From the EastWing, ObamaCare, Now We Know & We Don’t Like, And The Survey Says, Big Government According To Genesis, Pharaoh Freebees & Cell Phones.

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WOW! Even at the EastWing, ObamaCare dominates the email.  No matter what I’ve said in the past. Agree or disagree, it’s ObamaCare as to what the email brings to me. And I didn’t even say too much about it one way or the other.

But WOW! I’m telling ya, this is what has made we the people just shy of an angry mob. ObamaCare may be the worst federal law in the history of the nation.  When the then Speaker of The House said “We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it.” We have now found out. This nation has gone a little crazy about this law. It just has. And there’s lots more to come.

It turns out the President of the United States lied to the American People in order to get the bill passed into law. An interesting side note here. It is not a crime for the President of the United States to lie to the American. It is a crime to lie to congress.  DUH! The least respected body in our society, it’s a crime to tell ‘em lies. Now we the people, give us all the Bull Shit that can mustered by the President of The United State, himself, and that’s not a crime.  Seems there’s something wrong with this picture.

With such a response to  something  I didn’t even talk about very much, I looked into the details of the ObamaCare Law and this is what I found. Now get a load of this.

An example being you are a single male, 35 years old, you  are required to purchase health insurance, and your policy must provide coverage in the event you have a baby. Not that you’re gona have that baby, just your health insurance must provide you with the coverage. DUH!  Your policy must also provide for birth control coverage.  Also DUH!

It’s a one stop shop. NOT!  The ObamaCare Law is a classic example of federal regulation run wild.  This thing was not put together after Obama was elected. No, it was  twenty years of liberal bureaucrats  plotting to create a national health care program.  It’s a mindset thing. Big government provides for the masses.  Socialism, some think so. Marxism, some think so. Dumber than Owl Shit, many think so. The people who voted this ObamaCare into law will pay the price at the ballot box next time out.

All the other scandals which have surrounded this administration, things like the IRS being used to go after political enemies, the embarrassment  of having Hillary Clinton say “at this late date, what difference does it make?” after 4 Americans had died on her watch. Such matters seem  to have been brushed aside by the president. ObamaCare is different.

It’s different simply because it affects you and me, and everybody else in this great land. The issue of this healthcare law is the one thing that is not going away from the public view. We as a people tend to not pay nearly enough attention to what goes on by those we elect to make the rules we live by. At every level of government, we pay way too little attention to what goes on. The result of that neglect of our collective duty, we get the type government we deserve. In some instances it’s crap. With a capital K.

It’s kinda disheartening  to see a survey that states less than 40% of the people believe the President of the United State is doing a good job. While the same survey states over 80% believe the President of the United States miss lead the American People on purpose to get this ObamaCare thing passed into law. And it all goes back to what was said earlier, we get the form of government we deserve.

It’s interesting that in our political process in this nation, one thought is the more the government controls the better off we are. While the other thought is the less the government controls the better off we are. No I don’t really care which side of that rope you’re on. But one thing for sure, you’re on one side or the other of that deal, ‘cause there’s no middle ground on that one.

Keep in mind here, I didn’t even talk about the disaster of the website. Or even the cost of such. Didn’t need to, those things take care of themselves. Even without use paying much attention to what’s going on, ya can’t spend 600 million dollars and nobody notices you bought something that doesn’t work.  No one has of yet even estimated the cost of making this website work. While some are even saying the whole system must be rebuilt from the ground up, so to speak, in order to make it work the way it was envisioned. I can’t say intended here ‘cause I don’t believe anyone had a clue as to what it was supposed to be.

Nor have I said anything about the whole concept of “navigators” or the millions and millions of dollars down that rat hole. Nor have I said anything about when the person, who admitted to being in charge of the whole sorry mess, responded to an direct question asked in a congressional hearing, that yes a convicted felon could be hired and obtain the necessary personal information to steal a person’s identify without that person’s knowledge. And it just keeps getting dumber and dumber. It’s just such stuff the still leads me to believe we do deserve what we get. It’s our own fault that we don’t pay attention and let the crazies of the world make the laws.

Of course the fight for big government has gone on forever. Yeah, I’m telling ya forever. Just read the 47th chapter of Genesis, verse 13 – 27. Now what you’re going to find there is a story of how a once prosperous people became slaves. More and more dependent on the government they became until such time they had no personal wealth left. All belonged to the pharaoh.

It turned out the Pharaoh provided Israelites with food stamps, rent assistance, well child care, hot lunch program at school, medical care, transportation, and a free cell phone. Oh no, I was wrong about the free cell phone, that was a different Pharaoh.

From the EastWing, ObamaCare, Now We Know & We Don’t Like, And The Survey Says, Big Government According To Genesis, Pharaoh Freebees & Cell Phones.

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