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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

As the new year starts it’s no better time to look at the things the tripped the triggers of my EastWing Friends.  Little Barbaree in the trap is the hands down winner. Barbaree in the trap was the highest Email in a single week of anything we talked about in all of 2013.

Now that just goes to show ya, when little girl Beagles get in a tight spot, the whole world wants to help ‘em out. To this very day, I’m astounded at the number of people who expressed concern for the little Beagle Barbaree.

A little side line to the Barbaree rescue, as you know, Barbarees life  was saved by Mr. Bentley. Barbee and Mr. Bentley have become more than best of friends. Should I attempt to scold Barbaree for any misconduct, she runs to the safety of Mr. Bentley.  Yeah, I’m telling ya, the little Beagle runs and gets behind Mr. Bentley. And of course, Mr. Bentley, being in charge of Home Land Security, says “I’ve got it under control”.

It truly warms your heart to see the relationship between Mr. Bentley and Barbaree Beagle after he saved her life from a sure slow death of starvation while caught in a steel trap. Guess God  lets animals know about things like that. Then they become buds for life. That’s what happened to Barbaree and Mr. Bentley.  Now that’s not saying Mr. Bentley don’t get along with Sharolette Beagle, he does. But with Barbaree Beagle, it’s special. Anyone who sees it knows it’s special between Mr. Bentley and Barbaree.  In the EastWing there are seven easy chairs and a larger couch. When its nap time, Sharolette Beagle sleeps on one of the easy chairs, Barbaree and Mr. Bentley share the couch. Not only share the couch, Mr. Bentley sleeps in front with Barbaree safely tucked behind.

For the past couple years or so, have been having an issue with my right elbow and shoulder. Kinda chalked it up to age, not that old age crap, but oh well you know what I’m talking about. When last visited the Dr. in December he said it was time to see an orthopedic guy on the matter. Shewwww. Another doctor to deal with.

Got to thinking what I do and how I do it. As most of you know I don’t do much of anything that could in your wildest dreams, be construed as hard work.  RHCO INC. is  totally computer based. I run a computers all day. The heaviest thing  I move in a normal day is a piece of paper. My right hand stays on the mouse. Even thou most of my computers are now laptops, I’m kinda old school when it comes to the pointing device. Just never got into that little pointing box below the middle of the keyboard on my laptops.

Mouse technology has gotten  way better. It’s a little wireless thing on a USB port now. I do the mouse, not the finger. The point I’m getting at is I’ve forever ran the computer mouse with my right hand. It’s my right arm and shoulder that giving me problems. Can’t help but wonder are the two associated.

And so I’ve decided to learn to run the mouse with my LEFT HAND.   WOW! It’s like going back to mouse school all over again. Keeping in mind I’ve done everything with my right hand since it was the right thing to do. Now am going to learn to do things with my left hand.

It’s a personal challenge thing now. As I run across “right hand only” things, I’m trying ‘em left handed. Shaving, brushing teeth, body washing are just a few of the ones so far. The good thing about tooth brushing is it’s electric. Good thing, probably saves s bunch of  teeth.

Back in the day, at The Ohio State University, for a required original research paper, I set up a study on the different ways that left handed and right handed people wash their bodies. The starting point was the main interest. The vast majority touched their body on the side away from the hand that they use to write their name. The purpose for the paper was twofold. One was to stimulate original thought, and two was to demonstrate how useless research data can really be. I got an A for the work, and a hand written note from the professor saying “Good example of both objectives, particular number two.”

So when it was time to try the left handed bathing, what the hay, I already had one up. I knew where to start. That shaving thing took a little more practice. Right up, I damn near cut off my right ear. Oh well, that shaving thing is a work in progress.

The “Affordable Boat Act” is a story. It is not a part of the ObamaCare Law. You do not have to buy a boat.  And for those who inquired about the free boat, no way José.  Sometimes something said in the EastWing falls on deaf ears. Other times, on ears opened wide. The Affordable Boat Act was one such time. As bazaar as that may sound to some, it rang true to many. I’m not sure why other than guess those folks just always wanted to have a boat. And just saw this an simply another example of why President Obama is “THE MAN”.

Which just goes to show you how concerned we the people are for the crazy things going on by those we have elected to govern. I can no longer write political satire and assume we’re all on the same page. After all,  I’m in the age group that only gets one life jacket in my boat. Oh, I forgot, I already told ya, we don’t have to buy the boat. Not yet anyways. That part about the goat, I’m still checking that part out. So if you were happy about the part of getting a goat, you still have HOPE, but maybe it will CHANGE.

Not being a big TV watcher, I hardly knew anything about Duck Dynasty until it all blew up about a fellow summarizing his beliefs from only the King James Version of the Holy Bible. And then the crazies started. I made it a point to find out just what the guy said. having done so, I found that I had no particular dispute with what he said. The words spoke for themselves.  Society would have been better served if A&E as well as Cracker Barrel just didn’t respond. Just because you don’t agree with the spoken word does not justify an all out war of words.  When that happens there will be winners and losers. So far the losers have been Cracker Barrel and A&E, If I had been betting on that deal, I’d have bet on the men who hunt the ducks.

This whole fiasco with  Duck Dynasty, and the words spoken from the heart by one of the members of that group is simply another example of how far from reality society has drifted. Our culture has accepted two huge lies that we live with every day. The first one being that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you then must fear and or hate them. The second one being that to love someone means that you must agree with everything they believe or do in their life . Both are crap. You don’t have to compromise your personal convictions to be compassionate, or to love.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Top Story 2013 & Barbaree In The Trap, Hero Dog Named Bentley, Aches & Pains &What The Hell, Left Handed Mouse,  Original Research, No Boat For You Maybe A Goat, A&E And A Duck Named Phil

I Wish You Well,