Homeland Security By Pit Bull Inc., My New Possum Dog, Quick Feedback, Dancing In The Rain & Kissing Sisters

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

It was a good thing we’d already established critical duties and responsibilities here at the EastWing quite some time back. A few nights ago, a security breach occurred on the North Deck of the EastWing. All I can say is “Thank goodness for the In-House Homeland Security System which we’d put in place”.

Mr. Bentley, the President of “Pit Bull Inc.” is responsible for all Homeland Security issues here at the EastWing. The night of the security breach, Mr. Bentley demonstrated once and for all his ability to handle the daunting responsibilities placed in his charge.

The evening started out most uneventful, just another night in little paradise so to speak (the friendly confines of my most enjoyable EastWing). It’s 9:00 O’clock and all’s well. At 11:00 PM I’m ready to go to bed and as a part of my routine, I turn on the North Deck outside light to check on my “Cats of the Nighttime”. Instead of Cats of the Nighttime, standing there in the warm glow of the outside North Deck Light, only a foot or so outside the EastWing, dining on the cat food, was the world’s largest, ugliest Opossum.

The only thing separating me and that ugly possum was a wall of glass, with a 4 foot sliding glass door in the middle of the wall. Standing by my side, inside the glass, was the President of “Pit Bull Inc”. He didn’t move. He didn’t bark. He didn’t growl. And he, most assuredly, didn’t wag his tail.

He just stared thru the glass at the intruder on the other side, out there on the North EastWing Deck. A battle plan he fashioned. The outcome, he predetermined. The single unknown was length of combat. A line in the sand had been crossed. Security of the EastWing had been breached. The cat food was being plundered as he observed, thru the glass, those dastardly deeds of the intruder.

The 4 foot glass doors of the EastWing do not swing open, they silently glide, and are always very well lubricated to open with minimum effort. He didn’t move until the glass door was open wide enough to accommodate his body mass. He knew the exact moment in which he could traverse that doorway. When the moment occurred, the battle was joined.

While stepping thru the glass door and punching a time clock, all in a single motion, Mr. Bentley neutralized that ole possum with the full force and authority of “Pit Bull Inc.”

It was not a war, it was not even a battle, it was hardly even an event. Start to finish, three seconds, by the time clock. Then it was over. Peace and tranquility returned to the EastWing. An intruder had been disposed of, by those in charge of disposing of such things. And so it was, once again Pit Bull Inc had proven it’s worth in keeping the EastWing safe and secure in these dark times of trouble.

And it even gets better than that, now, not only do I have a Homeland Security Dog, I’ve got a new Hunting Dog. It’s not your every day run of the mill Hillbilly Coon Dog, oh no, I’ve got a Hillbilly Possum Dog. Me and Mr. Bentley, well, me and Mr. Bentley, we’re goin’ possum hunting come next Friday Night. I’m just gona shine the light on them possums and tell Mr. Bentley “seck ‘em”. I don’t know if the She can cook possums or not, and I’m kinda afraid to ask. But I’m thinking about it, should we get another really big one.

Usually when I get a response from something I’ve said from the EastWing, it takes at least a couple weeks or more, many times more. That was not the case with the “Bar Room Economics Lesson” WOW! Did I ever get a response from that little ditty. And in the very first few days out there. One of the ways I know when I strike a nerve is the speed of the response from those who read the words from the EastWing. Then feel strongly enough one way or the other and let me know. The Bar Room Economics Lesson struck such a nerve. It was unexpected on my part. I was surprised at the response. Happy, but surprised. You never have to agree with me, but when I can evoke enough passion in your mind to let me know your thoughts, agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter, as a writer, I’ve done my job. I made you think.

I’ll share some of the random comments on the Bar Room Economic Lesson. As usual, some folks can and some folks can’t. Even though the response was not even close to 50 / 50, I’ll share the responses’ in equal space. Simply because the difference in perception is, in its own right, so sticking, they need to be laid out side by side. With that being said, here goes:

1. The most understandable example I’ve ever seen of how out tax system really works .

2. I don’t think drinking beer and paying taxes have anything in common. Do you really think so?

3. Dead on!

4. Do you make this s–t up or what?

5. WOW! That’s all that need to be said. Hope everyone can sees these points.

6. There is no relationship between drinking beer and paying taxes. That’s stupid.

7. Will not be understood by many, will be understood by some.

That’s too dumb to even write about. You wasted my time reading junk.
Well said.
It don’t make sense to me. So I don’t know what group I’m supposed to get into.
After reading it, you’re right, no explanation is necessary.
There has to be a “catch” in there somewhere. But I just haven’t seen it yet. I’m still looking.

Not only did the volume of email surprise me, but 85% of those who emailed me, saw the message. Now the other 15% either disagreed, didn’t understand the metaphor or didn’t have a clue. I think the majority didn’t understand the metaphor. Or maybe they don’t even t know about a metaphor. So next time, I’ll use something real like, Burt & Ernie.

And so it is with the Bar Room Economics Lesson. The emails supports my original statement that those who understand the message, no explanation is necessary, for those who don’t understand the message, no explanation is possible. 85% did, 15% did not. But next time, Burt & Ernie will get ‘em all.

In many ways it’s like dancing in the rain. You’re either wet or dry. You’re under the umbrella or not, but ya can’t be both, when you’re dancing in the rain. And so it is with the Bar Room Economics Lesson. You don’t have to like it, ‘cause it not up for a vote. Facts are never up for a vote. That’s just the way things are. Now umbrella or no umbrella, that’s up to you. So go dancing in the rain, with or without an umbrella. Your choice.

But I’m your friend, so I’ll tell ya the truth, when ya dance in the rain, it’s really much more fun without the umbrella. Only without the umbrella is when you’re really dancing in the rain. With the umbrella you’re dancing half wet. And that’s kinda like kissing you’re sister, it’s not that much fun.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From The EastWing, Homeland Security By Pit Bull Inc., My New Possum Dog, Quick Feedback, Dancing In The Rain & Kissing Sisters

I wish you well,