From the East Wing, Waves of Death & Missing Corks, A Chicken House, The Cat Judge Judges Miss Kitty, Heroes Still In The Sand and Mountains, Happy Spring & Rolling Thunder

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the East Wing.

Just when ya think things can’t get an worse on the world scope, it gets worse, a lot worse. The Middle East is a disaster of man made proportions. We fight and kill to control the worlds supply of oil. It’s damn important, that oil that keeps up moving on up to the East Side.

When the ocean sends the water onto the land, that wave, that giant wave, 23 foot high then came to Japan’s shore line, and things got a lot worse. I’ll never forget for the rest of my life as I sat in the comfort of the East Wing watching a live TV broadcast of the tsunami rolling onto the cost line and over the countryside of Japan. Continuing unimpeded as all man made objects gave way to the water. It was as if for the first time, I’d truly encountered the dark side of the force.

My view was from a news helicopter showing live feed to world television as this freak of nature came into being. Without comment or voiceover the pictures spoke for themselves. There was nothing to say. It was as if ya were watching special effects of a horror movie. Except it was live, it was horror, and it was real. The people who would normally speak on TV as voiceovers in such type broadcasts were speechless, stunned into silence upon witnessing the true power of water.

The earthquake didn’t do the majority of the damage to Japan, it was the water. The earth moved, and the water devastated everything in it’s path. I think somewhere in the Bible there’s a covenant between God and Noah ‘bout no more water, but fire next time. Now I’m paraphrasing here, but ya know what I’m talking ‘bout. It’s the rainbow story.

Now I’m not preaching to ya here, but I’m just telling ya ‘bout the power of nature. Everything else is paled in the presence of the power of nature. And of all of nature’s power, water is number one. More destruction is brought be bear from water than all other forces in nature combined.

Then again when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, it got worse. Nuclear radiation, it has to be one of the most freighting of man made inventions. Just think, we’ve turned loose a power of nature which was never intended to be released. We took the Genie out of the bottle without knowing how to put ‘em back in the bottle if and when it became necessary to cork ‘em up.

In Japan it became necessary, and they didn’t have the cork. Here in the United States, I propose we, too don’t know how to cork the bottle. There will be finger pointing galore all around the world on this mess. And much of the finger pointing will be a vale attempt to deflect fingers from pointing the direction of the pointers People in high places will fall from grace. Tragically people will die because of our inability to put the cork back into the Genie Bottle. But we’ll learn.

Yet we as a people will learn from this disaster and will go into the future with a better grip on the cork, with a better understanding on the true horrors of multiple melted down nuclear reactors. Before it was mostly theory, now it’s all fact. Ya learn from fact, ya think ‘bout theory, but ya learn from fact. This is a hard lesson, learning from this fact, but a lesson learned never the less. It will most likely be decades before the full price of this learning is calculated, but it will be so calculated in the future. It will be calculated in different modes, money, lives, and real estate lost.

But a big one which can never be calculated or replaced in any manner is the total loss of the “stuff” of the Japanese people. Important to no on except the owner of the “stuff”, and to the owner, priceless. Stuff that just got washed away with everything else in the lives of so many.

Below is a link to satellite images, there are two images of the same location taken 90 minutes apart. Click on the link or copy and paste into that http: box up there at the top of your screen on your home page. It’s worth your time to see these photos.

When you get to the first photo, place your curser to the right side of the photo and hover for a second on two. A vertical line will appear. When the line appears simply move your mouse toward the left side of the picture. To the left of the line is life as it used to be. To the right of the vertical line, as you move right to left, is life after the ocean came to the land. Nothing I’ve seen on TV comes close to demonstrating the extent of this disaster as do these photographs from space. The second picture reveled here is one of the most freighting things I’ve ever seen in my life.

In the ocean this tsunami moved across the water at the speed of a commercial jetliner. If you were on a boat in the mid Pacific as this tsunami wave passed you by, ya didn’t even know it, ‘cause the surface of the water may have risen only a few inches. It’s when that energy in the wave starts to get into shallow water, then it happens, the water starts to stack up on itself, ‘cause the water behind is driving forever forward, and the ocean then walks on land.

Ya can almost duplicate the wave action of a tsunami by taking a large container of water, the larger the better to see what I’m talking ‘bout. After filling up your container, from a height of say, 18 inchers or so, drop a marble into the water. Watch the waves created. They go in all directions at the same time, at the same speed, and only stop when the energy created by the wave is spent or an unmovable object is encountered and the wave energy is then reversed back into the next oncoming wave. Drop the marble again, it’ll be the same thing, every time. Take the time to do the link below and you’ll be amazed. The power of water.

The She says if I bring another chicken into this house, then I’m out of a place to sleep. I think that’s being kinda harsh on the part of the She, but I’m gona have to watch my chicken collection real close at least till the She forgets the threat of me having to finding new sleeping quarters.

Seems somewhere in the past I’ve heard references of “going to sleep with the chickens” but don’t think that’ll work for me ‘cause my ceramic chickens don’t sleep. They just stand ‘round and look really cool. One time I thought ‘bout counting my chickens, but decided not to. Was afraid if I did some level of government may decide to tax ceramic chickens.

Already the town of North Judson taxes Miss Kitty and Little Brother, my black & white cats of the RHCO Office. I’m telling ya, there’s a kat tax in my town, Mr. And I’m still trying to figure out what public service I’m receiving for Miss Kitty and Little Brother in return for paying that kat tax in North Judson. Sure glad they don’t know ‘bout those office chickens.

Back in January a new client came to RHCO to have her taxes filed. For those who don’t know ‘bout RHCO, it’s the company that allows the East Wing to exist. It’s the bread winner for Sophia, as well as the hand outs for the 2girldogs. It’s the “salt mine” for BobbyRay. RHCO, Robert Howard Company in North Judson IN. It’s the work that let’s us go out and play.

Anyways, this lady comes for me to do her taxes, now she lives west of Valparaiso out there toward East Chicago, seems one of my clients recommended my services and she made an appointment. And so she came. I tell this story not to promote RHCO, but what was so interesting ‘bout this one client, was her job. Ya ready for this,,,, she is a judge at National Cat Shows!!! Now is that a cool job or what? I didn’t even know there was such a thing as National Cat Shows.

Turns out there are several, she doesn’t judge in all of them but does six or seven a year. The lady judge fell in love with Miss Kitty. It was her thumbs that caught the heart and mind of the judge, Miss Kitty’s got ‘em, all four of ‘em. Miss Kitty has thumbs. Perfect thumbs according to the judge.

She picked up Miss Kitty and demonstrated how cats are judged at the cat shows. It kinda looked to me as if she was using Miss Kitty as an accordion. ‘Cept Miss Kitty didn’t make any sour notes. Then in a very business like manner the lady said “would you consider selling this cat?” And I said “NO! Ya don’t sell your babies or your cats”.

Not to be deterred, she said “would you consider using her as breeding stock?” I told her right up “if Miss Kitty has a baby it will be the second Immaculate Conception”. She got the joke. Then asked if she could take pictures of Miss Kitty. Of course ya can take pictures of Miss Kitty.

After going to her car and getting her camera, she took maybe four or five pictures of Miss Kitty’s face, she then took 30 – 40 pictures of Miss Kitty’s thumbs. When she finally was satisfied that she had enough pictures of Miss Kitty’s thumbs once again asked “are you sure you don’t want to sell Miss Kitty?” I didn’t even tell her the story ‘bout me saving Miss Kitty’s life when I found her dying in one of the out back buildings, I just said” Miss Kitty’s not for sale”. Miss Kitty will never be for sale. Just as Sophia plays a special place in my life, so does Miss Kitty. And I’m not ever talking bout Little Brother or Spike, those Men cats, or the outside deck cats. Cats galore, both office and East Wing. And I love ‘em all.

When I sit in the comfort of the East Wing and look at the surroundings which engulf me, it’s my stuff, this East Wing stuff, my chickens, my books, my flamingos, my toys, my computers, my stuff. I can never thank God enough for putting me where I am, and not some other place in this world. “Cause there’s a whole bunch of other places that life would not be nearly as much fun as the East Wing.

Just today the She pointed out the fact that such a small number of our young men and women do so much to protect our freedom and the vast majority of us don’t give a damn about ‘em. And we don’t, we just don’t. We no longer ever hear ‘bout ‘em dying in Iraq or Afghanistan. Three years ago every death in the military was part of the daily news. Not now. I wonder who changed the rule so we’re no longer told of every military death just as soon as it occurs. Young men still die there in the desert sands of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan.

A week or so ago one of the people who reads the Wednesday Night “From East Wing to Afghanistan” emailed me such a sad story of two of his friends not coming back from a mission, and how hard it was to accept that they’d not be coming back to continue an ongoing computer game they were all playing. I made it a point to watch and listen to the national news to see if it was reported.

It was not. I wonder why. Has someone made a decision not to tell we the people, such bad news. And if so, why were we fed a never ending stream of such devastating information for so many years. We’re even shown pictures of the fallen hero. In what seems to be a change in national policy or in news “editing” either way, it worries me, this change. The question has to be why.

Happy spring!!! It came today, Springtime in the Valley! As I sit here in the East Wing it’s 9:30 PM this first Sunday Night of Springtime, and guess what, the lighting is walking about, and the thunder rolls. It turns out the Bentley Dog, even though he’s 75 lbs or so, he’s still afraid of the thunder. So I sit in the floor and hug ‘em.

The power of hugs, ya gota love it. Be it people or otherwise, the power of hugs. It works for me and the She. We hug a lot, me and the She. Then I hug all the otherwise.

Stay safe in Afghanistan and now back in Iraq after a while, so be careful out there in the sand.

From the East Wing, Waves of Death & Missing Corks, A Chicken House, The Cat Judge Judges Miss Kitty, Heroes Still In The Sand and Mountains, Happy Spring & Rolling Thunder

I Wish You Well,