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Greeting to all and welcome to new friends to the EastWing.

The last rambling from the EastWing raised many an ire, and a very much larger “Here, Here” when it was read. For those who took offence, ya missed satire and irony of the whole sorry mess this country is experiencing right now. We just are, like it or not, we’ve had four years of stagnation and loss of growth in our country. Blame it on Bush, blame it on the lack of direction from Obama, I don’t care which you choose. The last four years just has not worked well for most of us. It just hasn’t, that’s for sure. If it’s worked well for you, either you’ve been damn lucky or maybe live in a cave.

I write one of the most fun stories I’ve ever done, get paid to write it to boot. Only the third time in my life I get paid to write and then send it out on the Sunday Night Pipeline and get 25 people who tell me “your rant and raving has turned me off to the EastWing forever. Take me off your mailing list.”And I do so. During that same day, continuing to read the email, I get 152 people who tell me “I’ve received your EastWing Stories for the first time, please put me on the mailing list for the future. I agree with what you’re saying, you state my thought so well”.

Both these groups missed the mark. The point is, I was hired to write a short article as blatantly far right as Chris Matthews is blatantly far left. And so I wrote. Those who asked me to write, well, those folks loved my work. At one point in our email exchanges, I was asked did the article which I had delivered for their publication display my political point of view. Told ‘em they’d have to pay extra for that information. They sent me back that little happy face smiling thing, but no extra money. I didn’t tell ‘em.

It’s hard to know which is more exciting, when ya cut the grass, the first time in the spring, or the last time in the fall. The first time brings all the summer ahead and all the fun of summer. The last time brings all the excitement of autumn and all the fun of winter to come.

Many things in my life bring such excitement. Every year for many years, I’ve looked forward to the start of the income tax filing season. Come somewhere ‘round the first of April, I look forward to the end of the income tax filing season. It’s almost like too much of a good thing.

Many times I’ve spoken of my excitement for the change of seasons. Such excitement has never diminished. If anything, as I get older, not much older, just a little older, the excitement grows. And so it does to this day. Last Thursday morning as I went off to work, I found a tree trimming crew from the local utility cutting all trees below the electric lines along 800 South. Stopped and had a visit with these fellers and requested they not cut down my Lilac Bushes across the road from my house. They assured me that my Lilac Bushes would be saved from the angry blades of their chain saws. And so they were.

I came home that same afternoon to a new view looking south from the EastWing. The Lilacs were there, but all other growth above the grass line had been removed. That, along with the removal last week of the giant pine tree that covered light of the front garden, it’s a new world when I look south from the EastWing. So now it’s much more than a change of season, it’s also a change of view from the south windows of the EastWing. And at night, now at night, the south gardens are bathed in the rays of the sodium vapor bulbs excited by electricity delivered uninterrupted, for the most part, by our friends at NIPSCO.

For the rest of the world that stands for Northern Indiana Public Service Company. NIPSCO, they sell electricity and natural gas. Those folks can only sell me electricity, but that’s another story as to why not gas from NIPSCO. The EastWing is forever doomed into the world of propane. And guess that’s why I’m such a fan of Hank Hill. After all, he sells propane and propane accessories.

One of those times of excitement that is much more difficult to identify is the first and last snow fall of the season. The first snow fall is easy to see. You either see the magic fall from the sky or wake up to a winter wonder land of white. Either way, that first snow, ya feel it in your bones, ya see it, the special feeling of something special happin’, ya just know it is. It’s that second part, the end part, that last snow fall that’s hard to see, and it’s hard to feel. Ya just don’t know for sure if what ya see is what ya’ve got. Ya think it is, but maybe not so. And so ya wonder if it is or not.

It’s that last snow fall of the season that makes you appreciate it well after its past. It’s when winter’s gone and springtime has truly come back to the valley that I realize, once again, I’ve missed the occasion of the last snow fall of the season, and I’ve welcomed spring with open arms. And once again, it’s springtime on my pillow that’s made me happy, it’s truly the springtime and for one more occasion in my life, that pretty little springtime friend of mine, that pretty little dandelion, has come back to the EastWing Gardens. Then the little yellow pops up in the grass. That along with the little girl birds, my humming birds of summer. I love the change of seasons. Even though I most always miss the last snow fall of the season, I love the last snow fall of the springtime, but almost always after it’s gone. The last snow fall melts fast in the springtime.

The first lighting bugs of summer, well, that’s also a fun thing, not as exciting as the hummingbirds or the dandelions, but lighting bugs are for sure pretty cool in their own right. Ya never see just one lighting bug, ‘cause all the lighting bugs ya see light up their tail, well, they’re the boy bugs just showing off for the little ladies. Girl lighting bugs, they don’t light their tails up. Guess they don’t have to, ‘cause when ya got something the little boys want, they’ll find ya even in the dark. Shewwww. Little Lighting Bugs, just doing the night thing, after hours.

The Darkhorse Squad is part of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Division. They’re now fighting in Afghanistan. A few weeks ago, Darkhorse lost 12 marines in 4 days. We don’t hear ‘bout those kinda of things on the Nightly News anymore. It’s somehow no longer considered, by the people in charge of such things, to be important national news. It’s not an Obama thing to report the military death to the nation. It’s just not. This policy changed when the Obama administration too office.

The Nightly News is now reserved for much more important stuff like what the President of The United States would order should he go to Texas and eat at a Mexican Restaurant. Or even more important stuff like, has the Republican Presidential Candidate maybe, just maybe, cheated on his tax return? Is he trying to hide something from our prying eyes? And equally important as that, why won’t this President of the United States release his collage transcripts? Did he flunk government? Did he even graduate from college? Is he also trying to hide something from our prying eyes? Why can’t we trust these people and get straight answers for our most important questions?

Freedom’s just another word till a life is given for its protection. Then freedom becomes life itself. It’s life and death, for those willing to sacrifice. The Darkhorse Squad, 12 Marines in 4 days die defending my freedom to live in the EastWing without fear for my life.

It allows me to bloviate, should I choose to, about anything and everything and never a fear for my life. And all the while the Nightly News feeds me an endless supply of marshmallow fluff and calls it “The News Of The Day”. It should be called “Smores”, as they ask the man who occupies the White House, what Mexican Food he would eat in Texas, should he visit that State. Who gives a damn? Not me. Do you?

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I wish you well,