From the East Wing, Sophia & Wisconsin, Cowboys Don’t Do Email, Sophia’s Birth Certificate & LeRoy Brown, Trump & QUARR HAIR, Chicken Lamps, A World Outside The East Wing, Japan Still Suffering

Greeting to all and welcome to my new friends to the East Wing.Seems that no matter what I say ‘bout anything or anybody, someone gona take exception to what I say ‘bout something or somebody.  And it’s that simple fact that drives me to tell ya the stories, to say the things that make ya think. To make ya challenge me in what I say and think, and what I make ya look at on your computer screen. We’re becoming isolated people ya know, just you and that screen, with people like me sneaking in only once in a while and saying boo! And making ya think, ‘bout many things.

Talk ‘bout thinking, guess it’s time I  talked ‘bout some of the emails from the last several weeks that  made me think…..  Not getting real specific here but many of the emails tend to have a similar content.  Such as “what does Sophia the Republican Cat think ‘bout the new Wisconsin Labor Law?”    When Sophia read those emails, she smiled. And we all know what that cat smile means. She said  “WE WON! YOU LOST”. Damn Republican Cats can sometimes be so harsh. It’s their nature to be harsh, ya know.

I continue to get emails ‘bout my in-house chickens. FORGET ABOUT IT!! We’re talking ceramic chickens here. Ya wanta come and count my ceramic chickens, ya’ll need to know ‘bout  the Bentley. I might’ve forgotten to tell ya,  the Bentley is an 80lb Pit Bull. The Bentley rules. The She’s little house dog, the Bentley.

And still  questions ‘bout Ezekiel. Read The Bible! I’m not gona talk to ya any more ‘bout that story.  When I talk ‘bout the Bible again, it’ll be a different story. From here on out you’re on your own with Ezekiel. It’s just you and the good book from here on out.  If ay didn’t read it yet, I hope ya do in the future.  It may change the way ya think ‘bout stuff, a lot of stuff in your life.

Needles pulling thread sure got some conversations  going. And yes I know worm holes are not a proven  scientific fact, and yes they are theory, not fact.  But keep in mind that theory is  a belief yet to be proven by scientific fact and also it has not been disproven by scientific fact. But can ya just see a needle pulling thread through time? Sure ya can. I can any time I want to.

All ya gota do is take a threaded needle, hold it in your out stretched left hand to the left of your body, now take hold of the needle with your right hand and while still holding onto the thread with your left hand, move the needle as far to the right as your arm  can go. And so it happened, right before your own eyes, a needle pulling thread thru time. Did ya by chance see any such things as described by the Prophet Ezekiel?  Maybe your worm hole was too small, Maybe ya just needed a bigger needle. Either way, ya just pulled a needle and  thread thru time and space.  And ya might’ve just made a worm hole.

Now it don’t say in the Bible how big a needle Ezekiel had.  But that’s just  another example of the Bible not telling ya every minuscule detail on everything that happened. It  wasn’t like Ezekiel had instant replay.

Why don’t ya talk more ‘bout Toto or Tiptop and when you were young?  When I talk ‘bout Toto or Tiptop, I’m  forever young. So I talk ‘bout ‘em only when it’s their time. Ya tell good stories as they bound along the back roads of your memories, not as ya want to squeeze  ‘em out.  When ya squeeze ‘em out they don’t work right. Those Toto and Tiptop memories, they just don’t squeeze out right. Stories gota  saunter up that thread of the needle  into the warm glow part of your memory before ya can tell ‘em right, at least the good ones gota do that. The bad ones, ya can tell ‘em any time ya want, it don’t matter, ‘cause they’re still bad stories.  Done right, that’s why good stories glow.

For those folks who want the email address of the Cowboy. FORGET ABOUT IT, the Cowboy doesn’t want to be a part of facebook or email or any other thing that has to do with instant communication with other people. If the Cowboy wants to talk to ya, he’ll find ya.  He can do that, he’s a man tracker ya know.  The Cowboy gave his email address only to you know who….. The Cowboy doesn’t want to feel obligated to respond to  email, so he don’t communicate by email very much.  But the Cowboy does answer Sophia’s   Emails. Now why don’t that surprise me? Ya gota keep in mind, anybody that’ll come from west Texas to the East Wing to just see a cat.  Well, there ya go.

 I suspected all along the  Cowboy was a Tea Party Republican. Sophia knew right up. She just knew, those Tea Party people, they all know each other, all the time. I think they can even smell  each other.  

What ever happened to Randolph Scott, riding the trail alone? Tea Party People!!! UGGH! Is this the new face of the conservative party in our country? Sara Palin, Pretty Face, Pretty Fluff. Tea Party, pretty tuff , real tuff. Dame Republican Cat. Damn Tea Party People.  But with huge growing numbers every day. It makes the traditional republican party scared. It makes the democrats even more scared.

How’s that $4.00 a gallon gas treating ya? Sure sucks for me. With our family clothing drive going so well, Johnny and I are planning another trip to Prestonsburg soon and the gas price is one of the things that gets your attention when ya start talking ‘bout driving a 1,000 miles going  to Prestonsburg and back. But whatever it takes, it takes.  ‘Cause the  project’s that important.

Did ya hear ‘bout the President’s solution to the high gas price. When asked his opinion on the high price of gas, he simply stated “get a smaller car”.

  No wonder we elected this fellow President. With an intellect at that level, I bet the College of Cardinals will select him to be Pope the next time that job opens up. There’s no question on his qualification to be Pope, ‘cause he’s already got the Nobel Peace Prize and has community organized on the south side of Chicago. And we all know what a peaceful bunch of Catholics live on the south side of Chicago.

Ya ever been on the south side of Chicago? I don’t mean on the Outer Drive or the Dan Ryan, but the part between those two main roads.  WOW !!! The stomping grounds of LeRoy Brown. On the south side ya walk with swagger or ya walk with fear.

That’s Sophia’s home turf, ya know, there on the south side of Chicago. Now how a Calico Republican Cat can be born on the south side of Chicago, it’s a mystery to me, but it happened. And so she is, and she’s got papers to prove it.

Much like the President, Sophia has her official certificate of live birth.  And also much like the President, Sophia has not yet produced an official  birth certificate from a State Health Department, but does have  a certificate of live birth. 

When asked ‘bout this matter, Sophia said “certificate of live births are $4.95 on EBay, ya fill in the blanks”. I guess it’s worth $4.95 to Sophia to have a certificate of live birth and be able to show she’s born in the United States, right there on the south side of Chicago, right next door to LeRoy Brown.

Now for those of you who’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sophia in person, you know that she does walk with swagger, swagger at least equal to the best of ‘em on the south side.  And when the cat struts her stuff, even the 2girldogs enjoy the show. It’s hard to out swagger a  Southside Calico Republican Cat.

Would you vote for Donald Trump as President? Don’t know as I would. But he sure  is hitting all the right notes that turn on the harts and minds of many people.  Donald Trump just stands there in front of the TV  cameras and says things that many normal, average people want it to be said in public. Donald Trump says those things. He says ‘em in such a way that many can relate to this message.

Donald Trump says things like China’s kicking our butts and we’re letting ‘em do it. And says “why in the world would an American President go all around the world aphorizing for the actions of the United States and bowing before  Arabs in the desert sands simply because they have the oil we so need”.

Trump also says things that connect so well with the average American when he says  things like “why don’t we drill for oil in our own country and not depend on people who hate our guts and want to kill us all”.

Donald Trump may or may not be a factor in the 2012 election. But for the moment, he’s right in there. And now I’m gona lay a really old hillbilly word on ya….. No matter what ya think ‘bout Donald Trump, ya gota agree, he’s got “QUARE” hair. Sure hope ya can pronounce that one correct, ‘cause it’s old school English. And I really mean old school. That hillbilly word came from Lou, the Grandmother Lou, The Queen of South Fork, and when Lou said ya’re QUARE,  ya were QUARE.

Old English is still spoken in the high mountains of southeastern Kentucky, maybe that’s part of the reason why I love the mountains so. Or maybe it’s just ‘cause I’m quare. In any case, some are QUARE and some are not QUARE. And only a select few can tell the difference. I’m glad I can tell who’s QUARE.

I’m so glad that we’ve collected enough clothing to justify another trip to Prestonsburg. Am looking forward  to when we go. And when we do, you’ll know. “Cause one of the things I love to do is tell the story as Johnny drives the trip.  I do ‘em live ya know, even if ya get don’t see the story till the next Sunday, I tell the story as we go along the way.

 It’s better like that, more fresh in my memory. I just say it  as I see it, and then ya can see it as  I say it along the way. I love telling the story as it unfolds before my eyes. Of all the stories I’ve ever told, the ones I’ve  enjoyed most are the ones I tell while Johnny’s driving and I’m seeing the story coming at me.

When Johnny drives and I’m looking out the front window, the world’s forever changing in front of me and I’m talking ‘bout it.  I don’t know who has the most fun when Johnny and I travel , Johnny or me.  I think it’s a tie. We just travel good together, Johnny and me. And there’s always another Cracker Barrel in front of us out there on the interstate, but that’s another story altogether, those Cracker Barrels.

That’s  where most of my chickens came from ya know. The chickens of the East Wing, mostly came from Cracker Barrel Visits along the way. Some are big and some are small, and some are standing two foot tall, and all set apart to be the chickens of the East Wing.

 Did I tell ya ‘bout the latest edition to the East Wing Chickens? The Chicken Lamp. It was added to the East Wing collection  the last time Johnny and I went to Prestonsburg. The Chicken Lamp is now the light source by which I tell the stories from the East Wing. It’s not the largest chicken in the flock, but it’s the brightest.

Sophia has developed a fondness for the chicken lamp.  The bottom of the lampshade is just the right height for Sophia to stretch and rub the top of her head. The shade is the type that sets on free standing post and as such when Sophia rubs against the shade it turns with her weight pressed against it. And when Sophia is on the table, which is often, the shade is in motion.

Did ya ever notice that it seems those of us who’ve never been anywhere else in the world except America, are the ones who complain the most and the loudest ‘bout America.  Shame on us.

If nothing else, my ramblings from the East Wing have introduced me to a different world. A world outside the Untied Stated. A world where life is unimaginable by American standards. Yet it is.  And so those people, friends of mine, endure. They endure a lifestyle that I question if we as Americans could handle.

The emails I’m starting to get from Japan makes ya wanta cry. Such hardships that are unfolding for those people of Japan. But for the grace of God,  there goes I. As I talk to those Japanese who visit the East Wing and can still email, I wonder, I just wonder, could we handle a disaster of that nature in our society.  I wonder. Would we kill for each other for food? For gas? For warmth?  Or would we share what’s available with our brothers and sisters.  Ya gota wonder.

Now these Japanese folks may well have done us dirty at Pearl Harbor. I’ve heard that story way too much in the last few weeks.  Ya gota keep in mind that we paid ‘em back. In Spades!  Now  we may very well  learn a lesson from the Japanese on how to handle a major, major catastrophe.  A life changing event for a whole nation. Maybe a whole world.

Ya pray it never happens in your lifetime, but if it does, ya pray that we as a people have the courage to handle a catastrophe to the extent demonstrated in Japan that time when the ocean walked upon the land.

 Stay safe in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

I wish you well,