From The EastWing, Feeling Sad, Feeling Sad, Feeling Bad, Feeling French, Feeling Mad






Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

It was much sadness that I, like you, watched the carnage unfold in the Paris, the city of lights. In Europe there are only three cities that all American can name, London, Rome and Paris. To attack any other city in Europe would have made  much less impact on the American people. But Paris, we all feel like we know Paris. Most don’t, but we feel as if we do.

With the  Eifel Tower being only one of three landmarks the average American can name of European landmarks, Big Ben in London and the Coliseum  of Rome round out the list. An attack on Paris is an attack on a friend, and attack on family. It was after all, the nation who gave us the Statue of Liberty.

Since the start of ISIS, we’ve had an American President unwilling to openly identify ISIS for what it is. A killing machine based on the directives of the Koran in dealing with non believers, infidels, if you will. Now that’s folks like you and me.   A President who has made every effort not to address the issue head on.  A President, when newly elected told the people in the middle east that America was a Muslim Nation. Right then there should have been a massive public outcry. There was not. At that time is was just so cool to have a black president, that no one would publicly challenge damn near anything he said.

It was only a short time ago that our President called ISIS the JV Team. And then the JV Team started cutting off heads of Americans and others,  all the while videotaping these  beheading and putting it up on the internet for the world to see. The JV Team kicked up their game, while our President all these actions extremism. Stating justice would be served to those who engaged in such acts.

Keep in mind this is the same President who drew that line in the sands of the middle east while saying the use of chemical warfare would bring retaliation.  Chemicals were used, the retaliation did not come about, and the Russian  sphere of influence in the middle east grew by leaps and bounds  on the weakened position of the American President. Sad to say, we have an American President that other countries do not have faith in his word.

It was just several hours before the tragedy in Paris that our President, while speaking on TV stated that the American efforts had contained ISIS and they no longer had the ability to move about at will. Then ISIS blew Paris apart with people willing to die for their cause. People intent of killing as many non Muslims as possible as they died. Then our President goes on TV and states that he does not have all the facts yet , its’ too early to speculate on who is responsible.  

I, for one American, would have felt better if the man whose job it is to protect me,  had he said  that We will hunt down and kill these SOB ‘s  where ever there they are. In their homes, in their beds, in their hiding places under rocks or holes in the sand, we’ll kill ‘em . Anywhere in this world all those who call themselves ISIS will die at the hands of the Most powerful military in the world.

Our President didn’t say that. He did say he has faith in the American Justice System to hold those who  perpetrated such deeds accountable. I don’t want ‘em accountable to the American Justice System. This is not a street crime on the south side of Chicago where a community organizer would look to the American Justice System. I want to see ‘em accountable to the U.S. Military. I want ‘em accountable to the Delta Force, the Green Braes, the F15’s, the Cruise Missiles, and the Army rangers. I want ‘em accountable to an unbridled military not constrained by the likes of think tank morons in decision making capacity for our nation.

I’m  sure some of my EastWing friends will call me a warmongering hawk. When ISIS brings this action to one of our major cities, remember the man who drew the line in the sand. In times like these, I want to see the Arnold Schwarzkopf type in charge, not those who would rather hold a block party.

These Paris attacks were not “senseless violence” as some media commentators observed as the news coverage unfolded Friday Evening and into the Night. It was an organized attack on non Muslims.

Nor was this  “an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share,” as President Obama said late Friday evening. No, it was an attack to kill non Muslims. Nothing less, nothing more.

These Islamic radicals know who their enemies are, and have for known for decades. It is we who have forgotten who is under attack. If not us, then  at least it’s some of our leaders who  have forgotten or will not admit who is being attacked.

I’m sure the President will now make every effort to use this event to push for more  gun control.  After all if we’d taken the guns from that JV Team in the  first place all this would never have happened. Then the President will make every effort to find some way to blame either Bush or the Republican Party on this tragedy. After all, people don’t kill, guns do. Just ask ‘em on the South Side of Chicago.

From The EastWing, Feeling Sad, Feeling Bad,  Feeling French, Feeling Mad

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BobbyRay From The EastWing