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Were you aware that history was made last Tuesday, June 10th? And in all places, the 7th Congressional District in the State of Virginia. At no time in the history of this Republic had a majority leader in the United States House of Representatives been defeated in a primary election. A general election, yes, a primary election, not until June 10th 2014.

Earthquake, mind blowing, shattering, staggering defeat, and, unparallel are just a few of the words used by the talking heads of television to describe those primary results in Virginia. Depending on how you were listening to, it was either a major victory for the Tea Party, or a long term victory for the democrats. It was neither. It was a major victory for the people of the 7th Congressional District in the State of Virginia.

The reason I say such a thing is very simple, the defeated candidate, Eric Cantor, had changed constituents. His new constituents were Barak Obama and the Majority Leadership in the US House of Representatives. For the past year Eric Cantor no longer represented the 7th Congressional District of Virginia. Too bad Cantor’s new constituents did not have a vote on June 10th .

All the while democrats jumped up and down with joy and Nancy Pelosi swore before God and everybody that the results of that primary election was proof positive the Tea Party had hijacked the Republican Party and moved them even further to the extreme right. Did ya ever notice how democrats love to use the word “extreme”? While at the same time having a president occupying White House and holding the most liberal (extreme views?) of any president in the history of the nation.

With both the TV talkers and the print media making every effort to expound on the Tea Party victory, it’s important to note the complete lack of Tea Party support or involvement in the Virginia 7th District primary race. Not a single national Tea Party member came to the aid of the candidate opposing Eric Cantor. While a host of regular Republican Party support was out flowing. This was not a Tea Party victory. This was a victory for the way the American system of electing people to represent them in congress is suppose to work. When the views of the constituents differs from those elected to serve, those elected to serve are replaced. And so it was in Virginia.

Again unlike some folks would have you to believe, this election was not the result of an unusually low voter turnout. In fact this election saw more votes cast than the last primary in this district. And no, it was not the result of democrats voting in an open primary trying to screw over the favorite. That didn’t happen either, for one thing there are very few democrats in the 7th district of Virginia.

Now if the Tea Party can’t claim this victory, and the democrats can’t claim a spoiler roll, who then is to blame of such an earthquake, mind blowing, shattering, staggering defeat, as proclaimed by those entrusted to know how such things work?

And that’s what’s so cool about the whole thing. Not a single “expert” in the whole country foresaw this outcome. All the “smart money” stayed with the man who had constituents both in the US House of Representatives and in the Office of the President. After all, who would possibly not support the Majority Leader in the House of Representatives? We the people, the voters in the 7th Congressional District in the State of Virginia that’s who.

Having been dubious from day one when the Obama Administration became in charge of the nation’s foreign policy, there is now no doubt that such concerns had merit. Failure by this administration in the development of a foreign policy shows in every corner of the globe. When the major achievement of America’s Foreign Policy during the first term of the Obama Administration is by the admission of the Secretary of State to “pass off the baton”.

WOW! I’m not too much of a sports fan, but don’t believe there is a reward or trophy issued for “passing off the baton”. The current Secretary of State may have dropped his baton from the way things are falling apart in the world. The Russian guy says I’m taking Crimea. Our guy says we’ll draw another line in the sand. As the folks in Iran are still laughing at their line in the sand drawn by the same president who threatened to draw a sand line for Russia. One of the good things about California is when China comes ashore, there’s lots of sand to draw a new line.

With all the line drawing in the sand, someone forgot that there is lots of sand in Iraq. Then, after maybe the single worst foreign policy decision in the history of this nation, Iraq explodes. In a matter of days a major section of Iraq is in the control of Al-qaeda. Seems everyone seen it coming except the President and his Secretary of State along with his national security council.

Not to fret, come next Sunday I expect to hear either Susan Wright or Hillary Clinton on the Sunday Morning political talk shows telling us that those Al-qaeda boys in Iraq are just mad over a video played on you-tube. Or maybe Susan Wright will tell us they all are serving with honor and distinction. And if that still don’t calm our nerves, they’ll bring out Joe Biden who will once again tell us “Ben Laden’s dead and General Motors is alive”. That’ll do it.

Oh, by the way, did you hear about the IRS losing two years of emails from Lois Lerner? Yep, lost the whole lot, and all from the time period requested by congress. Now not all my friends will remember this but some will. Remember during the Watergate investigation when some 29 minutes turned up missing on a recording tape in the office of President Nixon, and his secretary made every effort to explain the mistake, and not a single person in this country believed the explanation. I think that president ended up losing his job. We’ll see.

Losing two years of email due to a computer crash. Wonder if those IRS folks ever heard of computer backup? One of the good things about this is the next time you’re audited, just tell ‘em you lost all your records due to a computer crash. Surly they will understand, after all, it can happen to the best of us. Or is that the worst of us?

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, History Made In Virginia, American Foreign Policy & Drawing Lines In Sand

Susan Wright & Hillary Clinton To Save The Day, Joe Biden Is Backup, IRS Should Backup.

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