Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Yep, got an iPad2 the other day. Had an android some time back. Didn’t like it. Took it back inside the 30 days trial period from Best Buy and got my money back. That was then, this is now. Yep, got an iPad2, kinda like this feller. Having fun with the iPad. It’s just another kinda  big boy toy.

When the She spots something on TV or reads in her magazines things that starts out with a WWW, she tells me and I go find it, and get what the She wants. Cause everybody knows the old saying of “When the She’s happy, everybody’s happy”. That was true as far  back as when the Hebrews were slaves, and still holds true to this day.

It was the second week of the new iPad being at home in the EastWing when the She wanted information on a thing called the  Mediterranean Diet. This was the opportunity of a lifetime to introduce the She to the iPad. And so the plan unfolded.

In the past when the She wants a book, she tells me the title and I go on, order the book and the UPS guy brings the book to the She at Pioneer Florist in two or three days. This time it was going to be different.

The first step was to get an app to read books on the iPad, the second step was to find a book on the Mediterranean Diet that would work on the iPad. In short order I had the Mediterranean Diet Book inside the iPad. Game on.


I approached the She with what seemed like a normal question. “What was the name of that book, again?” I said. She repeated the book title. It was at that point I reached her the iPad and said “touch that little picture right there and see what happens.” She touched, and the Mediterranean Diet Book  she had asked for, not even 10 minutes prior, was in her hands. Gona get the She an iPad for her birthday, come November Friday before Thanksgiving Thursday.


Much of what I do on the computers of RHCO INC I can do on the iPad. Now the computer stuff that pays the bills at RHCO INC.  that kinda stuff, I can’t do on the iPad. Most if not all that stuff does not fit at all on the iPad. But that playing with the computer part I do in my office, that part, it’s a natural for the iPad. That stuff fits the iPad like Peas & Carrots. 


That reminds me of the time, a long ways back when I said something fits like Peas & Carrots that a lady ripped me like there was no tomorrow. Said she hated peas & carrots and her mother made her eat the damn things every time they was served for supper. She even hated to say the words peas & carrots. If I ever said those peas and carrots words again, said she would never visit the EastWing again. WOW! Now that’s what I call getting upset about peas & carrots. Shewwww. Think about it for a little while, people who get that upset about peas & carrots, they just have way too much time or their hands, if you ask me.


When I used to be a little hillbilly boy in downtown Toto, the biggest of big holidays was Halloween. We didn’t get a whole hell of a lot of toys for Christmas. I always wanted things like cap guns, toy cars & trucks, board games. But I mostly got pants, socks, under ware and one time I even got a new pair of shoes. All stuff you could wear to school. So for us, it was Halloween for the good stuff.


That was the day, or should I say the night that made the wait worthwhile. Ya walked in the darkness. It was the time of the Toto Volunteers. An army of which I generaled with more love and affection than one could have thought possible, yet I did. On Halloween, we marched to trick or treat.  We were afraid and yet comforted by the security of those close by. We truly a band of brothers, the Toto Volunteers. Scary and happy at the same time makes for an exciting Halloween. Did then. Still will, come Thursday.


One of the fun things about Halloween was the carving of the Jack-O’-Lanterns a few days before. It was the carving of the Jack-O’-Lanterns that started off the holiday season for the Toto Kids. Having both Irish and Scotch ancestry I’m very aware of the origin of Ole Stingy Jack. Now Stingy Jack was a man who had a fight with the devil, and the devil lost the first round.  Stingy Jack was most adapt at tricking most everyone, even the devil.


The way Grandpa Bob told me the story was that Ole Stingy Jack convinced the devil to turn himself into a coin  so Jack could pay for something he wanted to buy. But jack trapped the devil in the form of a coin by placing him next to a cross. But I heard another story that said Jack convinced the devil to climb a tree and trapped him up the tree by carving a cross on the trunk of the tree. Either way, Jack would only let the devil go free if he agreed to never take Jack’s soul into hell.


And so it was that Jack died,  and he was refused entry into  heaven for being such a bad ass. Then the devil locked him out of hell just because he was still mad about the deal Jack pulled on him. But the devil really wanted Jack into the fires of Hell, so he gave him an ember just to remind Jack where he really belonged.

With, forever, nowhere to go, Jack wandered the whole world using only an ember from the fires of hell, given to him by the devil himself. Jack placed the ember in a carved-out turnip for light in the darkness of night. From then on, he was known as “Jack of the Lantern from Hell”.


In Ireland and Scotland people started carving scary faces into turnip and potatoes and placing theses homemade lanterns by their doors to scare off evil spirits.  Now when these people, those Irish an Scotch folks, came to the land of the free and the home of the brave, and didn’t find a lot of turnips and potatoes, guess what they turned to?  Yep, ya got that right,  they carved the things that grew in their new land, the pumpkins, were carved  into the Jack-O-Lanterns.


Fall colors in full view at the EastWing. WOW!  In living color. Nothing is more spectacular than the fall colors of the leaves in beautiful Technicolor at the EastWing. Even the movies can’t do justice to the fall colors of Mother Nature. I’m taking pictures of the EastWing colors with the iPad and will put up on FaceBook. Can’t do ‘em for reasons stated many times from the EastWing. Will do ‘em on FaceBook.   Beagles in living color to come on FaceBook, may even throw in a Sophia or two. If the cat will pose, but don’t hold your breath for pictures of Sophia. She’ll pose only when ready, damn Republican Cat.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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I Wish You Well,