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So this time of the year rolls around once again. The time to prepare for the upcoming tax filing season is rapidly approaching. Well not for you, but me and my son John, working at RHCO INC. in beautiful downtown North Judson IN. We start right after Thanksgiving thru the month of December in preparation for the new year start of the tax return filing season.  This preparation for the tax filing season  has changed a lot over the years I’ve been in this line of work.


It wasn’t that many years ago when everybody got a booklet of paper forms from the Internal Revenue Service. Now paper forms  from IRS have pretty much gone the way of the dodo birds  and Hudson Automobiles.  Maybe I should use more recent analogy of things that went away. How about Green Bar  Computer Paper and corded telephones. Not many of either around anymore.   This upcoming tax filing season, if I file paper income tax returns  I either also file a special form telling IRS why I’m filing paper tax return, or pay a penalty of $50.00 for adding to the Internal Revenue Service paper processing process. Should I be unable of convince my client to allow me to file electronic tax returns, and have to file the paper.  You better believe I’m gonna file the support paper pleading my case.  50 bucks is 50 bucks.


I think it was 1775 or so when the letters starting  arriving by mail. thanks in a major part to Ben Franklin. Yeah, the kite flyer, delivered mail on the side.  For years and years before there was email, we had a different mail system. Operated by the Federal Government, a system of pickup and delivery to pretty much ever address in the whole country. Six day a week of mail service is why the US Postal Service became part of the bedrock upon which this nation was built.  


For a few hundred years the postal service served the nation well. And then along came computer technology. And email followed, and face to face cell phone conversations with iPhones, iPads, and smart phones, talking watches receiving spoken messages from pretty much anywhere on the planet. Then the fine art of committing ones thoughts to paper in a logical process  went slip sliding away. And as a people we pretty much didn’t give a damn. After all, we had something new to latch on to. Texting and Twitter it turns out is a communication format that pretty much mirrors the lack of communication skills of much of society.


The lack of useful knowledge in many forms of formal education from 40 -50 – 60 years ago in many members of our society under the age of 30 is  amazingly scary.  Many can’t make a simple change transaction, some even with paper and pencil. They have no concept of the history of the United States. No knowledge of the cost in human life to preserve these United States. No appreciation for the men and women who continue to protect their right to continue to be functional idiots in this land of plenty. Many have severely limited speaking skills, and reading ability to match. But they sure know who Snooky is, and her contribution to our society. I somehow don’t feel that my life has been enriched by gaining knowledge of Snooky and what she does for a living.

Forty years of liberal progressive manipulation of the education system shows in society today. In  the minds of many, the single most devastating attack on public education came with the creation of the Federal Department of Education. Created by the Carter Administration back in the 70’s.


Sure as shooting, someone will take exception to the statement taking issue with the value of the Department of Education. Should that be the case, point to a single fact that has improved primary education at the local level. And don’t give me that equal program for boys and girls. What you do have is a ton of garbage regulation that has the net outcome of dumbing  down society. While at the Federal level rules were made to ensure equality, but they created an environment where mediocre outcomes were desirable. The educational model became a desire of  conformity rather than achievement of the highest parting of knowledge possible.  It became, in the mindsets of  many in the business of public education, “stay in the middle and don’t make waves”.  Our outcomes over the last few decades support that fact.


A few days ago I saw one of the most freighting interviews ever. A female college student, representing those protesting at the University of MO, was selected to articulate their demands on national TV. She stated three demands of justice for all. Her demands as she stated them were, free college education for all that graduate high school, immediate total forgiveness of all student debt owed by  anybody, immediate law to raise the minimum wage to $15.00.


When simply ask how she would propose to pay for such benefits, her response was “just take from the 1%”.  When informed that a 100% tax on income of the top 1% wage earners in our country would not even fund the Medicare Program  for  4 months, her response  was “well just cut off Medicare, and put the money where it belongs in the first place, what’s more important student education or Medicare”.  A college student selected by her peers to enumerate their position on a national news interview, proposed to eliminate Medicare to fund free college education for all.


When this college student was asked how her personal  college education was being paid, she said “I’m spending  my Pell Grant money”. Asked did she know how the Pell Grant system works, the reply was “You don’t have to know how it works to be able to spend it”.   Now for those who may not have had contact with the Pell Grant Program, it’s FREE MONEY FOR LOWER INCOME FAMILIES FOR COLLEGE EDUCATION. The free money, yep, you got that right, it’s coming from the Federal Government. And the poor child  didn’t even know the Federal Government was paying for her current college education.


Asked would she and her friends be willing to pay 90% of their future  income to provide free college in for upcoming generations, her answer became even more bizarre. “Why no, once it becomes free, it don’t cost anymore.”


It’s kinda scary to think the students with a like mindset, and having chosen to select this fellow student of put forth their views to the general public, will most likely reproduce in the not too distant future.

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