From the East Wing, STill Pulling Thread, Sophia Saves The World, My Farm Women, Gulf Oil Claims & USDA, Goodnight David, Goodnight Chet

Greeting to all and welcome to my new friends to the East Wing

So ya wanta still talk ‘bout time travel and that needle pulling thread stuff. I’m kinda surprised at how many people have asked how in the world I ever come up with a needle pulling thread. I’d love to say it’s BobbyRay’s own stuff, but IT’S NOT! It’s just part my stuff, Wish it was all, it’s not, just part, it’s the pulling thread thru time and space, that part, that’s mine, the rest, I just kinda hooked ‘em all together. Hooked ‘em together with a needle pulling thread thru time and space.

It’s a little hillbilly kid rhyme, that inspired me ‘bout the needle pulling thread. ‘Course everybody knows ‘bout that “ring around the roses” thing. Bet ya even done it a few times, everybody has done it a few times, and ya all fell down. When I’s a kid in downtown Toto, we done “ring round the roses a lot, but only when we played with the girls, ‘cause that ring round the roses is girl stuff, not boy stuff. The Toto boy stuff was the Army.

Do ya know the “ring ‘round the roses” originated with the Black Plague, yeah, the same plague that took the lives of a majority of the people alive in Europe at the time. Some estimates are as high as 75 million people died within 4 years ‘cross Europe, from 1347 to 1351, maybe as much as 60% of the European population. And we think we got it tuff now, Shew!. Bubonic plague killed a lot, and continues to do so to this very day, just not so many at a time. The plague is still deadly when it breaks out amongst the people.

That “achu, achu we all fall down” part, that was a description of a cough which developed shortly before a person died from the plague. And they all fell down, fell down dead. It was thought that roses would protect one from the plague. Roses did not. And so they still all fell down.

That Bubonic Plague organism was a deadly pandemic transmitted by fleas using the body of rats as the intermediate host needed to be able to jump into the human population. Control the rats, and the plague is brought under control.

Now here enters into this story, the cats. Cats that do control rat populations. Cats that are immune to the plague organism. Cats that are deadly to the rat population and when ya have no rats, no ya have no rat fleas, and when ya have no rat fleas, ya have no Black Plague. Hero Cats. Some say saviors of the world.

And so it was meant to be, to this very day, it’s just part of the reason Sophia The Republican Cat walks with swagger. It’s hard not to walk with swagger when you’re from a species of animal that saved the human race. As the cat struts her stuff handed down from past generations to many to count, we, me and the 2girldos along with the Bentley, we just set back and enjoy the show and watch the cat do her thing. It’s a cat walk. A step in time. Bare in mind there was a time in ancient Egypt when cats were revered as Gods. Sophia knows of such times and she so enjoys demonstrating her version of that ancient Egyptian Cat Walk of The Gods.

A hillbilly kid rhyme, a kid game, “The needles eye that does supply the thread that run so true, I subbed my toe and down I go because I wanted you”. It was from that needles eye that does supple…, that the needle pulling thread thru time and space idea come to me.

Worm holes, I didn’t make ‘em up. Just applied ‘em to the Prophet Ezekiel, and tied ‘’em together with a needle pulling thread to the needle’s eye that does supply the tread that runs so true. It worked for me and ya know what, I bet it worked for you too. That needles eye that does supply, that’s got a worm hole at the end of the thread. A needle pulling thread thru time. A worm hole in time..

Did I tell ya ‘bout my “farm women” Angela and Jaimie, let me tell ya ‘bout my girls. My two beautiful girls. Having spent my childhood in the presence of all girls in my family, I love girls. Having one girl and two boys in my family, I love girls and boys.

My daughter and my daughter in-law have decided to become “farm women”. I love ‘em so. And as such, I consented to having a sizable portion of my west lawn converted into a garden space. A garden space to be “farmed” by the Farm Women of the Howard Family, My Jamie and Angela.

And so the lawn was turned form sod to garden by the magic of a power take off from a John Deere Tractor and gasoline. A garden spot happened within 10 minutes where lawn used to be. Soft dirt that would fall thru your finger tips. A garden spot. A garden for my two beautiful girls to do their Farm Women Stuff.

A few days ago, while buying food for the 2girldogs and the Bentley, I noticed the Feed Barn in North Judson also sold garden fertilizer, and so I bought 100 lbs of 12-12-12 fertilizer, for the Farm Women.

That 12-12-12 fertilizer will help ‘em along the way. It just makes garden stuff grow better. I don’t even know what 12-12-12 means, but I do know it makes garden stuff grow better. My dad used that 12-12-12 fertilizer when we planted gardens in Toto, back in the day. It worked then, and so it’ll work today, ‘cause good garden stuff don’t change. Ya just grow better stuff when ya use 12-12-12 fertilizer.

The planting schedule of The Farm Women called for placing seed into soil on Good Friday. But Good Friday broke cold and raining, the potato planting was put on hold, and the planting schedule had to be adjusted accordingly. Don’t know if ya know ‘bout planting potatoes on Good Friday’s being a hillbilly thing or not, but It’s so stated in the Official Hillbilly Handbook. We’ll have to talk ‘bout that Official Hillbilly Handbook someday. I even wrote some of it. It’ll be worth the visit, when we don’t have anything else to do anyway.

As the world turns green outside the East Wing Windows, magic is everywhere ya look. Tree leaves the size of quarters. Some destined to become the size of small plates. Mighty natural factories, those little quarter size leaves, working full force even at their little size.

I think the current administration in Washington is counting the trees growing new leaves when the new job count is released. Sure seems like rosy numbers coming out of Washington. Ya know they do have an awfully lot of Cherry Trees In Washington D.C. and they’re all getting new leaves right ‘bout now. Can’t help but wonder if they count the blossoms too.

The other day I was amazed to hear the President say he was appointing yet another commission to investigate the high price of gasoline. DUH!! Why don’t ya investigate the high price of crude oil. Have ya noticed how this President has an uncanny ability to always find someone to blame for everything.

G W Bush, well he’s to blame for damn near everything bad on earth for the last 50 years. Ya know the pothole on your road, yeah, that one out there by your house, well, that’s Bush’s fault too. As is those weeds that grow in your lawn. And if ya noticed that you’re getting a little too heavy, that’s Bush too. And if your wife has recently ran off with the mail man, well his last name was most likely Bush.

Greedy big oil companies. Greedy automobile manufactures. Greedy doctors and hospitals, and heaven help those greedy insurance companies, and those nasty bankers, why we should preach ‘em all into hell. Why it seems it’s just not American any more to make a profit.

But ya can’t help but wonder if the bureaucratic processes that were put in place during this last year after the BP disaster in the Gulf needs to share in the blame for the current price of crude oil. Bet ya didn’t know that only half of the drilling rigs in the Gulf are now still drilling for oil. That no new wells have been drilled since the BP accident. And some 13% less oil is being produced from the Gulf than before the accident. And that not a single thing has been done to improve upon the safety of offshore oil drilling except one thing, stop offshore drilling for oil.

Bet ya didn’t know that a year after the big deal ‘bout the President holding the BP foot to the fire, so to speak, the twenty billion dollars the President demanded BP come up with and “set aside” to make sure they would pay for the oil mess. After the big deal ‘bout appointing a commissioner to handle the process and make sure the “little people” were taken care of in this whole oily mess, did ya know that only a small fraction of all the claims filed have been paid?

A small amount (less than 10%) have been rejected outright as attempt at fraud. Claims such as one from a New York City restaurant that claimed lost sales from the lack of Gulf Shrimp available for sale. It was rejected as a fraudulent claim. The vast amount of the claims have a status of “pending”. No time frame has ever been established on the amount of time a claim can be “pending”. And so they remain legitimate claims of damage from the oil, with funds available for payment, pending, forever pending. Maybe someone’s hoping they’ll just go away. Or stay forever “pending”. I wonder if BP will make any political contributions in this upcoming presidential election…. We’ll see.

Did Ya know that during the same time period as the BP Oil Disaster, when the democrats controlled Washington, both the House and Senate as well as the White House, they voted to settle an issue of racial discrimination claim in the United States Farm Management Department, the USDA. Now at the USDA, their current records showed less than 20,00 black farmers in the United States, which would become a party to any such settlement.

Some 75,000 claims were filed and paid without question within three months. Not a single claim was rejected from that lot, not a single one as being suspicious or fraudulent. Some of those claims had addresses in Chicago and Detroit as well as New York City, yet not a single claim was placed on a “pending” status. And those are just some of the little things that no longer make the evening news. When Sophia read of the USDA settlement, she wondered out loud, she wondered if LeRoy Brown was a farmer. She used to be his neighbor ya know, there on the Southside of Chicago, it all farm country.

Don’t ya sometimes miss that “Goodnight Chet” “Goodnight David”. Or even “ And That’s the Way It Is”.

There was a time, not too long ago, when we could really get unbiased news reporting. Seems today news has become a vehicle for political statements. Depending on your point of view, ya either love or hate FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC. And they all just spin their webs to entice ya into seeing things their way. Their way is the only way, or so they want ya to believe.

When ya think ‘bout stuff like this, It’s good to always remember that life may not be the party ya hoped for, but while you’re here, ya might as well dance. And for those who remember ‘em, sock hops were always free.

Stay safe in Afghanistan and Iraq