From The EastWing, Ebola Fears, Loving The Fall, Proboscis Drawing Blood, The Hummingbirds Say Goodbye, The Man Cat Assumes The Role.

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Every news cast on every channel along with all print media and talk radio lead every opening broadcast with Ebola horror stories. WE DO NOT HAVE AN EBOLA PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS IN THE UNITED STATES. We do have public concern because of a panic driven story by the public news media.

Stop and think about it for a few seconds. Three people have been diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. One person has died.

During the time that Ebola news has held the public in a state of mild panic, our nation has experienced over 1,400 people dying of flu and double that number die of cancer. More than 400 people have been shot and over 50 of those have died on the city streets of Chicago.

The point being, at this point Ebola is not a public health issue. Should that change, I’ll be the first to yell “wolf” on the Ebola matter. What this does do is point out how unprepared our health care delivery system is for handling such a disease as Ebola. More importantly it illustrates in spades how the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has been turned from a true guardian of the public health to another political tool for the current administration.

All can rest well knowing we now have an “Ebola Czar”. A person selected by the President, not for his knowledge of medicine or the health care delivery system, rather for this ability to dole out money for the “Shovel Ready Projects” when the Obama Stimulus Package hit the streets. Shovel Ready Projects which the President later admitted did not even exist.

So now maybe we’ll throw a few billion dollars toward a crisis generated by the news media. Then the story will go away as yet another Hero Czar will ride into the sunset. Much like that hero czar that road into the sunset from the IRS. Don’t remember her name, seems it was Lois, or something like that. With this administration, it’s truly amazing how fast they want us to forget their hero czars.

One of the really nice things about early autumn is that time between when the calendar says fall and the world turns cold. That last week of September and a couple weeks or so into October. For many, it’s the perfect weather. 60 – 70’s during the day and 40 – 50° at night.

In early autumn it’s fun waiting for the mosquitoes to go away. This year they have been a particular problem. Many times over the years here at the EastWing the mosquitoes have been held in check by the lack of rain in late August and early September. Not so much so this year. The time this year when I’d expect the little fellers to dry up and blow away, it rained some 17” in that late August – early September time frame. Then a whole new crop came on.

Mr. Bentley and I drove the golf cart across the road into the field and by the time we were back home both were suffering from anemia. These late blooming mosquitoes don’t just stick you with their proboscis. Oh no, they carry razor blades, open up a hole and use a straw.

Now not everybody knows how these little fellers works, so I’ll just take a second and share some info on why these little ones cause us so much misery. It’s the girls that do all the biting. Yeah, the girls do all the biting. They have to because in order to lay those little eggs in the outside standing water that everyone tells ya to dump out, and ya don’t, that’s the water I’m talking about, they must have a chemical in human blood. It’s the red part the girls are looking for. The stuff called hemoglobin keeps the world mosquito population happy and all the rest of us itching away in the summer time.

Hemoglobin is part of the makeup of our red blood cells. It’s the red part. Without the hemoglobin our red blood cells don’t work right. And when the red blood cells don’t work right, well you don’t want to go there. If you doctor ever told you that you have low iron, then prescribed iron pills. You were being treated for low hemoglobin. Course sometimes when hillbillies are feeling a little puny, we just suck on a rusty nail. Tuff bunch.

The time has come for my pretty little hummingbirds to fly away. They came to the south window of the EastWing three weeks ago. Just a little after the first light of day they came to the window, hovered within a few inches of the glass, a short 3’ from me. Close to 10 seconds the hovered. We said our end of summer goodbyes, then George & Molly flew away. I know they’re gone because the hummingbird feeder has not been touched since. I’ll leave the feeder up another week, but I’m sure George & Molly are gone. They told me they’d be back when it’s once again springtime in the valley.

One of the most amazing metamorphosis I’ve seen in some time is not the butterfly and the Milk Weed, it’ Spike The Man Cat. With the passing of my dear Sophia, The Man Cat as assumed the position of Official Man Cat of the EastWing. In the past, Spike spent most of his time by himself. He seldom ever had a need to even be in the same room with me. He had well established petting times thru out the week when he would come and present himself for petting. Otherwise Spike stayed away.

Did ya ever have a cat that takes every step with you? The Man Cat does. When I sit at the computer in the EastWing, The Man Cat lays at my feet. It’s not enough to lay close, his head must lay on my foot. At bed time, it’s Spike outside the bathroom door, then hops onto the foot of the bed. I may have to look into Spike’s background to see where he came from. Don’t even know if he’s Democrat or Republican.

It would be nice to have a Republican Cat around again. Sure hope he’s not a Democrat. Lord knows we’ve got enough of those around already. We’ll see, but kinda worried. Seems Spike does lay around a lot just sleeping, and when awake looking for handouts.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Ebola Fears, Loving The Fall, Proboscis Drawing Blood, The Hummingbirds Say Goodbye, The Man Cat Assumes The Role.

I Wish You Well,