From the EastWing, An Insurance Salesman Failed, Afghanistan Friends Coming Home, Happy Mamas, The Lights Go Off At Wal-Mart, Tornados In The Rain, Emergency Religion & Hitler In The Front Row, EastWing Darkness, Me & The Gray Lady James & Rolling Thunder

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Guess it takes a near tragedy to change the tone of the EastWing Email.  The overwhelming concern for the well being of Barbaree Beagle trumped all other worries of my EastWing friends. When it turned out that Barbaree was recovering well from her ordeal with the steel trap, the real world snapped  back into focus. Once again the Email returned to the same trepidation for the vast majority of my EastWing friends.

It just doesn’t  go away, this ObamaCare thing, just not going away anytime soon, no matter what is said by whom, it won’t go away. The more the President speaks the worse he looks and the worse it gets. All the while Sophia The Calico Conservative Republican Cat is having a field day watching the disaster unfold. Right now her favorite TV station is MSNBC.  Sophia says she likes to see ‘em twisting in the wind, slowly twisting in the wind. Sophia even went so far as proposing to MSNBC  by Email that they adopt a new slogan to be “Obama Are Us”. So far she’d not received a reply to her email. Damn Republican Cat.

Unlike Sophia’s glee in watching the predicted disaster unfold on TV by one of the major supporters of  the Affordable Care Act, I’m saddened to see our President of the United States turned into an insurance salesman who has zero skills at insurance sales. His lack of salesmanship skills is truly astounding. The president violated the key factor in sales. He did not tell the truth. He lied to the American People. They know it, he now knows that they know that he lied. He also knows that he’ll never be believable in the eyes of the American People for the remainder of his public life.

I‘ve never had any skills at salesmanship, but know many who are very successful, and to a person, they all say, the single most vital item is truthfulness. It you are not truthful in your sales presentation, you will never be successful in sales. The best salesman I ever knew told me only two things need be come together to be successful in sales. One is to tell the truth, always tell the truth. Two is to use the product yourself, if not possible, then you must have true faith that the product you’re selling does in fact do what you say it will do.

After all is said and done with the ObamaCare fiasco we find ourselves in, it comes down to the fact that this whole sorry mess occurred because the President of the United States was not truthful in his attempt to sale this insurance plan to the American people. Nor would he use the product himself.

There can never be a better example of the reason to always tell the truth than what’s happened to the President of the United States and his ObamaCare disaster. You tell a lie, must remember forever what you said, and be able to try to explain what you meant. Tell the truth to begin with, then never have to remember what you said. The reason that works is simple. Truth is fact. Lie is fiction. Truth is a foundation built on solid rock, and will never fail. Lie is a foundation built on Jell-O. ObamaCare and Jell-O, are one and the same.

A straightforward example of this crazy law, it mandates that people must buy coverage with includes unnecessary benefits that they may not want or, more importantly, even need, including maternity and newborn care as well as pediatric eyeglasses even if they are senior citizens who have never been married.

The real sad thing about ObamaCare is the nation does need to address the major issues of the healthcare delivery system in our society. This thing was a political approach and not a social approach. Not a single member of the opposition party joined the then majority in congress to create ObamaCare. Backroom deals were struck, and lies were told to insure the vote. Promises were made and later broken to insure the vote. Remember the congressman from, I believe Nebraska, who was very public in his support of pro life? He made a big deal on TV saying he was supporting the ObamaCare Law because he had been assured by the President, himself, that federal dollars would never be allowed to fund abortions.  Guess that was just like the “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. Period.  The Affordable Care Act, later know as ObamaCare  was voted upon well after dark on December 24th  on Christmas Eve.

This all came from an administration who promised the American People, if you elect me, I’ll be the most open and transparent administration this nation has ever known. We so elected, and then he passed the ObamaCare Law during the same hours that NORAD was tracking Santa’s sleigh from the North Pole.  Maybe that most transparent administration this nation has ever  seen, somehow got upstaged  by the NORAD broadcast of that sleigh and somehow just never recovered.

Deception in sales has never proven to be a successful technique. Even when an American President attempts to sale insurance, Deception in sales proves to be only unsuccessful.

An interesting sideline to all this sorry mess is how the rest of the world views us. Based only on the email comments I’ve received at the EastWing.  Much of the world perceives our President pretty much as a joke. “A leader who cannot lead. A leader who will not tell the truth. A leader who will blame other people for this personal short comings.  A leader who cannot govern, one who can only campaign to do so”. That’s a quote from a German friend of mine who’s at the EastWing every Sunday Evening.

I’m happy to say I no longer have EastWing friends in harm’s way in Afghanistan. The last of the EastWing friends left Afghanistan for Germany today. And a whole bunch of mothers prayers were answered as their babies moved from Afghanistan to Germany. From war to peace, still not home, but from war to peace makes mamas of the solder boys happy. They’re now almost close enough to hug. As mamas smile.

So even though we no longer have friends on the dirt of Afghanistan, we still have troops in harm’s way there and will forever keep ‘em in our prayers.

Did you happen to be outside in the weather a month  ago on a Sunday, November 17th? Me and the She went to Valparaiso to get my prescriptions refilled at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy. Inside the store the lights went out. Emergency lights came on and the happy Wal-Mart Shoppers continued on their merry way. I was amazed. The emergency lights were on, the skylights provided a small degree of daylight and the Wal-Mart Shoppers never missed a beat. I overheard one happy shopper remark “If the power goes off while you’re shopping at Wal-Mart, the cash registers don’t work, so ya get everything for free”.

That didn’t pan out. Seems the cash registers run of the backup generators, so shop if you must, daylight or dark, but checkout and pay the man. And so we did, me and the She.  It was after the checkout that things really got interesting. We walked outside into a raging thunder & downpour rain storm. Good thing I have one of those “Blue Man” license tags from the good State of Indiana that allows me to park in the front row, else we’d be drowned ducks, for sure.

By the time we put our stuff in the car, we were close to the drowned duck status.  We’d planned on having dinner out that Sunday afternoon. When I left the Wal-Mart parking lot and got to Hwy 30 it was a no brainer, me and the She’s gona go home. When it’s  raining sideways, and the lighting walks about, it’s no time to think about going out to eat.

We drove east in the hardest rain I’ve ever encountered in my whole life. It almost seemed like a daylight blizzard of snow. Visibility was little more than 5 feet in front of Mr. Lincoln. My fear was encountering a tornado and never seeing it coming my way. The rain was that heavy. Scary times. Seven miles to the east of Valparaiso, the rain stopped. The storm had blown itself past us going east. Yes it was scary times.

The storms rolled across Indiana in super cells that Sunday afternoon, and before we got to North Judson, we encountered a second such super cell. “Hail Mary Full of Grace, the Lord is with you”. It’s kinda interesting to note that when your life is in doubt, everybody’s a Christian. They just are. Even those who say they don’t believe, when push comes to shove, they too get religion really quick. Guess those folks just consider it backup.  I’m not too sure that emergency religion works well. But on the other hand, if it’s all ya got going for ya, then ya gotta give it at least one last shot. “Hail Mary Full of Grace, the Lord is with you.”

 When discussing such things one time, with a friend of mine, a Catholic Priest, he said that he would not say with absolute confidence that even Hitler himself was in hell. Due to the fact that we do not know the limits of forgiveness of our God. In the fleeting instance of death, “forgive me father, for I have sinned.” Now I can’t agree or disagree with that Hitler thing. But even so, I don’t think Hitler would be in the front row.

No electricity at the EastWing when we arrived back home. All was safe, nothing had been destroyed by the wind that had come our way while me and the She were traveling home from Valparaiso IN. But I’m here to tell ya, the Beagle Girls and Mr. Bentley were very, very glad to see me come home.  In a true sense God takes care of old folks. The Gray Lady, now being totally deaf, had no fear of that severe storm.

What really makes me wonder is the fact that I too, am deaf as a post, much the same as the Gray Lady. But do have hearing devices  that allow me to continue to hear, and communicate with the world. So, should I really be afraid of the thunder when I hear it only due to technology? Was wondering such, as I looked into the smiling eyes of the old Gray Lady James, and heard the thunder roll.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, An Insurance Salesman Failed, Afghanistan Friends Coming Home, Happy Mamas, The Lights Go Off At Wal-Mart, Tornados In The Rain, Emergency Religion & Hitler In The Front Row, EastWing Darkness, Me & The Gray Lady James & Rolling Thunder

I Wish You Well,


PS: Guess who lost their satellite internet connection last Saturday afternoon?  PICK ME!! PICK ME!!!!