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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

For the same reason I don’t talk about Easter on Easter Sunday, I don’t talk about Mothers Day on Mother’s Day. If you’ve not got it all figured out by the time you visit the EastWing, oh well, nothing I can say will help your situation, except “shame on you” for forgetting Mothers Day.

I’m joking of course ‘cause Mothers Day is the most remembered holiday, second only to Christmas.

Sure am glad to be able to tell everyone yes I have survived the treaded attack of whatever I had/have, and am still hacking and snotty nosing around the EastWing. Yep, gave it to the She just so we can both hack and snotty nose together. Seems me and the She been sharing things for so long it would not seem right to snotty nose by myself. Now I’m not too sure the She shares me enthusiasm to the same extent I do.

The Hummingbird Feeder was placed in the south garden this morning and before the sun set at the EastWing this evening one of my little springtime friends came by to see if the menu was still the same. It is. The word will spread in the Hummingbird world that the EastWing is open for the summer.

Once again the Indiana Primary Election served its purpose. That purpose being to determine the final candidates to run for elected office in the November election. Now all that’s well and good except for one thing. Did you vote? Way too few did. I’m embarrassed to say that only 22% of those registered voters did so. Sure hope all of my EastWing friends voted. We’ll not call for a show of hands, but I’m sure it would be 100% if we did.

It’s kinda frightening to think that a tick over 20% of the voters have decided who will be run for office in Starke County, come November. Now if you’re like me and sometimes think at least two out of every ten you know are a little crazy… Well guess you can see where that’s going. I can almost guarantee that the ones most likely to bitch and moan in the upcoming year are the same ones that were “too busy” to vote on May 6th .

As most of my longtime friends know, I’m a sucker for Gadget TV. If it’s got an infomercial, I’ve probably got one. In fact, I have shelves in the basement just for the Gadget TV stuff. This point is raised because last week I finally got one that works in the EastWing as well as it did on TV.

A Pineapple cutter. So simple anyone can cut pineapples that look like they just came from the can. My cutter cuts the center of the pineapple, leaves the core in place and even allows you to use the empty pineapple shell for whatever your wildest dreams can imagine.

Upon the Pineapple Cutter arrival at the EastWing, I became so excited that I cut every pineapple on the place. Too bad I only had one. Sure would have loved to cut and extract more fresh pineapple. Just by looking at the thing, I know it will do the same thing for watermelon. Can’t wait to try. It just keeps getting better and better. 80° sunshine days, a new gadget, the little hummingbirds come home, and most of all, that pretty little springtime friend of mine, that pretty, pretty, pretty little dandelion came back to the front garden.

As I type this evening a looming thunder storm approaches from the southwest. Strange but true, it’s rolling thunder from the east to the west. I’m not sure I’ve ever observed that happing. One thing for sure, it scared Mr. Bentley really bad. Mr. Bentley was in the front garden when the thunder rolled. As he ran toward the deck, I could tell by the way he held his ears, the big dog wanted in really bad.

Too bad I don’t have sound from the EastWing, as the night air is filled with the Bells of Springtime. The little Peps. Little frogs that can sit on a quarter and not have any frog parts hanging over the sides. Little fellers, those Bells of Springtime.

Stay safe in Afghanistan

From The EastWing, Me & The She & Snotty Noises, Hummingbirds Home, When 22% Controls, Gadget TV, Cutting Stuff, Rolling Thunder, Bells of Springtime

I Wish You Well,