From The EastWing, Sleeping On Sophia’s Pillow, Loving November, Not Badmouthing ObamaCare Don’t Need To, Mamas Birthday & Ponda Rosa, A Girl Dog Named Barbee

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

One of the things I’ve learned in the last couple weeks is if Sophia decides to sleep on the corner of the pillow you’re laying on, you’ve got two choices.  One is to scoot over and give Sophia a little room. Two is stay awake all night and watch Sophia sleep on the pillow all by herself.

Now I’m not saying Sophia gets her way here at the EastWing when it comes to sleeping, I’m just saying sometimes a person’s gotta do what a person’s  gotta do when it comes to sleeping with a cat. Especially a damn Republican Cat.

I love November! This is truly the transitional month of fall to winter. It goes from a little bit cold, to cold. From a little bit of bad weather to a lot of bad weather.  It’s just November. After all, any month that has both Thanksgiving and the birthday of the She in the same 30 day period,  ya gotta love it.

I’ve had several people ask my thoughts on the disastrous introduction of the ObamaCare sign up web site. Nothing I can say can be added to the fray. I will say that computer programming is much like everything else in life. When it works right, no one cares about how hard it was to make it work out that way. When it does not work right, they know. They all just know.

When all the crap is said and done about this ObamaCare web site, the fact that it did not work is going to be secondary to the way the construction work on the thing was awarded. The single most expensive piece of computer programming ever purchased and the Federal Government did not put the job up for bid. I’m not saying this side of the disaster smells, you’ll make your own judgment on the facts of this thing. Why this massive contract was not put out for public bid will be interesting in deed.

Just last week this administration tried to take bids on the sunshine available on federal land out west.   No one would bid without knowing the specific federal regulations that would control the development of solar energy and the use of the sunshine. Three companies had expressed some interest in possible development of a solar energy company. They were told they had to get into the bid process in order to find out the rules.

This sunshine auction may have been set up by Nancy Pelosi.  After all, wasn’t she the one who said of the  ObamaCare program, “we have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it”?

Lots of negative things I could say about the ObamaCare Website, no need to. Let the dysfunctional site speak for its self. I will just say, too bad we the people have to pay for this damn fiasco twice. Once to get it made, and once to make it work.

Did ya turn the clock back an hour? If not, you’re reading this one hour too fast. So just stop until time catches up with you.  ‘Cause we’re on daylight savings time now. And it’s not right to continue to read from the EastWing on “summer time”. Things like that are not right. Just saying.

Have you ever seen the fall colors in the leaves hang in there this late in the year? Here it’s November 3rd and most of the leaves are still on the trees and most of the color is still in the leaves.

Today, November 3rd was my Mamas birthday, so in remembrance of Mama’s birthday,  my sister Sharolette and I, along with her husband Dexter, and my son John and his wife Jaimie, and of course  the She, we all went to the Ponda Rosa in Plymouth IN. Now we went to the Ponda Rosa in Plymouth because that was my Mamas most favorite restaurant in the whole world. Now Mama loved the Ponda Rosa even over Richards of Toto.

 With my Mama, when it’s over Richard of Toto,  that’s a lot, that’s a whole lot. My son John and I took Mama to lunch at Richards of Toto every Friday for many years.  She loved it, and so did we.

At Richards of Toto, we introduced Mama to an Indiana State Senator, She said “I think you’re a Republican”. He gave her candy as a birthday present. She didn’t say she’d vote for him, but did say she’d remember his name the next time she voted. Mama did not miss a single opportunity to vote in her whole life. Mama passed away before she had the opportunity to remember that state senator.   So we’ll never know, but Ed knows the won a democrat that day in downtown Toto with me and Mama.

One of the many joys of the Beagle Girl Dogs is their ability to act like coon dogs. And the Barbara Beagle can howl with the best of ‘em. I’ve decided to officially change the name of Barbara Beagle to Barbee Beagle.

Let me explain this change here. My oldest sister, Thelma, was born some 20 years before me, and spent most all her life in southeastern Kentucky. That’s the part of the Kentucky mountains that still speaks an undulated form of the “Old Kings English” And so Thelma spoke the old style language. The pronunciation of letters were different in the Old Kings English.

Barbara sounded more like Barbee. Sister Thelma always pronounced my sister Barbara’s as Barbree. It’s only fitting that my baby Beagle Girl be called Barbee. After all it’s in honor of my sisters that I named the Beagles. So it’s Sharolette and Barbee from now on. Oh by the way, it’s not like I’m changing her name, I’ve forever called her Barbee, from day one, and she does know her name as Barbee. I’m just now getting around to telling you about it. Barbee Beagle, just one of my girl dogs.

Did ya ever notice it’s a lot more easy to get use to “fast time” than “slow time”. Don’t know why but it just is. At least here in the EastWing it is. And I’m still  wondering why it takes so long with this slow time stuff.

And for all those folks bitching about me not putting up the pictures on FaceBook like I said I would, give me a break here. You move faster than I do. We’ll get to it, just not at your speed. At mine.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Sleeping On Sophia’s Pillow, Loving November, Not Badmouthing ObamaCare Don’t Need To, Mamas Birthday & Ponda Rosa, A Girl Dog Named Barbee

I Wish You Well,