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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Don’t know why there’s always much anticipation on whether we will or will not have a White Christmas, but the anticipation is always there. Don’t know if that anticipation goes beyond the Bing Crosby “White Christmas” movie or not, but I don’t think it does. It’s a little strange to be able to point to a time in history and say “That’s what started it” The White Christmas Thing, that where it started. It’s even more strange when that time period is within your lifespan.

Much the same thing for Rudolph  the Red Nose Reindeer. That story came about as a result  of a very poor man not having any money to provide a happy Christmas for his baby girl. He made up a fairy tale to tell his baby, and the rest is history. He did have some help along the way, Montgomery Ward, Gene Autry, and Burl Ives, just to name a few. Reindeer Games, I love ‘em to this day. It’s hard to imagine life without reindeer games. And we all know that Bumbles bounce. And the elf that wanted to be a dentist, Hermey. Shewwwww.  I love Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

As most of you know, one of the things I do is watch the weather,  and so, kinda like to predict the weather by old time sayings, things such as: January most always has a thaw. January fog means a wet spring. And some really old sayings are “He who drops his coat on a winter day, will gladly put it on in May” and “If January calends be summerly gay, It will be winterly weather till the calends of May”.

This last saying being so old, I’m not sure there’s a lot of EastWing visitors who’ve even heard of the term “calends of May” The word calends is a term used in ancient Roman times to identify the first day of the month. With that old saying in mind, remember just yesterday the temperature was mild 58° at the EastWing. And yes I did drop my coat and walk outside. Guess this year we’ll have to watch for the calends of May.

Still find it fun to talk old  weather stuff, from time to time. It seems that technology has taken all the mystery out of “Will it rain or snow tomorrow?” The answer is for certain, but the fun’s been taken away. Weather radar removes the guess work of storm clouds rising.

Now that sanity has returned to the world after the Mayan Calendar Uh Oh of 12-21-12. It’s time to take a serious look at the Mayan Calendar and clear up some misconceptions about that whole deal with the Mayan people and their calendar running out of time. Just in case you’re wondering, it didn’t run out of time.

The major misconception of the whole Mayan thing is the thought that the Mayans are totally extinct. They’re not, have never been, and may well out live the citizens of the US of A. There’re several million Mayan people living on this earth today. There’s maybe  as may Mayans as Hillbillies. For sure not as pretty, but as many none the less. These people live throughout Central America.

I’m of the belief that Mayan people may very well live and work in North Judson IN. Now don’t laugh until you read the rest of the story. A sizable number of people from Guatemala live and work in North Judson IN.  The largest concentration of Mayan people are in the Central America countries of Guatemala and  Belize. There are at least 4 million Mayans alive today. And some could well be in North Judson Indiana. I may even file income tax returns for some of those Mayan people in North Judson.  I do income tax for people from Guatemala that are not citizens of the United States. So just maybe……..

The Mayan people don’t have a system of counting each other every ten years like we do. We call it a census. The Mayans don’t count heads like we do. ‘Course we spend hundreds of millions of dollars to try to count ourselves and only come up with an expensive estimate. And so we estimate the number of Mayans alive today, much the same way we count our own heads, but lots cheaper. Like .05¢ a head for the Mayans.

In case anyone cares, the cost of the 2010 USA Census, it was 15 Billion Dollars, yes Billion with a B. Which came out to $48.00 per person counted. Wow, $96.00 bucks to count me and the She. What the hell, I could have told ‘em all the time it was gona be two, but they didn’t ask me, oh no, had to go spend that $96.00 bucks and find out for themselves it was two. Shewwwww.

The Mayan calendar that caused such an uproar was not the doing of the Mayans, the end of time thought came from a 1960’s hippie type feller who, was known for smoking “pot” and doing the “acid” (Lysergic acid diethylamide) (LSD) when he concluded that because the Mayan calendar did not go beyond 12-21-2012, that must mean the end of the world. Pot and Acid does that kinda stuff to your mind.  What it did mean was the end of THAT CALENDAR.

The Mayan calendar is on a much longer scale than our own. The Mayan calendar runs for some 400 years as one cycle, which is calculated as a part of an even larger cycle. The calendar we use today is a much shorter cycle. 365 days make one year. Every year ends on 12-31-xxxx It’s the end of the world for THAT CALENDAR. And the next day, we start anew. Within our calendar we have cycles, we call ‘em months. It takes twelve months to a cycle. The Mayan Calendar simply has a much longer cycle, and within  the cycle has longer parts. Now it may be kinda hard to equate 400 years to one month, but that’s the way it is, so get over it. The world didn’t end, just the Mayan Calendar started over.

It’s kinda cool to think that we’ve been blessed to be living at the time when the Mayan calendar started over. Their calendar started over just the same way our calendar does ever January 1st of each new year. Even back in the day, I don’t think the Mayans had a “Ball Drop” at midnight.  ‘Course they never had a Dick Clark either.

Another interesting fact from all the Mayan end of the world fiasco , is how much time and effort was put forth by the news media on such a stupid idea to begin with. It truly does demonstrate how fake this  media is that shapes our perception of what we know and when we know it.

Any logical thinking person saw thru the Mayan end of the world story on day one. Yet that theme haunted the news for most of the year 2012. Guess that when you’re unwilling to put forth the effort to develop something truly news worthy, just produce garbage, then somebody will use your output, if for nothing else to fill space, ‘cause they too, are too lazy to put forth the effort to develop something truly news worthy.

Seems I remember somewhere that this garbage type of journalism was put to music when they sang “ Little Boxes little boxes, little boxes made out of wicky-wacky, and they’re all made out of wicky-wacky and they all look just the same” And so it was, the Mayan end of the world calendar was made out of wicky-wacky by the American news media. Not by the Mayan people, they knew the world would not end. Guess the only thing that did end was the  wicky-whacky.

Now with those thoughts being put to screen, I hope to leave the Mayan  Calendar and never return for another 400 years or so. But when I do, I’m sure there’ll be some “Pot Smoking Acid Head” out there somewhere  saying it’s the end of the world all over again. So far in my life, I’ve survived six or seven  know ends of the world, and four maybes, and a couple could bees  that also didn’t work out either. Talk about old hat, but guess if ya cry “wolf” in a different language, such as Mayan, nobody makes the connection.  Not even the wolves.

As much fun as it was to put up the Christmas Tree, it was equally sad to take it down. Now the She, well the She, never offered to assist in the taking it down part. Said “You put it up, it’s yours to take down. And don’t forget to put away your Three Wise Chickens, and their  Three French Hens.

So I did, disassemble, pack away for another year, then return the chickens back to their spots among the  flock. But there is no doubt in my mind that the Three Wise Chicken will have stories to tell. Stories of their time amongst the lights, the presents, and the sparkle of Christmas. While the Three French Hens, well, they’ll just smile and say “we too sat in the limelight”.

Oh, I forgot to tell ya, one of those Three French Hens, well, one of those French Hen, she took her two biddies along to set under the Christmas Tree. For any of my friends here in the EastWing this evening,  not having the luxury of being able speak fluent  hillbilly, and as such, having no clue ‘bout biddies, well, they’re just really little baby chickens. Baby chickens so small they’re still little balls of yellow. And yep, we call ‘em biddies.

And they were under the Christmas Tree at the EastWing  for Christmas  2012. Right there with their mother who was one of the French Hens. Ya just gotta love it when biddies are under the Christmas Tree. I don’t care who ya are, ya gotta love those little yellow  balls of  biddies under a Christmas Tree.

Then Pooh said to Piglet “If you live to be 100,  then I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, ‘cause I never want to live without you.” If we all could share the love as Pooh Bear for Piglet, the world would be a better place.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, A Mayan Calendar & A New Year, News or Crap Reporting, Wicky-Wacky, Disassembling A Christmas Tree, The Yellow Biddies of Christmas, Pooh & Piglet

I Wish You Well,