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Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.


With all the inquires of the last week, as to the state of my health just let me say, I’m good. The reason we did not visit last week is to be honest, I was just too lazy to say hello. (insert smiles here).  The real truth was the volume of work to keep pace with the opening of the electronic tax filing season with IRS. We didn’t get overwhelmed, but not underwhelmed either.


For those who have yet to file their income tax returns for 2014, you may be in for the shock of “ObamaCare”. In the Office of RHCO INC. during the last couple weeks we’ve seen about everything that can  play out with this “Affordable Care Act”, known far and wide as ObamaCare. The options are many and the additional taxes you may pay are varied based on many different factors. Many will be surprised, some will have no problems at all


It doesn’t matter on which side of the issue you lie when it comes to ObamaCare, It’s gona cost you more, lots more for your health insurance, and you are gona get less, much less for your money.  Of all the social legislation to provide assistance for the lower economic group in our society, this ObamaCare thing has failed the worst of anything I’ve ever seen.


I’d like to see some bleeding heart progressive that that one on. Just point another piece of social legislation that has failed worse than ObamaCare. As a conservative friend of mine once said “Go ahead punk, make my day.”


It’s difficult to visualize a system that requires you to buy a product, then fines you for not being able to afford the required product. That’s the jest of how the ObamaCare system works for many, many people. For the first time since this thing came into existence the general public is just now starting to take note of the major problems. The reason it’s now garnering the spotlight in the minds of many is simple. Now it’s costing fines in the form of additional taxes. For many it’s costing more than ever for health insurance. The annual deductable is beyond their ability to pay  for many taxpayers.


In the office, so far this tax filing season, we’ve seen monthly ObamaCare Insurance as high as $1,850.00 for a family of 2, that’s $1850.00 per month. We’ve also seen deductible coverage as high a $10,000.00. And some of the horror stories as to the mix ups in the sign ups I won’t even talk about.


So now for all those who voted for all those who voted to pass the ObamaCare law, thanks a lot for nothing. You were wrong then and that vote remains wrong now. It’s interesting to note that not a single republican voted to enact the Affordable Care Act. It’s also interesting to note that over half of those who voted to pass that law in the United States Senate are no longer in the United States Senate. That alone speaks volumes for a mistake in judgment on the part of men who would have rather kept their seat in the U. S. Senate


The amount of additional work in preparing 1040 taxes this year is a choir to be worked into the system. Taxpayers are just not waking up to the fact that they cannot file their Federal Income Tax without addressing their participation or lack of participation in the ObamaCare Program. In 2010 when this law was enacted, people like myself read and understood the law. We knew that the 2015 tax filing season would be tuff to deal with. We were right on that call.


In the above paragraph I should have used “problematic” is place of the word “tuff”. That change is to appease one of my most loved and oldest critics of what I have had to say from the EastWing. An old retired high school English teacher living in central Nebraska has graded my words from the EastWing for some 10 years or so.



About one a month or so, I’ll get a report card style email something like this:


STORY TITLE:____________________________





( I sometimes get a smiley fact it it’s a good grade) It just goes to show ya, one never gets too old for a smiley face.


Now I’ve never met this ole girl in person, but it seems we’re friends for life, and I guess we are. Once asked her why she picks on me with such poor grades and she said “The nights are long in Nebraska, you help me wile away the hours, or maybe you just make my day.”


But should I skip one Sunday Evening visit, like last Sunday, I can count on the first email read Monday Morning is coming from Nebraska. I guess old school teachers never stop being school teachers, they just stop going to the class room. I’m glad she’s a friend of mine.


As we visit here in the EastWing this evening in the middle of a sizable snow storm, I’m reminded of how last weekend was such a bomb for two men who so desperately wanted to show the world that they were in charge of everything. But it just didn’t work out well.


The weekend of January 24 -25 was to be the worst snow storm in the history of New York City. The mayor of that city started shutting the place down days in advance of the storm.  The governor of New York State started shutting down the state in concert with the mayor of New York City. The storm did not materialize and the criticism piled high on both the mayor and  governor.


But you got to look a little closer at these two to get a different prospective on their actions. From their point of view it was important that the come across as strong and decisive leaders of their government. The mayor of New York City has ever cop in the city ready to pee on his boot whenever they can get a change. He is desperate to  demonstrate he is in charge. The governor of the State of New York is in one of the most corrupt political systems in the nation. A system second only to Chicago, home of the current president.


The democratic political leader in the state of New York, the Speaker of the House, has been arrested by the federal marshals on charges of massive corruption. It’s interesting to note that the original investigation into these charges was started by the current governor. A sham investigation to eliminated rumors of problems within the state government. When the investigation did in fact turn up the real mess, the governor shut down the investigation. His response was, “I started the investigation, I have the authority to end it.” Turns out he did not.


The investigation was picked up by the US Attorney in Albany, New York, and the rest is history so to speak.   Too bad they don’t send this guy to Washington DC, he may find a little extra work there.


Stay safe in Iraq and Afghanistan.


From The EastWing, Doing Well, Taxing ObamaCare, Paying More & Getting Less, Old School Teachers & Me, Big Snows & Little Snows & Cops & Robbers.


I Wish You Well,