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Greeting to all, and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

From time to time I’ll stick a nerve with something that’ll set somebody steaming over something I’ve said. And so it was with my comments on doctors and lawyers. It was pointed out that both professions have spent many years training and many dollars on education in order to pursue their chosen profession.  To me that argument doesn’t hold sway. Many professionals spend just as much time and dollars in pursuit of their professions.

So don’t give me the time and dollars argument to justify  a given profession, that’s carp. I know too many people who have put in both the time and dollars into a different direction.   Had I chose to do so, for all the time and dollars I’ve spent on education, I could’ve been both a lawyer and a doctor. Now that’s a kinda cool thought. Why you could even sue yourself for medical malpractice.  But I don’t think ya could call yourself as a medical expert in the same case. But maybe the lawyer side could figure out a way.

Now about that stranger who started living with my family in downtown Toto back in 1959. WOW ! talk about comments! Seems damn near everybody knows him. He lived with lots. His influence on my family was typical for most all of us who came in contact. He changed our lives. And we’re still trying to decide, for the better or worse. No question about the change, just a question of the direction.

Also had a party give me a little shot for my remarks on the direction of health care. Pointing out the level of technological advances and the fact that my reference to the surgeon / population study had been done before I claimed to have written the paper at the Ohio State University. 

What I didn’t point out, at first, was the fact that I completed my research using data gleaned from Lake, Porter, Marshal, St. Joseph, Starke and Pulaski Counties in Indiana, and compared it to the national data. What I also did not point out was the fact that my data exposed a higher instance of surgery than the national average for a like group. And at the same time it also exposed a higher level of undesirable outcomes for such a like group.

The study changed the way one hospital granted surgical privileges to general practice physicians.  My study didn’t change the world, but it changed a little smidgen of the world. Like many things in life, if ya have the courage to do something,  some will be happy and some will be unhappy.

Those who encouraged me to pursue such an undertaking were most happy, those who were adversely affected then became most unhappy.  Seems I remember a Baptist Preacher telling me, “truth will stand when the world’s on fire”. I can attest to the fact that truth can start a fire. Can also attest the fact that truth will stand within the fire.  Been there, done that. Didn’t even feel the heat. Truth standing.

Did ya ever see a bird play with the wind? Not play in the wind, play with the wind. A few days ago I had the sincere privilege  of watching a hawk  play with the wind. The hawk was about 200 feet above the ground, over in the 40 acre field, straight in front of the south EastWing windows. He was lined up a little to the east of the flag pole out there by the road, so I had a stationary object to measure the hawk’s position relative to the earth.

The wind came from the west at 18 mph and the hawk, with this wings fully out stretched, hung as if suspended in mid air. Beyond the hawk, in the southern sky, the clouds moved west to east, with the wind, to allow  yet another prospective of measurement for the wind as well as the stationary position of the hawk in relationship to the flag pole and the clouds. 

For 10 minutes or more I watched this bird of prey playing with the wind. His wings never flapped, they seldom tilted. He rode the wind. He split the wind. He played in the sunshine on a windy winter day. And when he was done playing, he flipped over on this left side, dived toward the earth and flew away. I was truly glad we’d shared a moment, me and that hawk, even if the hawk  never knew I was watching.

One thing for sure, when I wrote “Where have all the Flowers Gone?”  Wow! Did that bring out the old hippie questions  or what! So I’’ just respond to all of ‘em as a group.  No, I’m not an old hippie. Yes I know some old hippies. No I never done any of that hippie “acid” stuff. Yes I know about Woodstock. Yes I do know the real meaning of Puff the Magic Dragon.

It’s amazing to me how many know about Puff the Magic Dragon, and how few know about the true story of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Do you know about that?

Some have the belief that the “Twelve Days of Christmas” was a secret code for prosecuted Christians in England. It was not. In fact, the Twelve Days of Christmas is not English at all, but rather a French Folk song of ancient   origin. Came to England in the late 1500’s  and then to America in the early 1900’s to be used as a part of a school pageant.  But Puff the Magic Dragon, out ranks ‘em all when it comes to knowing the secret meaning of the words. Guess it must be the magic of the smoke when Cannabis meets  a flame. Puff, a Magic Dragon.

Don’t remember if I told ya about the apple orchard. Well I’ve got six hardy apple trees growing in the same pot as the orange grove.  The apple trees are almost 4 inches, while the orange is a little over 6”. Gona have to transplant everything into each separate pot in the next couple weeks.  Just don’t want to run the risk of people accusing me of mixing apples and oranges. Lord knows  enough people criticize what I say anyhow, without mixing apples and oranges. Shewwwwww

All that criticism is probably the main reason why I’m often too shy to write what I really think and seldom ever make any public comments that would tend to polarize one’s thought process in a position contrary to my own. Yeah, Right!

  With that being said, Sophia The Conservative Calico Republican Cat tends to share a different point of view.  Not only is the cat unconcerned about the feeling of those who may hold a different view point, she really don’t care about a different point of view by anybody.  I don’t even know why me and Sophia get along. It’s a love / hate relationship, I love her and she hates me. Damn Republican Cat.

Did ya ever hear people say that animals have a 6th sense? Well they do.   At least all those of the EastWing do. In the last six months I’ve developed a chronic medical condition which has to be dealt with forever in the future. Before any member of my family was aware of what was happing within  my body, they all knew, the 2girldogs,  Bentley, Spike The Man Cat, and Sophia, they all knew. I don’t know how, they just did.

I say they all knew, because as this condition progressed, they drew closer to me. Closer, in the fact that they all wanted to be in physical contact with me at all times when  I was in their presence. They all wanted to touch me. At first I didn’t know why, but as time went on, and the condition progressed, I figured it all out. They just knew. Now when I sit, we all sit as a group. I touch ‘em all, and we’re all happy. We just are, everyday, we’re happy. We hug a lot more now than we used to, me and those with that 6th sense.

The Gray Lady James, the Matriarch of the EastWing, has forever been  afraid to show too much  emotions based on the fact that she was so abused as a young girl. She had in the past, been content to be comfortable in the safe and warm surroundings of the EastWing. That’s not the case anymore. Now I must hold the Gray Lady tight and hug her often in the EastWing. And so we do, me and the lady, we hug a lot.

Bentley, the Pit Bull, who so much reminds me of “Lambert, The Sheepish Lion” Bentley also knew. I say Bentley knew solely by the change in the way he reacted to me. I don’t know if Bentley figured it out by himself, or the Gray Lady told ‘em all, either way he got the message. Bentley knew.

The Pup Baby, Mustina, bless her little heart, she knew. The Pup Baby was the very first to know. ‘Cause me and the Pup Baby, we’ve dealt with life and death stuff before. The Pup Baby  was the first to know and it showed.

The love / hate relationship between me and Sophia The Damn Republican Cat, well that still exist. Except for one thing. Now, every night, every single night, after the lights are turned out, after my bedside  TV  there on the wall is shut off, Sophia comes to me in the darkness.  She positions herself close enough to my face to allow her whiskers to feel my presence in the dark. Her whiskers must touch my face. And somewhere in that darkness of every single  night I feel the rasp of Sophia as she licks the end of my nose. Damn Republican Cat. She too knows. As does Spike The Man Cat. They all know. I don’t know how, they just know. Do I believe that animals have a 6th sense? Come the EastWing and I’ll show ya proof.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Bitching Doctors & Lawyers, Toto Strangers From 1959, Puff & Stuff, Sophia In Living Color, The 6th Sense In The EastWing.

I Wish You Well,