From the East Wing, , Good Doctors & Bad Doctors. Still Talking ‘Bout Ezekiel, Old School NASA, A Needle Still Pulling Thread, Red Buds In Bloom, Bologna Sandwiches From Wal-Marts Of The Mountains

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Greetings to all and welcome new friends to the East Wing.Sure didn’t take long to get emails  ‘bout Ezekiel and the UFO. WOW! Seems I caught the eyes of the Trekkies. Now if ya don’t know ‘bout the Trekkies, they’re the folks who’ll go to the ends of the earth, it seems, to do Star Trek stuff. I even read of a fellow who had surgery on his ears to make them pointed, A La Dr. Spock.And that bothered me, knowing that there was a doctor out there who’d do human mutation just for money, and there’s somebody stupid enough to pay for it. That’s why some of those Plastic Surgeon guys are kinda shunned by the rest of the medical world.  Physicians not practicing medicine, but doing bad stuff to human bodies just for the money. I don’t like that.  And the real physicians in this world don’t care much for it either.

I’ve been associated with a lot of doctors along the way.  Both at the professional level as well as at the  social level. Most physicians I know are of the highest level of professionalism, just good people to know, them docs.  Did ya notice I said “most”. Just like any other group of people, most are good, while a few are not so good, and a few are real crap, I mean a real piece of work that needs be flushed down a toilet.

Right here in Starke County Indiana we have what I consider to be a typical mix of doctors  among us. Some are physicians who both live and practice the Hippocratic Oath. Some consider themselves more way more skilled in the art of medicine than they really are, and some are crooks who’ll do what ever it takes to make a buck. There’s a couple of doctors in the county I consider to be special friends of mine.  And then there’s the dark side of the doctor business also right here in Starke County.

A few years ago while I was taking to a client in my office in order to collect the information needed to file an income tax return. I became aware, during the normal course of the conversation, that the person I was talking to didn’t fit the normal mold of my client model.  Ya see, this client made a living walking into the gray side of society.  He did nothing what so ever that was illegal. He made his living by selling information. The information he sold was simply a single sheet of paper.  He sold these sheets at $500.00 per sheet. Now don’t laugh here, ‘cause this fellow makes more money me and you combined in  any give year. And he’s still in business and unlike the rest of the economy, his business is growing.

He had several different sheets and they each had the same price tag, $500.00. Ya just picked the one that would be the best fit for your own business plan. Like I said this fellow just sold information. There was not a single word on any sheet that was illegal to speak or transfer from party to party in any format.  The man sold public information only.

What was so unique ‘bout those sheets of paper were their contents. They contained the specific  symptoms of medical conditions which would cause the doctor to prescribe the drug you were wanting to get your hands on, solely for it’s street value.  This sheet of paper, this $500.00  business investment came with a money back guarantee.  The sheet even came with a listing of physician names and telephone numbers to call for an appointment. It was with only those physician on the list that the money back guarantee applied.

I didn’t have any lengthily conversation with the guy selling the $500.00 sheets of paper, ‘bout that business, but it’s an interesting concept, and it works.  What was most interesting to me was the money back guarantee with names and phone numbers attached. I didn’t see a single name on the list that I didn’t recognize. And some I recognized all too well, all too well for the public good.

There was once a physician employed by Starke County Government  as the Starke County Jail Doctor. During that tenure, Starke County Government paid some $12,000.00 annually for prescription narcotics for inmates at the Starke County Jail. $12,000.00 of narcotics flowing into the county jai. This  practice went  unabated for years. Totally unabated for years.  After a change in Jail physicians,  the first year pharmacy cost to Starke County Government was below $1,500.00 and  continued to stay in that range to this day.

A former jail physician was on a list I saw. And so it turns out that doctors are just like everybody else, some are noble,  some are good and some are not so good and some are crap.  And the most amazing thing ‘bout our society is our ability to separate the noble from the crap.   All bad people get their dues sooner or later.  Sometimes later than ya may want, but dues never the less.

 But back to the Trekkies. They assaulted me in mass via the email system.  Now mind you their assault was not in disagreement to what I’d said, quite the other way , they were in total and full support of what I’d said. The Trekkies wanted to thank me for joining their ranks. I didn’t join their ranks. I just told a bible story. I didn’t make up that Ezekiel thing, just told the story.

They even wanted to make my dad an honorary member posthumously for his thoughts on “Gods other people”. My dad was a Baptist Preacher, not a Trekkie, and I believe he’s already in Heaven, and already talks face to face  with God every day, so  I turned ‘em down. My dad don’t need to be a Trekkie, ‘cause he’s doing ok where he’s at. Him and God and all.

 It’s all in the bible and I’m amazed at how many people read Ezekiel, then told me that they’d read the story. Knowing the number of people who visit the East Wing on a given Sunday, and using average response to survey data as a guide, those who read the space ship story in the Old Testament, the Book of Ezekiel, that number’s high. I’m glad.

 Even had some emails  that said “I’m gona read the rest of the story”. I’m even gladder. The rest of the story’s better than the Book of Ezekiel. Can ya just see  those folks when they get to that walking on water part in the new testament. I didn’t even tell ‘em ‘bout that. Or that wine making at the party. That’ll get some attention out of everybody who reads it. Especially party goers.

When I said I expected to hear from NASA ‘bout the Ezekiel story, I didn’t expect so soon or so much. WOW!  Yes the folks at NASA have hear ‘bout Ezekiel that’s for sure. Mostly it’s the former employees of NASA who’re willing to talk ‘bout the older stuff there. Kinda back in the day sorta stuff. Back when NASA was young. 

One retired engineer from NASA said “It was time in my life when I was so excited that I could hardly sleep, just thinking that I was being paid to dream of what could be.” NASA,  the original Dream Factory, that put those men on the moon. Two former employees in particular were a wealth of information on how NASA viewed The Prophet Ezekiel in it’s  very early days of existence.  They viewed it as possibly a model of things to come. Maybe even a roadmap to the stars.

 They even went as far as engineering up that thing described by Ezekiel, just to see if it had  any of the aerodynamic qualities that would allow it to fly. It had ‘em all. Based solely on Ezekiel’s description of something he wasn’t prepared to describe, NASA engineers created a vehicle and deemed it worthy of space travel.

NASA never called a news conference to announced that they had scientific support for the Prophet Ezekiel and what he saw in the sky a long, long time ago. No they didn’t do that. Even though there was a segment within NASA that wanted to take these findings public, they didn’t do that,  ‘cause it was thought  too religious to have the government provide scientific support for an old Hebrew Prophet of the Old Testament.

 Did ya ever think  Ezekiel happened upon a worm hole? Perhaps he did. Ya know ‘bout worm holes?  They’re thought to be ways to time travel from one time into another.  Remember that needle pulling thread thing we talked ‘bout a while back? Ya gota remember that every needle, as it goes forward produces a hole, maybe in fabric and maybe in time, and so maybe that needle pulling the thread of time, does make a hole, a hole in time. Then, from time to time, someone or maybe something steps thru that hole, the hole the needle made, and steps into our lives, into our time.

Should that have happened to Ezekiel, he described what he saw. A needle pulling thread made a hole in time, a worm hole, and something stepped into the time of Ezekiel . A step in time. A step thru time. A needle just pulled the thread of time . NASA backed it up with scientific research, then thought it too religious  to publish.  I’m glad  NASA wasn’t in charge of making the call on the Gutenberg Bible, else we’d be reading from clay tablets and dead sea scrolls to this day.

At the start of April I enter into the hardest two weeks of my work year. As a tax preparer, the last two weeks of the tax filing season are the most difficult.  Everybody coming thru the door has a problem and have know ‘bout it for a long time.  Just hopping it’ll go away. It didn’t go away this year and it never goes away any year….. So  then it turns into  “let’s deal with the problem and get it over with”.

And so they show up the last two weeks of tax filing, every year. And I love ‘em all! It’s stuff like that, that keeps me forever young and makes me want to go to work, even when some of me wants to sleep a little longer, or at least lay in bed a while longer. This time of the year, I go to work early, real early.  But come April 19th I’ll sleep in. All the way to 6:30 AM, maybe even 6:45.

As most all of you are aware, my family and I do an on going clothing drive for a clothing bank in Prestonsburg KY. High up in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky, right there next to Jenny Wiley State Park, stuck on the side of the mountain is Saint Martha Catholic Church. At St. Martha Catholic Church there’s a place called Martha’s Porch. And it is to Martha’s Porch that we bring our offerings.

My son Johnny and I were just to Martha’s Porch a few weeks ago and I’m so thrilled that already we’ve  collected more clothing than what we took the last trip. Now  it appears that it’s once again off to see the mountains. My Kentucky.

I hope the Red Buds are still in bloom when we go this time. Now if ya’ve not seen the Red Buds in bloom on the Kentucky Mountainsides, then you’ve missed a lot in life, I’m telling ya, you’ve missed a lot.  It’s worth the trip to southeastern Kentucky just to see the Red Buds in bloom on the mountains.

Everybody knows ‘bout the fall colors on the mountains. Not as many know ‘bout the spectacular view of the mid winter full moon of February should the bare mountains be covered with snow. And a like number may be aware of how special those mountains appear every spring when God turns on the Red Buds. He flips the switch and lavender color illuminates  half way up the mountains as far as ya can see, and all the while, all around ya, the world’s just turning green. It’s springtime in the Kentucky Mountains.

And no better place to see such beauty of nature than your trip to Prestonsburg.  And if ya wanta stop at St. Martha Catholic Church you’re always welcome. Just tell Father Bob  that BobbyRay sent ya. He’ll know what ya mean, any he’ll welcome ya with open arms.

Now driving, as far as the eye can see,  in Kentucky,  is limited to the next curve. Even on the Big Road, it’s limited to the next curve. “Cause mountain roads don’t go straight, they curve, they curve round the hills. First one side, then the other, but forever curving ‘round the mountains.  They get ya where ya want to go, but not in a straight line, not in the mountains.

 Unlike Interstate 80 where, I believe it was in western Nebraska or  eastern Wyoming, that Johnny and I came upon a 100 mile or so, stretch of road that was so straight I thought the GPS was not working right.  That road was within a foot or two per mile of being dead straight, east to west, north to south. A straight road for a long way.  In Kentucky the straight roads tend to be limited to the Wal-Mart Parking Lots. There’s also flat , those Wal-Mart Parking Lots up there in the mountains. ‘Cause the Wal-Mart folks chop a mountain in half, and build their stores on the flat part. I call ‘em the Wal-Marts of the Mountains. Up there on the flat part. 

Then young teenage girls to into those Wal-Marts of the Mountains and talk on Cell Phones. Talk way, way too  loud, but talk they do, to each other maybe. I don’t know for sure who they talk to,  but talk they do and too loud too. I believe it may be a social statement of some sort from those with more limited resources in the community, saying to the world, look at me, I’m part of society too, ‘cause I’ve got a cell phone.  Wal-Marts of the Mountains, ya gota love ‘em.

Several years ago, I had an occasion to travel to Jackson KY for the wake of my dad’s last surviving brother.  Drove all day, right by myself from North Judson, pretty much non stop. Got to the funeral home. Stayed for ‘bout four hours and started the return trip to Indiana. Having eaten only one meal that day early in the morning, I was hungry but didn’t want to stop to eat. 

And so it happened, I came upon a Wal-Mart of the Mountain, right there at Jackson KY, right there along the way. With a flat parking lot and all.  Went up the hill,  went inside, and bought, from the deli a pound of bologna and a loaf of bread. I ate bologna sandwiches for the next seven hours going home in the dark. 

When I got home, way, way  past midnight, and well into the next day, and told the She what I’d done, well, the She thought I’s crazy, but just a little crazy, not too much crazy. The She was just glad I’s back home, and so was I. It’d been a long  twenty hour day. That trip to Jackson and back. It’d been almost non stop thanks to the bologna sandwiches.

I love Wal-Marts of the Mountains. And Wal-Mart bologna sandwiches from the mountains.

Stay safe in Afghanistan and Iraq.

From the East Wing, , Good Doctors & Bad Doctors. Still Talking ‘Bout Ezekiel, Old School NASA,  A Needle Still Pulling Thread, Red Buds In Bloom, Bologna Sandwiches From Wal-Marts Of The Mountains.

I wish you well,