From The EastWing, Sophia & The Cheese, Beagle Training 101, Getting A Pet Then Get Two & Save The Furniture, Singing Beagles & Wagging Tails

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Sophia the Conservative Calico Republican Cat has decided that, in addition to Nacho Cheese Doritos, she now likes Swiss Cheese. It  all came about quite by accident. I laid down a morsel of Swiss Cheese and Sophia promptly walked up and took a bite. Then she smiled at me. And we all know about Sophia when she smiles. Damn Republican Cat.

Eleven days ago another nighttime intruder stepped into the “no no zone” as established by the Home Land Security  Service, provided by Pit Bull Inc.  Once again Mr. Bentley demonstrated his expertise in providing security to the EastWing. His record remains intact. No intruder has every crossed that demarcation line in both directions.

The Baby Beagle Girls are learning the ways of the EastWing at an acceptable pace. I had forgotten how much fun babies can be, be they human or puppy. The secret to the training of babies is not to rush the process. I’m fortunate to have gotten the Baby Beagle Girls at the time of the year when I have the time to devote to the training process.

At this point in the training, when I’m away from home, the Beagles Girls are outside. It’s when I come home from the office at 1 – 2 o’clock or so that the fun begins. Upon my exit from Mr. Lincoln, the call is “Where’s my Beagles?” and the race is on to see who can reach my side first. It’s always Barbara who wins the race. But it’s Sharolette who stays by my side the longest. Barbara runs up fast, but also wanders off shortly thereafter.

The most interesting part of the Baby Beagle Girl training has been the “dog on a leash”. The collars were not much of  a  problem as it’s a small soft nylon type. It was when the leash was introduced that Barbara went ballistic. I simply snapped on a light weight 3’ chain and made no effort to control the pup. Barbara went to the end of the chain and pulled with all her might until such time she realized there was no way of getting away. Just as soon as she quite the battle, I removed the leash. The next day, Barbara’s training was not quite as long. She progressed from there.

Sharolette adapted to the “dog on a leash” in about ½ the time as Barbara. But much like their namesakes, Barbara was the rebel child. After all, my sister Barbara was the first member of our extended family in Indiana to have graduated from high school. And then she went to college. Then to top it off, she became a Registered Nurse. Barbara, the rebel child from the House of Howard there in downtown Toto, back in the Day. And so it is today Barbara, the rebel child of my Baby Beagle Girls.

Inside the house, the routine has been established. Run as fast as little legs can carry you to the EastWing. They beat me to the EastWing every day and await my arrival. I pick ‘em up one by one and pitch ‘em onto the large, comfortable, chair, and with a stern command to “GO TO SLEEP BEAGLES”.  And so they do. Having played themselves tired, they’re more than willing to go to sleep on my command. Within minutes my beautiful little Baby Beagle Girls are off to dream land for at least an hour and a half, sometimes two. When they wake up, that’s when me and the girls start to play for the rest of the day. It’s  me and the Baby Beagle Girls till bed time.

Sometime between 8:00 – 8:30 PM the Beagles are confined into a limited space, and have mastered the art of “holding it” till ya get outside and go pee. The gates of the night chamber open at 6:00 AM and it’s run outside onto the grass and do #1, and sometimes even  #2. Then run back to the porch as fast as ya can, to give the first kisses of the new day. This  phase of their training is going  so well I expect to move to the end game of the potty training in the next week or so. It’s so much fun having two little Baby Beagle Girls.

For anyone thinking about getting a pet, the species doesn’t matter unless you’re talking a turtle, snail or fish, don’t get one, get two. If you are gona get a dog, get two from the same family. If you like girls, get two girl dogs. If you like boys, get two boy dogs. Same goes for cats. Always when you are selecting a young friend to come into your life, invite two from the same family. The reason for me saying to adopt two is very simple, for those times when you’re not available to be with your pet, the two will keep themselves company until you come home. A single pet can only sit and cry until you return, wondering, forever wondering, if you will come back to them again.  You know you will, they don’t. Get two. And besides, when you get two they will always have something to chew on. So they’re not too hard on the furniture.

The only other time I’ve had two pets from the same family was when the Gray Lady James gave birth to the Pup Baby, whom I then named Mustina James. And everybody knows how much I loved having both the
Gray Lady and the Pup Baby for so many years.  Words simply can’t describe the pleasure of having two in place of one. It’s the right thing to do.

 Beagles triumphantly bark me a tune. Timing your music with your tails.

Stay Safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Sophia & The Cheese, Beagle Training 101, Getting A Pet Then Get Two & Save The Furniture, Singing Beagles & Wagging Tails

I Wish You Well