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Don’t know about you, but I’m  really tired of hearing about all the federal services that have been curtailed due to the sequestration. If you believe all the services that have to be  cut or drastically reduced, then it must be that the vast majority of the federal government actually runs on less than three percent of the total amount of additional  money being spent by the government.

I’m not sure everybody understands that the sequestration is not truly a cut in spending, but it’s just a cut in the GROWTH of spending. Think about what I’ve said here. Not a cut in spending, just a cut in the growth in spending. Less than 3% cut in the growth of federal spending and it seems the whole damn world has to come to a halt.

Turns out the whole thing is so political on the part of the current administration, that it makes me want to puke. They all agreed, both democrats and republicans, they all agreed, on the mandatory cuts in this thing they then called the sequestration. It was a democrat scheme to begin  with. The whole idea was concocted in the dark part of the White House. It was a concept so repugnant that surly no one would ever allow it to happen, even republicans, damn ‘em, would be forced to NOT allow it to happen. They’d just never allow it to happen, those damn republicans.  It was a plan to entrap and embarrass the republican party sometime in the future.

Simply put, the whole idea was a democrat ploy that appeared to appease republican opposition to raising taxes. The republicans agreed with the concept. When it was time to put the sequestration in place, the republicans said ok, it was your proposal, do it. At that point the President of the United States began to play politics with the minds of the American Public.  He blamed the republicans for the sequestration. A proposal that came from the dark side of the White House.  An idea so stupid that no one within the White House thought it would ever be implemented. It was proposed by the democrats as a ploy, and agreed upon by the republicans.

It’s now come back to bite the White House in the ass. While the American President has chosen to once again blame everyone on the planet except his own inept political judgment.  I’m surprised efforts were not made to blame ex President Bush for the sequestration. After all, he’s only been out of office for 5 years. Surly all the bad things that have happened in the last five years can only be attributed  to the last President Bush and his “failed policies”.

There was nothing a community organizer could ever be expected to fix. Not in four years, or for that matter nothing that could be fixed in 8 years. The only thing possible for a community organizer is to provide free goods and services for those in need. After all, they’ve never gotten their “fair share”. There has never been a level playing field. The millionaires and billionaires have forever been given an unfair tax advantage. They have never paid their  “fair share”. It time they did so. “They need to “step up and do the right thing”. A broken record plays the same song.

What a better way to turn the American people against one another than suggest that the “millionaires and billionaires do not pay their fair share”?  Human nature is to be envious of those who have more than we have. The vast majority of us are not “millionaires or billionaires” and so we are envious.  We almost want to say of such talk from the White House, “Yeah I agree, they’re not paying their fair share”. That’s so wrong. Shame on us for our greed and envy. Shame or our President for fueling our greed and envy. Shame on us for allowing him to do so.

Keep in mind, that greed and envy thing, well, greed and envy  goes back a ways, all the way back to the 10 commandments from God. It’s all about  not wanting your neighbors stuff. Only 10 commandments from God, and we as people, find it nearly impossible to follow.  Then we elect a president who tells us that the millionaires and  billionaires are not paying their fair share. And we get madder than all get out. Shame on us. But more importantly, shame on us for electing a president who would even try to get us to break a single one of the 10 commandments of God. Shame on him.

To allow such an incompetent person to attain the office of President of the United States speaks volumes for the level of knowledge of those empowered to vote in our society. To allow the President  to pit one side of our society against the other is so wrong.  Offer me candy or offer me a job, I’ll take the candy every time, so says a majority of the voters in our nation at this point in our history.

Community organizers know that. Their job is to pass out candy.  A president who has never held a private sector job, knows so well how to pass out the candy. The use of terms  such as “a level playing field” “Their fair  share” and “Millionaires and billionaires”, “Do the right thing”, “Balanced approach”, those are just a few of  the working tools of a Candy Man. A community organizer, still on the public coffers, just a higher pay grade.

Now I ask you, in the last 5 years how many times have you heard the words, level playing field, their fair share and millionaires and billionaires, do the right thing, and  a balanced approach,  from the President of the United States? Don’t know ‘bout you, but I for one, am damn tired of hearing those buzz words. Millionaires and Billionaires, Shewwwww. Give me a break here.

And now the sequestration, well that sequestration thing, why it’s the curse of the republicans everywhere. Even though the original proposal came out of the White House. The republicans made the White House do it. Its Bush’s fault. After all, anyone who could be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for accomplishing  nothing in their whole life, could surly do no wrong as the President of the United States.

“Make it hurt.” That’s the single political message that came from the White House, on day one. Make sure it hurts. Take the smallest of small cuts in Federal growth in spending and make it hurt. Cut the spending in the things that are most public.  Close tours at the White House, while at the same time 50 million dollars goes to Egypt to sure up their faltering tourist business. Cut out White House Tours for the American public. Make it hurt. Then at the same time  200 million dollars to Egypt to shore up their military. Make it hurt.

Close the National Parks and at the same time spend many millions of dollars on “government employee meeting”. Close air traffic control to smaller air ports and spend many millions of dollars on research such as why lesbians are more overweigh than the general population. Make it hurt.  That’s the message from the White House. Make it hurt. That was the word from the White House. Then all the while, the Federal Government is spending in excess of $385,000.00 to study the unique attributes of a duck penis. I don’t care who ya are, that’ll make it hurt. Especially for the duck.

No admission that the concept of the sequestration came from the White House. Just make sure that you make it hurt. The National Park Service has been told to make cuts in their operations in the areas that are most visible  to the public. Guided tours are being curtailed at National Parks in order to make sure they make it hurt. And then the Vice President goes to Paris and stays 1 day on the ground at a cost of $585,000.00.

Now the United States Air Force announced that the Blue Angels, the precision flying group, would not put on any public display for the remainder of the year due to the sequestration.  All the while, when the President of the United States makes one trip outside of Washington D.C. it costs the American tax payers more than all of the total cost of the Blue Angels for a whole year.  Make it hurt. Make it hurt to the American public. Anyway and every way possible, just make it hurt to the American Public. Such shame.

I became aware of the Blue Angels issue thru the RHCO INC tax work. A long time client who’s son flew with the  Blue Angels a few years ago came in to get this taxes done, and wow, was he ever mad at the government.  To this guy, for the government to cancel the Blue Angels flying schedule was  akin  saying the big “F” word in front of your mother. He was mad, and I’m being kind here, he was more than mad. He had specific words to describe our President. It was not complementarily words toward the President.  Quite the contrary. Descriptive language though it was.

It’s Chicago style politics in it rawest, ugliest state. Old school Chicago style politics.  Brought to the national stage. Low knowledge level voters made it all happen. It’s the mentality of give me a job or give me candy, oh,,, that’s a hard one to decide today,……..DUH! Think I’ll take the candy today.

Now don’t get on my case for dumping on “Chicago Style Politics” just look at the recent facts and events surrounding the election and reelections of Jessie Jackson Jr. over the years. An elected official stealing campaign funds for many, many years. In plain sight, stealing campaign funds, yet he  didn’t even have to campaign at all for reelection. He was elected by over 85% of the vote, without ever campaigning. All the while knowing he was under federal investigation, he made a very, very public comment “If they have anything on me, bring it on”. The Federal Prosecutors, well, those Federal Prosecutors there in Chicago, they brought it on.

In that congressional district, there are people who vote as blind sheep. Now I’m not saying they vote by color. Wait a minute here, yes I am saying they vote by color. I’m also saying they are too damn dumb to know the difference between black and white, or for that matter, to make an informed decision as to whom would be the best person to represent their interest at the national level. Then every time an issue comes up, the call is “it’s a race issue”. Did you ever notice only one group of people in our nation use that battle cry? It not the hillbillies, that’s for damn sure.

Guess when you spend your whole life on concrete, asphalt and steel, you miss a lot in life. You miss the smell of grass, warm dirt on bare feet, butterflies and honey bees, dandelions and hummingbirds, robins and lighting bugs, crab grass and wood ticks, and the smell of summer nights. In the city, ya miss a lot. As a result the life style of the city people are so much different than those of us blessed to be born in the country.  So, so different than those blessed to be born in the country. So different  that the city dwellers cannot even comprehend country life. They miss a lot.

Just a few weeks ago the Chicago School District announced they would be force to close some 50 + school buildings  due to funding short fall(no tax money) in excess of one  billion dollars, yes, that’s a billion with a “b”. When it was announced the close of the schools and the consolidations of schools, the Chicago Teachers Union  Spokesperson, her first words were “it’s a racist motive”. Keep in mind, that’s the same person who a while back said “When the students pay union dues, I’ll represent their interest”. Just can’t help but wonder if that was a “racist motive” statement on the part of that girl?

I am so very tired of hearing about racist motives and think it’s about time we realize that some folks will forever yell “Its’ a racist motive” What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong. Racism is not an issue nearly as much as a crutch for some lazy ass people who, in this nation, want something for nothing from a candy man. Political correctness is just another word for people too weak to stand up for common sense. The principal fear of a liberal political point of view is common sense.

What I’m saying is it seems such a shame that low knowledge level electorates are born with the right to be involved in the selection process of who makes the laws in this great nation. And as such they choose people like Jessie Jackson Jr. a crook for all seasons, a confessed felon, a candy man, to represent the good people from the south side of Chicago. The land of Leroy Brown, as well as the home land of Sophia the Dame Republican Cat. And with that being said, the cat’s in the cradle.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, please no longer call me a hillbilly. If you would  be so kind as to refer to me as an Appalachian-American. Thank you very much.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Sequestration & Blame It On Bush, Make It Hurt, The Candy Man Can, Voting By Color, Jessie Jackson Jr. Leroy Brown & Sophia From The Hood, No More Hillbillies.

I Wish You Well,