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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Two days ago I was asked had I ever heard the corn grow? With that question I remembered we’d not talked about Lammas Day being on August 1st . Lammas Day marked the beginning of the harvest in olden times Lammas originated from the ancient English festival called the Gule of August, which marked the beginning of the wheat harvest, traditionally on August 1st .

What you were supposed to do was bake a loaf of bread from the new wheat, take it to church and have it blessed. Then take it back home and break the loaf into 4 parts. Put one piece of bread in each corner of the barn. The blessed bread would protect all of the new wheat harvest in the  barn. Sure sounds like a magic to me. Course you gotta remember that back then there was a lot better magic than now. Sometimes ya can’t help but wonder would life be more fun it there was a little more magic and a lot less of the crap we have to put up with.

It’s kinda interesting to note how many special days such as “Lammas Day” have their roots in pagan history.  I think even the Easter Bunny was part of one of those pagan deals and someone in early Christianity just couldn’t let the Easter Bunny slip sliding away with the pagans, they probably liked chocolate rabbits too. I sure do. Another interesting fact about Lammas Day,(August 1st) corn ripens as much at night as it does by day. So if ya ever wanted to try that “hearing the corn grow” thing, it’s now time to start the listening.

Have you noticed that on certain days, we celebrate events by eating customary foods?  Some are so well know, that even if ya don’t like it ya tend to eat some just because.  Like corn beef and cabbage with that green beer Shewwww !

But there are many other not so well know such as January 6th . On Epiphany, some people eat a cake with a lucky bean baked in it. Whoever finds the bean is the king of the feast, in memory of the three kings who traveled to find baby Jesus on this day.

June 21st In Sweden, people celebrate the Summer Solstice by eating the first strawberries of the season.

In September or early October : During the Jewish observation of Rosh Hashanah, honey and foods colored orange or yellow are eaten to symbolize a bright and sweet new year.

 I don’t remember for sure why that Rosh Hashanah thing is not on the same day each year, but think it’s kinda like Easter, it has to do with the moon and seasons and stuff like that. It’s the Jewish New Year Festival and those folks eat honey and yellow and orange colored food on that special day. I don’t know that many yellow and orange colored foods, good thing I’m a hillbilly and not a Jew, else I’d be in a world of hurt come Rosh Hashanah.

Wonder if they could have a really big parade and a football game every year on the same day, only if they could get that Rosh Hashanah Festival to settle on the same day. After all, ya can’t just go building those big floats any time, ya gotta know well in advance an plan these things out.  Just getting the flowers together for the floats is a big deal.  Plus all the work to get all those marchers. It’s hard to get good quality  marchers now days, seems everybody’s too damn lazy to march.

I suppose they could get the President to give ‘um marchers, he gives everything else, now even gives ‘em cell phones. I wonder if hamburgers are next? Maybe another “99 weeks” of draw, if only you’d march in the Rosh Hashanah parade.  But that probably wouldn’t work. Marching and all,  that’s just too hard of work to ask a person to do for only 99 weeks of draw.

 I don’t even know who is going to put the football game together, It may end up a rematch between Pharaohs Army and the Hebrew Slaves.  That being the case, I’m betting on the Slaves, I think they won the first time these two met rather convincingly.  Seems I remember, Pharaohs Army got drowned about midway through the first half. And from that point on the Children of Israel  never looked back.  Yah, I expect it to be 2 and 0 at the end of the second game.  I’m definitely betting on the Slaves.

Ya gotta love the month of August, it’s suppose to be hot and steamy, but be sure to take the time to note on which day in August the first very heavy fog occurs, and expect a hard frost on the same day in October. I don’t know why this happens, it just does, but I’ve watched this one a lot and most every year it works, year after year.

I better make clear my position here on this frost thing, I’m talking ‘bout if ya live in a place that has summers and winters.  I’m not saying it’s gona frost in Palm Beach or Key West, or Cape Town for that matter. ( I do appreciate your invention last month  to visit Cape Town, but I don’t fly well, in fact I no longer fly at all, so I will come and visit just as soon as the bridge is finished) I bet it will frost just outside the East Wing Glass  in October. Will let ya know. 

I never had any brothers in my life, but the Lord blessed me with a house full of sister. Four of ‘em and I’m telling ya, that’s plenty sisters. I’ve forever said if I had to choose how to spend my childhood, I’d spend my life in the company of a house full of sister. I was not the oldest, I was not the youngest, but I was the only. My four sister, I loved ‘em so. A family of me and my four sisters has now become one boy and one girl. Me and Sharolette.

Unlike members of some families I know, Sharolette and I do not consider our “Family Circle” to have ever been broken. Every time a family members has passed away, our circle has just gotten smaller. After all, when Sharolette and I hold both hands, we still make a circle. A little one now, but a circle never the less. A little circle of Howards

So last month when Sharolette had a birthday we celebrated for two days by going out twice. Once for dinner, and once for a fun day of going somewhere. For the fun day out we went to Fair Oaks Dairy here in northern Indiana. Fair Oaks Dairy is one of the more interesting places a  person could possibly visit in this part of Indiana.

Fair Oaks Dairy is the largest milk production plant in the United States. Between 2,700 and 2,800 cows are milked three times a day at Fair Oaks.  Few people have seen the total process in the production of milk. If you stop and think about it, the steps involved in producing a glass of milk to sit on your table are truly amazing.

Now most people wouldn’t believe it if they were told the key ingredient in milk is green grass. It is. The grass, along with other grain and vitamins and minerals all get fed into a specialized factory that processes all this stuff into milk. That specialized factory, that milk producing factory,  it’s called COW.                                       

At the Fair Oaks Dairy you can actually see the Cow Factory producing milk. You can also see a baby milk factory being produced. It’s miraculous to think those milk factories, in addition to producing milk, they also produce baby milk factories. There’s lots to see at Fair Oaks Dairy. Baby milk factories included.

The milking operation never stops at Fair Oaks Dairy. A “merry-go-around” for cows allow the milking of 72 cows at a time on the big turntable. The cows get on and off the merry-go-around ride pretty much by themselves. Workers attend to the details of milking and the cows take a 8 ½  minute ride around the turntable. Milk is produced at the rate of  250,000 gallons per 24 hours.

You’ve seen those semi trucks going down the road, the kind that call tankers. Forty (40) tankers  a day leave Fair Oaks Dairy delivering the milk to the places that prepares the milk to go into those plastic jugs you expect to see milk in at the store where you buy your milk. Who knows, why you may very well have drank milk from the Fair Oaks Dairy and never knew it. Lots of people have. 250,000 gallons a days worth.

Just in August of this year, the Fair Oaks People opened another production facility called the “Pig Adventure” They expect to produce some 80,000 pigs to market per year. The Pig Adventure is also available for touring just like the dairy adventure.  Now Fair Oaks is not a place you would want to go ever weekend, but it’s for sure worth going to see one weekend. Unless you are a dairy farmer and or a hog farmer, I’ll guarantee that you will learn something new about the food chain in our society. You will also leave Fair Oaks Dairy forever thinking different about both Ice Cream and bacon. They make ‘em both at Fair Oaks.

Almost forgot, while you’re at Fair Oaks Dairy learning about the food chain, look for Bub’s BBQ. My oldest son, RJ, in addition to Bub’s BBQ 1 in Demotte IN and Bub’s BBQ 2 in Rensselaer  IN, has now opened a Bub’s BBQ at Fair Oaks Dairy. A while back there was a special event sponsored by the Monsanto Corp at Fair Oaks Dairy. Bub’s BBQ fed 2,400 people at that event. RJ told me he was close to running out of food. Now he didn’t say, but I think RJ may have had fish and loafs as backup. And we all know ya can’t go wrong when fish and loafs got your back.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Lammas Day, Watching Corn Grow, Yet Another Bowl Game, Fog & Frost, A Little Family Circle, A Milk Factory, A Pig Factory, Ice Cream & Bacon, Bub & His BBQ At Fair Oaks & Fish & Loafs.

I wish you well,