the winter time and the “Voice of the Flatlands” in the summer.

When folks spoke on CB Radios, back in the day, they gave each other nicknames, someone tagged me as the “Medicine Man” and so it stuck. I was the Medicine Man. This was back in the time I operated a clinical laboratory, hence the name Medicine Man. It was even before I got into hospital administration. This was really back in the day.

I built my own radio, 5,000 watts broadcast on a 4 watt channel, and called the thing “The Thunder Base”. And was broadcast as “Radio Free Indiana” The Thunder Base, and it was. It was such a time, such a time. Given a choice of The Thunder Base of Facebook, well, I’m sure ya know what I’m gona choose, after all “Radio Free Indiana”, ya gota love it. I could speak all the way to Cuba, and I did, from The Thunder Base.

As most of you know, Sophia The Republican Cat’s not the most friendly of girls, particularly to democrats. Well, just in the last two weeks she’s moved from the back of my chair to my lap. And I don’t know what to make of the move. It could be she’s just playing mind games with me. Or it could be she’s trying to suck up, ‘cause I’m so disappointed with my democratic party at the state level for running away from the political process and hiding. I just don’t know. Damn Republican Cat. Damn Democrats for running away. Shame on us.

Have to go get my piano on Burning Fork down by Salyersville KY real soon. Nephew Pete gave me my Sister Thelma’s piano, but have to move it by March 15th, so I’m working on putting the puzzle together to bring the piano home. Precious Memories. And I’ll play that, when the Thelma Piano comes home to the East Wing and gets all tuned up, I’ll play Precious Memories. And they’ll linger.

I don’t think I even told ya ‘bout me playing the piano. Yah, I can play the piano. Self taught, just go a book and read. A most very special friend of mind, one whom I must tell ya ‘bout some day, gave me the piano which I have in my office. It was on just that piano I really learned to play.

That’s the good thing ‘bout knowing how to read. If ya can, ya can do anything. Built the house I live in ‘cause I knew how to read, even back then, I knew how to read. Only built one house in my lifetime. Only needed one, so far. Have remodeled several times. Even built the East Wing. I’m not a carpenter, but I can read. The only difference between me and a carpenter is speed, ‘cause I can read.

But ‘bout that playing piano stuff. I took a lot of guitar lesions, and could play a little bit. Developed arthritis in my left hand to the extent that I couldn’t squeeze the wires just right. It hurts when I squeezed so I stopped playing the guitar and I missed the music. But I still smelled it, that music.

At Grand Central Station, I’d purchased a Baby Grand Piano just for decoration, and one day as I walked by that decoration I smelled the music and knew it was there. I just needed to learn where to put my fingers. And then it started, all because I could read.

Now I’m not the best at playing the piano, but I’m better than most, ‘cause most can’t play. And the only reason I can play the piano, ‘cause I can read. Life’s hard if ya can’t read. It’s worth the effort, learning that reading stuff. Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The East Wing, Doing the Tax Work, Hiding Politicians, Oil and Wal-Mart, Facebook & The Thunder Base, A Burning Fork Piano Is Coming to the East Wing, Loving Reading

I Wish You Well