From the EastWing, Computer Security & The Bad Guys, Common Sense & PC MATIC, Timex Says Hello

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Based on the amount of contacts I’ve had in the last three weeks, It’s time we talk about  a little basic computer security. You gotta keep in mind that the internet is much like the Old West. Full of both the good guys and the  bad guys, and the Black Brats of the internet  are out there to do you dirty. Everyday they’ll come up with new dirty tricks, and everyday a new bunch of good guys will bite the dust. There’s never enough Gene Autrys or Roy Rogers to fight off the bad guys these days.

Between the scam artists and the virus producers, when you’re surfing the internet, it’s more like tip toeing thru the tulips.  When in doubt as for what to do on a computer issue, just stop and ask yourself does this sound logical and the is it the right thing to do. Most all computer fraud is predicated on two things. One is fear and two is human greed. Whenever confronted, refer to one and two. In order to help with your decision making process when dealing with one or two, the paragraphs below are food for thought.

Microsoft will never call you and tell you that your computer has a virus. Microsoft will never allow another company to use their name and call you either. So if you get a call from “Microsoft” or even the “Microsoft Control Center” it’s the bad guys after your gold.

Never pay for “Support” because a website has told you that your computer is infected.  If you encounter that, it’s the computer virus talking to you on the screen. You are infected, and paying for support will not rid your computer of any virus. Every 30 days the message will return. I once encountered a friend who, after 8 months, called and asked me how long did I think the message was going to pop up on his screen. I asked how long he expected to live.

Never give personal information over the phone unless you can verify the source. Never, never ever never give out such information when  you did not initiate the phone call.

Never disclose your checking account number or pay with a money order online.

Never believe what an internet stranger tells you about your computer status. It is possible to obtain entrance into a computer without the owner being aware that the intruder is inside. But in your case the odds are in your favor, Way, way, way in your favor. And even if someone is inside your machine, they are not going to tell you about it. So if someone tells you  about your computer status, they’re trying to get information from you. When I encounter such, I try to get a name and telephone number. When I do, that information goes to the FBI, Computer Fraud Division, in Indianapolis.

Never use  support hotlines from search engines as they are very rarely legitimate. Support hotlines are almost always set up by the  bad guys. Legitimate computer support can always be found on the company website.

The best defense to computer fraud is still common sense and a good computer virus detection program. For the office computers at RHCO INC. I use a program called PC MATIC. It’s a multi computer program, offering 5 computers for $50.00 per year. That’s less than .84¢ per computer per month. Not a bad price for peace of mind from computer virus. At the same time this program does a lot of housekeeping chores. It cleans up the inside of your computer. It’s kinda like a maid that lives inside your computer, cleaning up mess after mess. Like when your computer starts to run slooooooooow.  Yep, that’s what I’m talking ‘bout. PC MATIC cleans it up and keeps your computer running the way your computer was intended to run.

Never underestimate the power of words put to screen. A few weeks ago, I talked about my Timex Watch and how I’ve only worn Timex Watches. Well, Well, Well last week I received an email from the Timex Company.  Thanking me for being a loyal Timex customer, and more importantly,  for publishing such kind words in support of their product.

Sure would love to be able to end the story with Timex sending me a new watch. No that didn’t happen. They just sent me an electronic handshake for telling my Timex story. Oh well, guess they figured I didn’t need a new watch, after all, I’m wearing a Timex.

Every year about this time there are many who people can’t remember which way to move the clock. For those poor folks I’m not going to add to their confusion. For the rest of my friends, next Sunday Morning at 2:00 AM we’ll move our clocks back one hour. Just remember you heard it first at the EastWing.    Or was that forward???         🙂

From the EastWing, Computer Security & The Bad Guys, Common Sense & PC MATIC, Timex Says Hello

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