Knox Woman Describes “A Day In The Life Of A Diabetic.”


Becky Czarnecki
Becky Czarnecki

For Becky Czarnecki the day begins with the first of four insulin injections taken to control her blood sugar. She is one of hundreds of Starke County residents with diabetes, or pre-diabetes.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2009 after sugar tests confirmed that I had the disease,” Becky said. Even with medicines and the insulin injections, the woman who has been the bailiff in the Knox City Court for 20 years, is hampered by her illness.

About 2 years ago I developed what is called neuropathy feet. This condition includes pain, and burning sensations in my feet, which in turn makes it difficult to walk,” she said. Becky has been told that there is no cure for neuropathy, but by losing weight, exercising, and correcting her diet she can help control this aspect of her diabetes. “People take walking for granted, but if you’re like me it’s a daily struggle. I try to exercise when I can by using a walker.” she revealed.

Another concern is her blood sugar numbers which are checked regularly. Becky is happy these numbers have recently been coming down, because keeping the blood sugar stable prevents sugar highs and lows.

I urge people all the time to take advantage of glucose screenings, and tests. This is a terrible disease that needs to be diagnosed as early as possible,” Becky advised.

Thank you Becky for your story. Indiana University Health-Starke Hospital and WKVI Radio are presenting these stories to focus your attention on the danger of diabetes. There are no clear symptoms of pre-diabetes, so, you may have it and not know it. Pre-diabetes is a condition when your blood sugar is higher than normal but not high enough to be diabetes. This condition puts you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Glucose screening is a test that indicates blood sugar levels that are elevated. This is not a definitive diagnoses, but indicates that you need to contact your doctor for further testing.