Bill Davis
Bill Davis & Winston!

Jennifer Davis writes about diabetes.






I am a diabetic. Ten years ago, I was first diagnosed with pre-diabetes, type 2. My dad is diabetic and was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in his fifties, also. Thanks, Dad!



The facts are that the risk factors for a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes do include family history, but there are other factors as well. And….not everyone who has a family history of Type 2 Diabetes gets Type 2 Diabetes.



In my case, there were several other risk factors that sealed my fate:





Sedentary lifestyle


Poor food choices especially with fast food


Delivering a baby who weighed more than nine pounds (thanks, Ben)


High Blood Pressure





Yes, all of those and my dad. The good thing about Diabetes Type 2 is that it’s never too late to do something about it to control the progress of the disease. Statistics show that one in every three Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes in the future. I and everyone else need to take charge of our health to prevent the havoc that diabetes can cause.



This is what I am doing to try to make up for my years of bad habits:



  1. Exercise 30 minutes (every day)

  2. Count my intake of carbohydrates (35 grams/meal 15 grams/snack)

  3. Limit my fast food intake

  4. Know which foods have a high glycemic index and low glycemic index load (especially my fruits and vegetables). Avoid the high GL but indulge in the low GI.

  5. Be committed to your medical program, whether that be insulin, oral medications as well as testing your blood sugar frequently. Monitor your successes and celebrate.



My dad didn’t do a very good job at controlling his diabetes. He has paid the price as he has aged with neuropathy issues, wound healing issues, reduced vision, and a myriad of other diabetic related health problems. He may have passed along his genetic cooties to me but he has also taught me the importance of taking care and control of the disease at an early stage.


Thank you Jennifer for your article. Picture of her dad, Bill Davis, Sr., and her dog Winston.