From the EastWing, Short Visit & Thunder Storms, Flower Moons & Planting By, Non Voters Made Public, Climate Change, Global Warming, IRS When The Pants Don’t Burn I Wish You Well,

Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Did you get the impression that last week’s visit at the EastWing was kinda short. It was. All for a simple reason. From your vantage point last Sunday, you were unable to see the storm clouds approaching the EastWing. Coming from the southwest, thunder clouds boiling more than 6 miles high into the sky. Thunder clouds the color of midnight came bearing down upon the EastWing.

As I watched and heard the rolling thunder approach on live radar via the iPad, my concern was losing the satellite link, or even worse lose all power to the EastWing. It was the even worse. Before all power was lost, the lighting tripped the photo cell in the yard light, and so the outside light was the first to go. The rest of the EastWing lights were close behind. And so me and the She while setting in the darkness were entertained by the magic light show from heaven. It’s just not quite as scary when the lightning walks the gardens if you look at it that way. So we did, me and the She.

A while back I received an email wanting to know why we don’t talk more about stargazing and things like that. Well for one thing, not a great deal of people are interested in that sorta thing.

So we don’t have friends beating down the doors of the EastWing wanting to know star talk. But with that being said, it does remind me of a little bit of Moon stuff for the month of May.

Last Wednesday, May 14, was the Full Flower Moon. Flowers spring forth in abundance during the month of May. Some ancient tribes also called May the Milk Moon, Mother’s Moon, and Corn Planting Moon.

During May, milk producing animals, cows, goats, and sheep, enjoy lots of sprouting weeds, grasses, and herbs in the pastures and produce lots of rich milk, full of vitamins. This also marks a time of increasing fertility, with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young and a near end to late frosts.

Did you ever hear of planting crops by the moon? Do you plant by the Moon? According to this practice, cycles of the Moon affect plant growth. Old-time farmers swear that this practice resulted in a larger, tastier harvest. Now if you plant you garden by the Moon, plant during the daylight. You don’t have to plant at night by the moonlight to be planting by the sing of the moon.

As I was about to say last week before the storm clouds gathered, 22% voted in the Starke County Primary Election. No wonder the reputation of Starke County is well known throughout the state. Not a reputation to be proud of to say the least. Cronyism politics throughout the county on the part of the current county offices.

That combined with an electorate more interested in doing drugs than doing what’s right, and so, you get what you deserve. You let 22% determine the future of Starke County Government. And the saddest part of the whole sad story, the ones who did not vote will be the ones who bitch the loudest about everything. Shame on them. On a positive note, we don’t have an issue of whether or not to require a photo ID in order to vote. Of course you don’t need a photo ID not to vote. Maybe that’s the secret, print in the public media the names of those who did not vote.

I’m sure you, much like me got real excited when the President of the United States released the doomsday report of Climate Change. He pretty much told us that no matter what we do, bad things are going to happen in the next 35 years. The polar ice caps are going to melt. The sea level will rise and cities along the coastal regions thru out the world will be devastated. Nothing can be done. We’re doomed.

Standing behind the American President while this message was being delivered to the world, was what was reported to be some 80 weather experts from around the country. Their presence there lending credence to the message. Upon closer examination of the group produced an interesting fact. Of the 80 “weather experts” only 6 have any education at all in meteorology. The rest being just pretty faces reading the weather script on the 6 o’clock news. Just another example of how the White House tries to eschew facts to fit the agenda.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan is a name not recognized my many. In 1969 he joined the Nixon White House staff as Counselor to the President for Urban Affairs. What makes this noteworthy is Daniel Patrick Moynihan was a card carrying democrat and Richard Nixon was a setting Republican President.

He was very influential at that time, and was one of the few people in Nixon’s inner circle who had done academic research related to social policies. Moynihan pushed a social agenda and the President responded.

Patrick Moynihan also pushed a topic he called “global warming”. In fact, he made every effort to convince President Nixon to act without haste in order to prevent the cities along the coastal regions of the world from being under water by 2000. He said the ice caps would melt and the sea levels would rise thru out the world. The world would heat up to the point it would not snow on in north American by 1995. Nixon ignored the dire predictions of that global warming scare tactic. By the mid 1980’s there was fear of a “little ice age”. This by the way, was from the same groups who first pushed “global warming”.

And so it is 45 years later yet another global warming with a new name this time. Climate Change is the key words now. Seems we can no longer use the term global warming as the planet has not experienced any warming in the last 18 years. So pick a new name and propose a new dooms day weather date when the ice caps will melt and the cities will be washed into the sea. The difference this time, there are people in the White House that buy into this crap. It fits their socialist agenda of fear and confusion.

Now we all know how reliable the President is when it comes to telling the truth. Now I’m not even gona talk about liking your doctor and keeping your doctor. But I will remind everyone that the President did say on national television, when asked about corruption at the IRS, he said “not even a smidgen”. Then this past week an email comes to light whereby a setting Democrat Senator from Michigan, Carl Levin, is asking the IRS to control some 10 or so conservative nonprofit groups, and the IRS said ok. “Not even a smidgen”.

Don’t you just hate it when liar’s pants don’t catch fire?

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Short Visit & Thunder Storms, Flower Moons & Planting By, Non Voters Made Public, Climate Change, Global Warming, IRS When The Pants Don’t Burn

I Wish You Well,