From The EastWing, Grinding Out Winter, Loving It, A Beagle Winter, Piles Of Snow, A Toto Snow Ball Fight, Short Visits, Pushing Buttons And Having Fun

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

As this old man winter grinds thru northern Indiana,  while leaving white footprints from hell all over the place, I’ve never heard so much bitching  ‘bout  the weather in a long time. Finely got tired of hearing such, and decided to put a stop to the nonsense at the office whenever the conversation turned to the  weather.  I didn’t have to wait long.  That very same day, with my first appointment after lunch the lady said “How ya liking the winter?”

Looked the girl straight in the eye and said with a smile,  said, “I’m loving it. I can’t even start to tell you how happy I am that this  weather winter wonder land keeps coming  my way.” “This is the most enjoyable  winter I’ve had since back in 1968.”

Yep, thought I’d put one over on that girl. She looked me straight in the eye and said with a smile, “That’s a bunch of carp and you know it.” Some times ya just start out with the wrong girl.

Although the people in my life may not be enjoying the winter wonder land, the baby Beagle Girls, Sharolette and Barbaree, are loving it. Granted, at -17° in the early morning with 18 mph wind, Beagles do pee quick and return to their same and sound EastWing.

But when it’s 0° and above, the Beagles are off and running as the hunt is on. Pride themselves to be hunters of extraordinary skills, the Beagles do.  “After all, they’re not yet one year old, and have already shared in the catching of one giant rabbit, and almost catching of an unlimited amount of wild game.

The Beagles pride themselves in an ability to chase after a herd of some 20 or so deer that cross the east end of the EastWing gardens daily. The deer herd is so accustom the hearing the Beagles bark, they no longer speed up and run away. The Beagle bark, and the deer say “Yeah Right”. And the beat goes on.

I’ve never seen snow piled so high at the EastWing as this year. In the north gardens, the snow pushed to over 6 feet. To clear out the front drive, my snow plow guy, Bill Crease, pushed the snow across 800 South and stacked it up well in excess of 8”. Just never seen such snow piles in a long time.

Is this the most snow ever? I don’t think so. I remember one time when I used to be a little hillbilly boy in downtown Toto, we had snow pushed up on the northeast corner of the Toto intersection that measured about 14 – 16’. Yeah, I’m telling ya, they brought a bull dozer to push the snow up in a pile to allow  room for more snow to be pushed away. It was a lot.

When spring came and the snow pile started to melt, it took a long, long time. My birthday is the 27th of May. On my birthday we dug into the final 4’ ft of melting winter snow and had us a real snowball fight in May. It was a snowball fight, little hillbilly boy style. Dirty snow, pushed up rocks and all. It was such a time.

If the visit from the EastWing seems unusually short tonight, it is.  It’s now 14 – 16 hr days at the office. Seven days last week, and guess it’s  a seven day week coming up. Now don’t feel sorry for me, ‘cause I think God I’ve got a job that keeps me out of the snow. And besides a lot of people think I don’t have a real job anyways.   This is no joke, I had a feller ask me, “how can you make a living just pushing buttons on a computer?”  I told him the secret is to know what buttons to push when.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Grinding Out Winter, Loving It, A Beagle Winter, Piles Of Snow, A Toto Snow Ball Fight,  Sort Visits, Pushing Buttons And Having Fun

I Wish You Well,