From the EastWing, Richard Nixon + 40 Years, Crooks In Real Time, Worse Than Carter

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Saturday last, marks a dark day in the history of American Presidents. 40 years ago on that day Richard Nixon resigned the office of President of The United States. Nixon has been the only President to resign that office in the history of our nation.

The men working for Nixon spied on the American people. They were accused of using the IRS to harass Nixon’s political enemies. Nixon wages war without consulting and receiving consent from Congress. Nixon and his people used the CIA as a tool to cover up their crimes.

Nixon, himself, said “No man is above the law”. The only reason Nixon resigned was it became clear that he would be impeached by the United States House of Representatives. Then tried and convicted the United States Senate. The votes were there, the hand writing was on the wall, and so Richard Nixon resigned the Office of the President of The United States.

Richard Nixon avoided prosecution only because the incoming President, Gerald Ford, provided a presidential pardon for Nixon as one of the very first actions President Ford undertook.

Many of my EastWing friends do not remember anything at all about the trying times this nation endured during the Nixon saga. So it’s important to put the sins of the disgraced former President Nixon into some prospective compared to the current administration in Washington DC.

The Nixon men illegally wiretapped their political opponents. Those doing the wiretapping were caught, tried and convicted, then went to jail. Nixon spied on a very small group of people. The Barack Obama NSA has wire tapped the entire nation. Every E-mail you have ever written has been exposed to the eyes of the Obama Administration.

Richard Nixon talked about using the IRS to harass his political opponents. There is no evidence that he did in fact do so. One of the Articles of Impeachment voted by the House of Representatives is the illegal use of the IRS to harass conservative groups. President Obama said on national TV “there is not even a smidgen of corruption in the IRS”. Yet a high ranking official in the IRS, the one in charge of issuing tax preferred status to conservative groups, took the 5th amendment when questioned by Congress. This same official lost 2 years of e-mails when her computer “crashed”. What’s really interesting is six other IRS employees who had received e-mails from the IRS official with the crashed computer, well, their computer also crashed and all their e-mails are also lost.

Just in the last few day have some of those “lost e-mails” been found, and they do present a most damming picture of corruption at the IRS. When an IRS Official calls a conservative applications “A—holes and Crazies” in the eyes of many, that would constitute a smidgen of corruption in the IRS. But President Obama said on national TV not a smidgen….., so guess we don’t have to worry about that any more.

Richard Nixon attempted to use the CIA to stop an investigation by the FBI into the Watergate break-in. That seems mild when you consider that the current CIA has admitted spying on members of the US Senate charged with investigating illegal activity of the CIA.

One thing the Nixon people never done was to spy on news reports. Can you imagine what would have happened if the Nixon Justice Department had opened the mail and tracked the movements of Walter Cronkite? That is just what the Obama Justice Department done the James Rosen of Fox News. Can’t help but wonder where is the outrage over the Obama Justice Department spying on news reporters.

One of the Articles of Impeachment of Richard Nixon was that he evaded Congress’ sole authority to declare war when he bombed Cambodia. Barack Obama bombed Libya he said that only he had the inherent authority to decide what is a “war” and that no congressional approval was necessary. He proceeded to bomb Libya, destroy its military and spend more than a billion dollars in borrowed money in support of one side, who was not aligned with the United States, in that civil war.

Nixon’s men considered the murder of an investigative journalist, Jack Anderson. Barack Obama has asserted that he has right to kill any U.S. citizen without a charge, let alone conviction.

Nixon was excoriated for the missing 18 and a half minutes in his White House tapes although his long-time Secretary Rose Mary Woods claimed to have erased them by mistake.

Now President Obama’s IRS says hundreds of thousands of documents regarding abuse against Tea Party and Conservative groups are “missing,” without any repercussion to date.

Richard Nixon was known for his “Enemies List”. The former head of the National Security Agency’s global digital data gathering program says the Barack Obama also has an enemies list stored by keyword, which has been used to take down perceived political enemies such as General Petraus. During his re-election campaign Obama even brazenly posted his enemies list on-line as a not-so-subtle threat not to donate to his opponents

Because of Obama’s iconic status on the left of the political spectrum, those liberals stand silent as Obama shreds the Constitution in ways Richard Nixon would have marveled at. Democrats scoff at the notion of the impeachment of Obama for crimes far more serious and reaching than of those committed by Richard Nixon.

Even his opposition will agree that Nixon’s opening a dialog with China was truly a foreign policy success that has not been matched to this date. Not even the most hardened supporters of Barack Obama cannot point to a single area of Foreign Policy that has improved on his watch. Not a single US relationship anywhere in the world has improved with Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State. The new Secretary of State, John Kerry, demonstrates the same level of statesmanship as Hillary Clinton.

40 years after the fact, these same liberal fools are still highlighting the sins of a disgraced American President, while this current holder of the Office of The President of The United States, has done more to damage the nation and the world at large, than all the other American Presidents combined.

And they used to think Jimmy Carter was the worst president ever, then along came Obama.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Richard Nixon + 40 Years, Crooks In Real Time, Worse Than Carter

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