Full Moons & Brittle Air, Hello Autumn, Welcome Fall, Naming Stuff, Adam & Eve & Oh Uh

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

I love the way in which one of my favorite authors describes this time of the year, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote: The morrow was a bright September morn; The earth was beautiful as if new-born;
There was that nameless splendor everywhere That wild exhilaration in the air.

I can write like Dr Seuss, I can only read Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and so I do. Perhaps the only thing prettier than a September morn is the sight of the September Full Moon rising. Did ya see the September full moon last night? Pretty site to look at, pretty site indeed. Don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing the full moon bathing the countryside in that golden light.

Last night I observed the full moon at Bowling Green KY on my way home from the final sad, sad trip to Roswell Georgia. My sister, my son and I made our final trip to Georgia to say the final goodbye. Another story yet to be written, but it’s time will come, and then I’ll tell the story.

The light that only comes when the moon is full and the sky is clear is the most spectacular full moon of all. That’s the January Full Moon. If it is clear on the January Full Moon, you will see moonlight like no other, and cold, cold night air, so brittle it breaks when ya walk thru it. It’s the most spectacular moon light of all. It’s called the Wolf Moon. Come January I’m sure that I will go outside, break the brittle cold air, and look at that January Wolf Moon.

A good thing about living here in the EastWing is that when it gets dark, it’s really dark, no lights to interfere with the stargazing. I can control the amount of light in my nighttime world in the EastWing. In case ya missed the full moon of September, not to worry, the October full moon is equally pretty to look at, I’ll let ya know when to look into the skies for the full moon of October.

One of my favorite holidays is the September Holiday, Labor Day. Is also one of the few holidays not moved to a Monday so ya can have a three day weekend. Good thing its always been on the first Monday in September to start with or else somebody would get a bright idea and ZAP ! another three day holiday.

All the time I went to school, we started the new school year the day after Labor Day. That was not the reason I considered it one of my favorite holidays. The reason was on that day, my dad bought everyone ice cream of their choice, I always chose vanilla, always have, and would do so tomorrow, if given another chance. Now days it seems that kids start school in the middle summer and every other week are out of school for something. The one thing I hated in school was coloring. Just hated coloring, to this day I hate coloring.

One time in early college I needed a fill in class just to occupy a time slot till my next class ‘cause I lived too far to go home and back for the next class, a consular suggested an art class. All I could think about was coloring, I said no, I don’t want to color, the guy laughed. I took comparative religion just so I would not run the risk of having to color and ended up taking a total of 6 full semesters of comparative religion. At least in comparative religion not one time did anybody hand out a stupid black and white picture and say “color”

And so as September ends today, we all Fall directly into Autumn. Tomorrow it’s hello Fall, I’m glad you’re here. Show me your beautiful colors. Once again we’ll be treated to God’s Coloring Book. Ya don’t have to color, just enjoy. I love Fall.

Did ya ever wish ya were around when they named things? Not the technical names and scientific names but just everyday stuff. Anything and everything that had to be named, who named all this stuff? Now don’t go getting crazy on me and telling me God named all this stuff, ‘cause he didn’t, he just didn’t. ‘Cause God had more important things to do than naming little stuff. He let other people handle that.

God named the big stuff like the Earth and the Moon and the Stars and Adam and Eve and stuff like that. Then he left the little stuff to other people to name. Just think how much fun it would’ve been if ya were there when it came time to name stuff like “dirt”. Now wouldn’t ya like to know who choose that name for dirt. In our time it can mean soil, grime, gossip, filth, lowdown, smut, or even dirt.

Well it seems that a simple word like dirt has lots of meaning. What would ya have named it. It’s fun to think such thoughts, but I think most everything has been named and about the only thing left for average people like me and you to name are babies.

That may be why babies don’t come already named, it gives ya something to name. Maybe that’s why some people have so many babies, they just like naming things. They could be liking other reasons too.

Many of the words we both speak and write have different meanings, some recognized throughout society and others tend to be local , regional, or ethnic in recognition. My best experience with ethnic recognition of the language had to do with me meeting a Cajun family ‘bout a 100 miles or so south of New Orleans. I was introduced to this family as “this is my Coon Ass from Indiana, BobbyRay Howard” It turned out that the term “Coon Ass” is truly a term of endearment for the Cajuns. In Cajun Country there is no higher honor than being referred to as Coon Ass of a Cajun. And so it is to this day, for my Cajun friends in south Louisiana, I’m damn proud to be their Coon Ass from Indiana.

That was not the case when I lived in Downtown Toto, Coon Ass would’ve been fighting words for sure. As a matter of fact I’ve seen many a fight over something much less important than being called a Coon Ass. I once saw two little hillbilly boys fight over who could put the most marshmallows in their mouth at one time.

Actually, the fight was over who would do the counting of the marshmallows, not the count itself. The count never took place ‘cause by the time they got done fighting over who was going to count, they were too tired to stuff their faces with marshmallows. So we just built a fire and roasted ‘em. The marshmallows, not the little fighters.

Now with everything already named and many of the names having several different meanings depending where ya happen to be, it’s a wonder we can even understand each other to the extent we do. A large part of why we can communicate so well is the single most recognized word of all. Uh Oh !

“Uh Oh” isn’t something somebody named . “Uh Oh” has no meaning except in the ears of the hearer, and guess what, it’s universal understating every time ya hear it. Just stop and think for a second, did ya ever hear someone say “Uh Oh” and ya didn’t know exactly what they’re talking ‘bout? Of course ya knew, you always understand the meaning of “Uh Oh”. That’s the power of “Uh Oh”. Now “Uh Oh” isn’t even in the dictionary, it doesn’t have to be. Total understandability throughout the known universe, renders all dictionaries listings useless to “Oh Uh”

After due diligence in the research into the origin and the true meaning of ”Uh Oh”, I’ve finally concluded that “Uh Oh” came directly from God Himself.

I’m not gona bore ya with all the details about the creation and how Adam and Eve got here and how God told ‘em that they pretty much had the run of the place except for that one special tree, ‘cause if ya mess with the stuff on that tree it’ll do ya dirty. Now God went on about his business and so did Adam and Eve. Well ya know the rest of the story ‘bout the apple, the snake, and the bite, and all that stuff.

Now ya gotta remember that not every word that was ever spoken back then was recorded like it is today. Nobody texted or twittered, there was no FaceBook, or internet, nothing, just God, Adam and Eve. After talking to those two ‘bout the law, when God comes back to the garden a little while later, far off on the other side of the garden he saw Adam and Eve. So God starts walking over and as he gets about half way ‘cross the garden, he sees those fig leaves then God said “Uh Oh”.

Years ago when the space program was young and we had, for the first time, the ability to propel an object into space and escape the gravitational pull of the Earth. One of the plans was to send a message into space in the hope the message would sometime in the distant future encounter intelligent life forms. A difficult part of the mission, for a rocket called Pioneer 10, was how to phrase the message. Astronomer, Carl Sagan headed the team which came up with the final product. We ended up with a complex set of lines, circles, letters, mathematical equations, and nude human forms on a golden plate. The drawing kinda reminded ya that we’re the third rock from the sun.

We’d have been just as well off if someone had taken a magic marker on that same little gold plate and wrote “Uh Oh”. ‘Cause there is no doubt that if this thing is ever found by intelligent life forms, they will take one look at our little frail attempt to communicate with them, at their level of understanding, they’ll smile and say “Uh Oh”. ‘Cause if they’re there, then God made ‘em too. And if God made’ too, they’ll understand “Uh Oh” just like you and I understand today. Uh Oh.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Full Moons & Brittle Air, Hello Autumn, Welcome Fall, Naming Stuff, Adam & Eve & Oh Uh

I wish you well