From The EastWing, Friends Of Mine & The Windmills Of Their Mind, Cold Atoms & Cold Packs, Staying Up Late & Putting Time In A Bottle, Cool August Nights, Fatting Up Hummingbirds, In The Pudding & In The Bones

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

By now most everyone at the EastWing know I’ve got a bunch of friends who work in the Quantum Physics  Research Business. I’ve talked about these friends of mine and their work in demonstrating the existence of the “God Particle” and it’s role in the nature of everything. Well a couple weeks ago I got up in the middle of the night and sat down and talked with these guys once again.

We talked about using light as a kinda storage space for information. Yeah, I’m telling ya right. It’s light, as in “flash”.  Sometimes I’m truly amazed that these guys even allow me to the set at the table when things like this is even being discussed, yet we are equally ignorant, me and my friends, just about different things. The things they know, I don’t. The things I know, they don’t. And so we get along, me and my friends in their little part of the world.

We don’t sit down and talk, face to face, with everybody setting in chairs at the EastWing. No, it don’t work that way. Wish it did, it doesn’t. We all talk in a “chat room” using keyboardS of computers, with everybody spread out  all over the world. For me to talk to these guys in that chat room, I gotta get up at 3:00 AM. Before I got to know these guys who work in small places, I thought 3:00 only came once a day, in the afternoon. It comes twice a day, both AM & PM. Friends in small places teach ya stuff like that.

And sure enough, just as  I predicted what would happen, right after the demonstration of the God Particle, these guys started chasing another “Wind Mill Of Their Mind”. Their new wind mill worth chasing, it’s stopping time that they’re now after. I’m telling ya, these guys are thinking about using time kinda like you and I first used a big floppy disk, then a 5 ½ floppy,  then a 3 ½ floppy disk, then an internal hard disk, then a thumb drive, and now a cloud storage space. Yes, these guys are telling me that they’re going to be able to stop time and use time as a storage device for information. Shewwww.

They’re saying it’s possible to use time to store and retrieve information. Now I’m not too shabby in math, but when they laid out the math on this concept. Forgetaboutit, I couldn’t even understand the formula to support their argument. When all is said and done these guys are talking about stopping light in its tracks. They’ve stopped me in my tracks and my ability to follow the math formulation for their argument. That’s for sure.

Needless to say, stopping light is not an easy task. DUH! You can’t just put light  in a box and close the lid. It don’t work that way.  Light is electromagnetic radiation that moves at 300 million meters per second. That’s like 186,000 miles per second. In a  one minute span, light  can travel about 11 million miles, kinda like 20 trips to the moon and back. So time’s a rather sly and slippery noodle to stop in its tracks, to say the least.

But light can be slowed down and even halted altogether, or so they tell me, and who in the world am I to say any different. After all, I can barely keep up my end of the conversation with these guys by injecting stimulating observations and interpretations into the conversations  such as, “what the hell you guys talking ‘bout?” and stuff like that.

All the while,  these guys are telling me they once kept time still for over 10 seconds by using the concept of cold atoms. And I still don’t have a clue what they’re talking about with this cold atoms stuff. One guy said, “BobbyRay it’s kinda like if you get hurt and put an ice pack on it, it slows down the swelling. Cold atoms does that to time” But they never told me where they put the ice pack. I still don’t know what these guys are talking about. Guess they just automatically thought I knew where the ice pack went. I didn’t then,  and still don’t. But too embarrassed to ask, ‘cause I’m sure they just automatically thought I knew where it went. Now before you laugh too much about my dumbness here, don’t laugh too loud, ‘cause I’m betting you don’t know where the ice pack goes either.

But you gotta keep in mind, these are my same friends who first told me about the “God Particle” years before it was demonstrated to the world. So if I’m betting on things, I’m betting on these guys. After all, they’re friends of mine, and we get along. That’s why I get up at 3:00 AM on a Thursday morning once a month just to say hello to these people. ‘Course I go back to sleep ‘bout 3:30 or 3:45 in that same AM.

But sometimes, just sometimes, before I fall back to sleep, the conversations I’ve just been engaged in start to bubble up from the front roads of my memory.  Then I don’t even come close to going back to sleep for the rest of the night. Things that have been said during those conversations and having the potential of changing life as we know it on this Earth. And for me to think I was allowed to sit in on conversations with these people. If only I could put time in a bottle. But way more important, what if my friends can put time in a bottle? I cannot. I believe they will. Someday soon, Lord, someday soon.

Don’t ya just love it when in the middle of summer, along comes a few days of really cool weather? Not cold by any means, just a cool off for a while. Early fall weather comes along in the middle of summer and then you remember all over why you like autumn so much. And so it was in late July, a “taste of autumn” came along. Then right on  into early August the cool nights came.

Then comes September 10th and 11th  and its 99° in the afternoon while the EastWing melts a little bit as the world thinks fall. All the while the hummingbirds eat both day and night building up reserves for the big flight south. The little hummers have eaten more in the last two weeks than the rest of the season combined. I’m feeding two mamas, two papas and two babies. My goodness, that must be close to two ounces of hummingbirds if all were weighed together.  And they’re now close to 60 oz in two weeks, drinking that magic red stuff in feeder that keeps ‘em flying high, and coming back for more.

Most all my life I’ve been fascinated  by the weather, and as such I’ve watched the “signs of weather”. The clouds, the winds, the direction of the winds, the feel of the air, the smell of the wind, the feel of the wind.  Now as I’ve gotten older, the aches of the bones. Oh yeah, I’m telling ya, the aches of the bones do tell me stuff of the upcoming weather. forty years ago, I’d have said no, that’s a bunch of crap. Today I say yes, that’s not a bunch of crap, and I’ve got the bones to prove it.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “The proof’s in the pudding”.  Well, it’s also in the bones.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Friends Of Mine & The Windmills Of Their Mind, Cold Atoms & Cold Packs, Staying Up Late & Putting Time In A Bottle, Cool August Nights, Fatting Up Hummingbirds, In The Pudding & In The Bones

I Wish You Well,