From The EastWing, Studying For The Test, IRS & ObamaCare & Emails Lost, Laying Tile & Paying The Price, A Time For Everything, Buffalo Snow & Mama’s One Lane Sidewalk, The Birthday Party

Sorry for the late post, time got away. ld

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

For those who inquired as to where I was last Sunday evening, I thank you for asking. The truth be known, I was up to my eyes in final testing for the annual educational compliance requirements for the Internal Revenue. Even though it is still possible to prepare income tax returns for other people, while have no education or training. That seems to me kinda like blind leading the blind.

Those of us who provide accounting and tax work all year long, do in fact continue to receive additional training and education on the tax laws as they are created. And the Lord knows the created a lot, a real lot this year for 2014. It seems very few people actually realize how the Obama Care Law will be enforced. It’s the IRS that will collect your final bill on your mandatory health insurance.

The same IRS that was accused a while back of doing dirty things to people and groups who had a different point of view that the current President. In fact one lady thought to be the ring leader of such dirty tricks, well just a few days after her involvement came to light, her computer “crashed” and all her emails were lost forever. Then in a few days it turned out that seven of the people whom this lady sent emails as part of a routine practice, well their computers also crashed, and all was lost. Such a sad story.

Even the main man at the IRS sat in front a congressional committee and told ‘em no can do, all is lost and gone forever. But now guess what, some 30,000 emails have been found. In fact found just a couple days after the election in early November. WOW! It’s a miracle at the IRS.

The same IRS who just recently found the forever lost emails is in charge of the administration of the financial aspects of ObamaCare and making sure you pay your fair share and you get what’s coming to ya. And we all know that when the IRS determines what’s your fair share, it what’s left, not what’s right.

Some of the rules we live by here at the EastWing allow me and the She to explain away most anything and everything and not have to spend a undue amount of time contemplating many of life’s mysteries. Simply put, “There’s a time for everything, and nothing is done before it’s time.”

A couple Sundays ago I laid new floor tile in the laundry area. This is an open area comprised of not only the laundry but also the basement entrance as well as access to one of the bathrooms. It’s one of the area’s first seen when entering from the west. So laying new tile in that area was an impact on the whole overall appearance of the west side of the house.

Thirty years ago I could have completed that project and not even blinked an eye. Today, not so much so. Just the simple act of kneeling down and standing up, and kneeling down and standing up for the number of times required to put the new floor in place left me sore all over. Left me sore in places I didn’t even know I had places as well as those places I’d forgotten would get sore if you lay new tile. They got sore. Oh well, at least the job is done and normal tile replacement is like once every twenty five years.

After I was all done with the last tile in place, and we were admiring how much the new tile improved the overall appearance of that area of the house, I commented “Why did we wait so long to change the tile?” Then with a smile that said it all, the She said “It wasn’t time”. And so one of the rules of the EastWing kicked in. It just wasn’t time.

As I set looking out the EastWing windows and see end of autumn laying on the gardens, dimly lit be the yard light high on the NIPSCO Pole, my thoughts turn to those poor souls in Buffalo NY and their ordeal of trying to survive with 8’ of snow. Yes, that’s right 8 ft. of snow. Never think you have problems with the weather until you have to deal with 8 ft. of snow.

Here at the EastWing we have difficulties handling 1 ft. of snow much lessen 8 ft. The only person I knew who maybe could have handled that much snow was my Mama. When Mama lived at Toto, the snow never got more than 2 inches on her walkway. No matter how bad the storm, when the snow piled up to the magic 2 inches, Mama shoveled . The blizzard never got too severe to keep my Mama from maintaining her sidewalk duties.

Course you gotta keep in mind, Mama’s sidewalk was only about 25 feet long and what I called a one lane sidewalk. Many years ago Mama said she needed a sidewalk and I told her I’d make her one. One day after work, I went over to lay out the sidewalk and build the form to pour the cement. Good thing I laid out the sidewalk by string before I started digging. Mama came out, looked at the string outline and said “What are you building, a garage?” Told her that was a normal sidewalk width. She got her snow shovel and said “Build me one this wide”. And so Mama got her one lane sidewalk. As long as Mama lived, her one lane sidewalk never saw more than 2 inches of snow.

This Sunday the birthday party was at the Red Lobster. Both the beautiful She and # 1 Son have birthdays two days apart. Usually it’s just one big party and all is well. And so it was once again, surrounded by family, surrounded by strangers in the middle of Red Lobster, the birthday party was a happy, happy time. No singing chain of servers wishing they did not have to clap and perform a stylized rendition of the birthday song. No, none of that, just a good meal, good conversations and good times with family.

Stay safe in Afghanistan and Iraq. And so it is once again we have unfinished work in the desert sand of Iraq as well as Afghanistan. Too bad the Commander In Chief did not take any advice from any of the military people available to him, but listened only to someone’s singing Lord Kumbia.

From The EastWing, Studying For The Test, IRS & ObamaCare & Emails Lost, Laying Tile & Paying The Price, A Time For Everything, Buffalo Snow & Mama’s One Lane Sidewalk, The Birthday Party

I Wish You Well,