From The EastWing, The She Digging Dirt, Milking The iPad, A President Without A Clue, Only As Good As Your People, Hillary Says “Dude”

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

For all those who never expected the return of the green, green grass of summer, doubting Thomas one and all.
This Sunday the She and I went to Menards early. In the store before 10:00 in the AM, just to get her plants, seeds, weed killer, gloves and other supplies to allow a full day of “dirt digging by the She” It’s a quick lunch at a Mexican Restaurant then back to the EastWing and the She’s doing the dirt digging thing for the rest of the day.

Now just in case anyone who uses an iPad with an attached Logitech keyboard is wondering if they can withstand a direct milk spill on the keys. The answer is NO, just saying.

WOW! Just when you think things can’t get any worse for the President, things got worse. Knowing full well some of my friends are going to find this hard to believe, but I’m starting to feel sorry for the President.  Having stated my opinion of his political beliefs on more than one occasion, the handling of his latest disaster leads me to believe his handlers have now lost total site of reality and the American People.

Five years of knowing that the only American held by the Taliban had deserted his post, and the President strikes a deal to get him back. He trades some very high profile Taliban fighters for an army deserter and then takes what can only be identified  as a Saturday Afternoon Victory Lap in the Rose Garden.  Pats himself on the back, and I almost expected him to say “Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive”.

The disaster for the President is not nearly so much trading the high profile Taliban 5, nearly as much as proclaiming that the army deserter is coming home to a hero welcome. How that got by the people who make the decisions as to what the President says and when he says it, is beyond me.

Surrounding one’s self with like minded people may work in certain mid levels of management. When such happens with the Office of The President of The United States, you have people like the young man a couple, three  weeks ago on national television saying “Dude, that’s like two years ago”, when asked a yes or no question. Not to mention the fiasco caused by the comments made from Susan Rice saying an army deserter has served with honor and distinction. Sure bet that girl wishes she had a video to blame those remarks on.

Changing the story as to why the deal went down the way it did, adds nothing to the creditability of the President  or any of the people around him.  The White House spin is “We had reason to believe he was in dire health, and had to be brought out of there as soon as possible.” The second spin from the White House was “The Taliban would kill the prisoner if the deal became public”.

Now as people who were on site when the desertion  took place start to speak out, the spin from the White House is a typical democratic political ploy. “Kill the messenger, and never rebut the message”.   They suggest the unit from which the deserter came was something less than a good functioning  unit of the army.  WOW! Wonder why that little ditty was not made public 5 years ago when the desertion occurred?  Another thing that’s grabbed my curiosity is why did the army require all those in the same unit as the deserter to sign a document stating they would not discuss the desertion while they were still in the army. Seems kinda strange if ya ask me.

Still can’t get over the fact that they stuck the President out in the Rose Garden with a fellow who quoted the Koran and spoke in a language native to the Taliban. It’s as if a bunch of frat rats were setting around smoking dope, and someone said “It’s another Bin Laden moment”. Let’s go for it. Bring in the TV People.

Guess one of the good things to come out of this whole sorry mess is, in two years Hillary Clinton, when asked, can say “Dude, that’s been two years already”

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing,  The She Digging Dirt, Milking The iPad,  A President Without A Clue, Only As Good As Your People, Hillary Says “Dude”

I Wish You Well,