La Porte Diabetic Alters Her Lifestyle

Jeanne Perkins

“I should have known that something was wrong as I was feeling tired and run down for some time,” Jeanne said.  “I had a brother who died of complications from diabetes so I knew the long term prospect.”  Diabetes management is the key to living a fulfilling life so Jeanne became as knowledgeable as possible to what contributes to keeping sugar levels stable.  She even bought a digital scale to measure the weight of her food.  “I learned that it’s not always what you eat, but how much you eat and when you eat,” she said.  Jeanne counts carbs and watches her diet.   She has lost 15 pounds since her hospital stay.

“Exercise is another way to keep my sugar levels from spiking because muscles use glucose for energy,” she said.  Jeanne walks twice a day for 30 minutes, and always weighs after eating. She has also created a spreadsheet to measure her diet, and tests her blood sugar count 3 times a day.  “Many people might think my life is complicated because of my diabetes regimen, but I think I’m so lucky to have good medical people helping me keep on track,” she revealed.  “I think I’m really quite blessed.”

Thank you Jeanne for your story.