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I read an interesting set of facts the other day. It seems about 5% of the world’s population reside in the United States and some 20% of the world’s economy takes place here. Now 70% of the world’s lawyers live in the United States, and 94% of the world’s lawsuits take place in the United States. That poses an interesting questing. Do we have too many lawyers in our society? Or too much commerce?

Back in the 70’s at The Ohio State University, I wrote a research paper correlating the number of surgeons to a given population base in northern Indiana. And guess what, the more surgeons per 100,000 population, the more people had exploratory surgery. DUH! The more lawyers per 100,000 population, the more lawsuits, the more surgeons, the more people have surgery. I wonder why that happens.

It just don’t seem right, if everybody’s doing their job the way that job is supposed to be done. An example being, the more people who sell milk and bread, the lower the cost of milk and bread. With milk and bread, the more, the less, with lawyers and surgeons, the more the more. An interesting side bar to the surgeon study was the more surgeons in the population base the worse off the overall health of the group. Maybe ‘cause too many times, too many bellies were opened up just to take a peek inside. Uh oh.

It sure don’t seem right to me. But ya gotta keep in mind, I only speak and think in fluent hillbilly, so I may have a different perception than others on such complex matters as correlation of professional services rendered in relationship to the availability of residential professionals to provide such services in a pre defined population base. But I don’t think so. Hillbillies tend to think kinda straight up. Life’s a lot easier that way. And ya don’t have to put up with all that bull crap of trying to impress anybody with how smart ya are. ‘Cause damn near everybody can figure out right from wrong. They just can.

I wonder if there’s a difference between true need and true need for money. Such a tuff question like that, why you’d have to have surgeons and lawyers to figure it all out, and that’s gona cost ya lots of money, ‘cause surgeons and lawyers don’t come cheap, ask either one of ‘em.

Thirty years ago doctors and lawyers didn’t advertise in the local telephone book, but baby, just look at ‘em now. Take a minute and page thru your local phone book, you’ll be amazed. If ya could pull out doctors, dentists, lawyers and hospitals, there would be very little left to support the publication of the local yellow pages.

14 pages of lawyers with 8 of those being full page ads, including front cover, front inside cover and back outside cover. 4 pages for dentist. 1 page of hospital listings. The hospitals have agreed among themselves on how much to advertise in the Yellow Pages. 4 pages of doctors round out the telephone advertising in the yellow pages. Now keep in mind all the above is just the Yellow Pages advertising. These “professionals” “?” are also included in the white pages of the phone book. The yellow pages are being paid for as business advertising.

With 14 pages of yellow page advertising in the local phone book make the lawyers head and shoulders above all other professionals or business types in the book. In fact, if ya put all the health care related entities together, doctors, dentists, and hospitals they’d just be a little over half of what the lawyers advertise in the yellow pages.

Seems it’s more important to litigate than to stay healthy. At least those 14 pages of lawyers think so. They must, they spend the yellow page advertising money to tell us how good they are at suing somebody on our behalf. I wonder if they’re republicans? Maybe I’ll ask Sophia, she’ll know about stuff like that.

I can’t help but wonder how we got so terribly on the wrong side of the rope in the delivery of health care over the last 35 years. I propose it to be a combination of human greed along with the Federal Government’s inability to operate a national program of consumer service with efficient management. Never has, never will.

The only thing the Federal Government has been able to do with unquestionable success is operate the armed forces. On the other hand, we have nothing to compare that operation to, ‘cause, thank God, we don’t have companies in the business of operating armies, else we’d be killing each other off faster than the health care system.

If ya stop and look at every consumer service or industry controlled by the Federal Government, it’s a disaster. Some would point to the United States Post Office as an example of government inability to manage consumer services, you would not be entirely wrong.

How about that Department of Energy? Created in the Carter Administration, and charged with the objective of getting this nation free of foreign oil within one decade. Ten years. The mission has long been abandoned while the Department of Energy grows like a typical government cancer within our society, consuming every possible dollar which can be drained into the Department of Energy. Can this nation survive without the Department of Energy? This nation did so for over 200 years.

An example of how efficiently the Department of Energy is carrying out its mission. When the Department of Energy was created on August 4th 1977, the United States imported 35% of our oil from foreign soil. Today that number is 70%. Today the Department of Energy has a budget of 24.2 Billion, that’s billion with a “B”, 16,000 federal employees, and 100,000 outside contractors. Have we gotten our money’s worth from this Federal Department that was charged with freeing our nation of dependency on foreign oil in 10 years? I wonder.

Much of the ills of the postal service are caused by rules and regulations placed on the postal service that are not placed on any other governmental entity. Things such as ya can’t reduce the service based on cost / benefit factors. Ya must fully fund future pensions in advance.

Now if that one single provision, that fully funding future pensions in advance, which is imposed on the postal service, was mandated to the federal government in the same manner as is mandated to the postal service, well, we all might just as well all learn to speak Chinese right now. ‘Cause there’s not enough gold in Fort Knox to meet the future liability for which this Federal Government has committed it’s self to. It’s not even close.

From time to time ya hear somebody worry about Social Security going broke. What the hell! It’s already broke, been broke for a long time. When the decision was made to move the social security trust fund into the general fund of the federal government, that was the end of the safe social security system. Then we the people, sat aside and let it happen. The social security system now depends upon a series of IOU’s from the Federal Government.

There is no longer such a thing as a true Social Security Trust Fund, when the monies collected were redirected into the general fund of the Federal Government, well we all know what happened to the money, it got spent faster than it came in, and the Social Security Program was left holding an IOU and the national debt increased. And those IOU’s, well those IOU’s are backed by our largest foreign lender, China. What went wrong with that picture? And now we get a current administration in Washington DC that increases the public debt more in three years than the previous 200 years of the nation, is that a problem? Or is this progressive life style of the future? Are we lemmings marching to the sea? We’ll see.

Could “progressive” politics have anything to do with when our society started to decline? Could it be that “office holding” has become more important than the national interest? Could it be that those in our society who rely on “hand out” rather than “hand up” have become a major voting bloc? Does one political party pander to this group for reelection? Has one political party abandoned the working class group of voters in order to seek favor to the “hand out” group to secure reelection? Is class warfare a viable political option? Has national politics been influenced by tactics employed from a recognized corrupt political system of favoritism to create a “welfare state” in a major Midwest City? Is the “Occupy” movement being encouraged and funded by a national political party? Is a whole Midwest state an example of failed progressive politics?

The whole country is full of questions this election year. Questions that will be answered by “We The People” both in the primary election process, just getting underway, and then come November. Have those in charge in Washington DC during this last four years lived up to promises made? Have we received change we can believe in? Did we even make the right decision 4 years ago? Will we make the same mistake again? Will we make the right decision again? We’ll see.

All the while Sophia, The Conservative Calico Republican Cat, simply sits on the back of my chair, whispers her poisonous propaganda into my ear, and reads as her words from my fingers to the keyboard, appear on the screen. Then she smiles. I hate it when that cat smiles. Damn Republican Cat.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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