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Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Oh my goodness, what a heartfelt response to the ills of the She. In my wildest dreams would I have ever guessed  that so many people worldwide also loved the She as much as do I. They do. They just do. When the story was  finally told, the response was almost overwhelming.  I cannot even guess how many people and groups prayed for the She. And so it turns out  I’m tolerated, and the She is loved by all. That really don’t surprise me ‘cause I’ve know her most of my life and when it comes to kindness and compassion for another human being, the She is at the top of that list.

Remember a while back, one of the Baby Beagle Girls found herself in a tight spot and Mr. Bentley came to the rescue? That story generated the largest amount of email for a single story in 2013.  Nothing I can ever say in the rest of  2014 will surpass the email response when I wrote that the She had walked thru the shadow of the Valley of Death. And at the time, you think you walk that valley alone, ya don’t. A whole bunch of people walked along beside me and the She. It gives me shivers to think of how many people took the time to let us know that they stood by our side, that they prayed for the She.

I’m telling ya one thing for sure. Prayer works. Now for all my  atheist  friends out there, cut me a little slack here, the She is in need of prayer here and  the vast majority of us believers in God think  that prayer does work. Should you not think so, I do believe you will come around to my way of thinking sometime before you die. I firmly believe that before every atheist dies, they pray forgiveness and do enter into the kingdom of God. After all, the forgiveness of God is without limit.

We, as frail mortals, want to put limits on the forgiving grace of God. God does not place such limits. It’s like we want the bad guys to get their due punishment. But maybe God has a different plan. Maybe their punishment is spending all their  life without God being present, right up until the end. But keep in mind, it don’t take long to become a Christian. So before you condemn someone the hell, decide how long it takes to become a Christian. It’s quick.

Now I’ve been on both sides of that rope, Catholic and Baptist. I’ve always had somewhat of a problem the catholic approach of joining the Catholic Church. It’s almost like you have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. And the Baptist, well the Baptist they take you in based on faith. In a Baptist Church, if you say you’ve been born again, well the Baptist take you in with open arms, based solely on your word. It don’t take long to become a Baptist.

Now the Catholics, not so much so. It’s a long drawn out process to become a Catholic. Ya gotta attend classes to join the Catholic Church.  I can’t help but wonder if Jesus made those first 12 Catholics attend class, or did he give ‘em a fast track to becoming Catholic. I’ve asked that question to several of my priest friends, and have received several different answers. With all religions being based on faith, why in the world would there be objections should someone say “I’m a believer”

For the first time ever Sophia got hate mail for her prayer asking God to take care of Spike. Now I’m not defending Sophia ‘cause Sophia can defend herself, thank you very much. But the cat did say that she didn’t know how to pray.

With that being said, a whole new avenue of discussion opens up. Is there a “right” way to pray? If so, who decided that way to be the one and only way to pray? The Catholics have a much more standard format than the Baptist.  For most Catholics, prayer consist of words selected by someone else, and not words of their own.  Is the Catholic prayer format the only way to talk to Jesus? If so, have the Baptist  efforts toward prayer been for naught?

Sophia spoke to God with the clear heart and the belief of a cat. Have you ever spoken directly to God, or do you follow a “tried and true” method of prayer that someone said would work for you?  How do we know that God did not hear Sophia’s prayer? We do not know.

All the various bibles of the world make minimum reference to animals other than the snake in the apple story and the sheep when Abraham is about to kill the boy. But keep in mind God had a boat built just for the animals. And it seems logical that if God built the animals an ark, then he surly has a place in heaven to put ‘em. After all everybody knows that all good dogs go to heaven. I firmly believe that my beloved Pup Baby, Mustina James, went to heaven, along with her mother, the Gray Lady James. They’re both resting in the presence  of Abraham. Now if you’ve ever had pets and you don’t think they went to heaven when they died, then you didn’t deserve to have pets to begin with.  ‘Cause everybody knows that all good dogs go to heaven. And some of the cats also. But everyone’s heard of Hellcats. Uh Oh.

The email received by Sophia said that she should be ashamed to pray to God that way she did. Give me a break here, cats don’t have shame. Cats have a resolve that says  “I’m a cat and you’re not” and as such, it’s impossible for cats to demonstrate the human emotion of shame. After all, there was a time in ancient Egypt when cats were revered as Gods. Sophia still remembers such times. Frequently she reminds me of such times, frequently. And then she smiles at me. I’m telling ya, when Sophia smiles, God smiles at his beautiful creation. A Conservative Calico Republican Cat

Dear Diary,

I peed in Spike’s litter box again last night. That drives Spike crazy. I still hate spike. I’m glad I peed in his litter box. I might even do it some more.



Dear Diary,

Spike is so stupid, he asked me if I peed in his litter box. I smiled and crossed my paws and said no. It don’t count as a lie if you cross your paws. Spike believes that one of the outside deck cats is sneaking into the house and peeing in his litter box and sneaking back outside. Spike is dumber than a post.  No wonder I hate Spike. I hate everybody that’s dumber than a post.



Dear Diary,

So far God has not taken care of Spike like I asked him to.  I expect it to happen any time. Then Good Bye Spike forever. And I might even pick up some extra cat lives, ‘cause I asked God it Spike had some left after he takes care of him, could I have ‘em.



It was the 5th of March that the She was scheduled to return for her first checkup with the heart surgeon. We kept the appointment. The She passed with flying colors. Staples were removed from her leg where the veins were removed to repair her heart. And best of all, the She was cleared to drive. Oh my goodness, the pretty girl, my beautiful she is back on the road again. Happy times for the She.

I think it even says in the Bible, when the She’s happy, we’re all happy.  Now for you real purists on bible reference,  it’s the second chapter of She, verse 22 thru 26.

Stay Safe in Afghanistan

From The EastWing, Loving The She, Email Records Set For The She, Praying Like A Cat,  Sophia’s Diary, The She’s On The Road Again, A Happy Girl, The Second Chapter of She Verse 22 thru 26

I Wish You Well,