Leaving Oakley, Tailgating Buckeye Football At Holiday Inn Great Room, Cracker Barrel & Chickens On A Plate, Hugging The Menagerie

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Leaving Tip Top, we drove down Oakley, crossed the Licking River, turned left onto KY 7, and before very long were entering upon the Mountain Parkway toward Lexington. Shortly after that we left Magoffin County via the Big Road. With that done, the only thing remaining of the 2015 Tip Top Coal Camp Reunion were memories. We had a lot. Enough to share, enough to talk about until the 2016 Tip Top Coal Camp Reunion comes around. Will we return to Tip Top in 2016. We’ll see

From the very first time I ever traveled the Mountain Parkway, to the last, I’ve considered that road to be one of the most beautiful strips of Interstate Highway I ever traveled. The pleasure of riding the Mountain Parkway on the way home was a much fun as it’s ever been.

The route home had long been discussed. Again we would avoid Louisville like the plague due to massive highway construction in place. Johnny wanted to stay at a round hotel at the river’s edge in Cincinnati. Actually the hotel is on the Kentucky side of the river.

Johnny told us there a restaurant that revolved at the top of the building. As we approached the building while still on the Interstate, Jaimie said “I’m not going up there, no way”. Sure was glad Jaimie spoke up. I supported Jaimie’s position. A quick two vote count must have been a majority position. The round hotel with the restaurant on top, we passed it by.

Changed Interstates toward the northwest, and while driving up to Indianapolis, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, we come upon a dead stop traffic jam on the interstate. We could see the traffic back up a long, long ways. The down side of interstate travel, should you be caught on the wrong side of a traffic jam, you can be stranded out there in the middle of nowhere for a very long time.

At our side were our traveling angels, because we found ourselves stopped directly next to an exit. Having no idea where the exit lead, we took it. First turn from the exit, a Holiday Inn Express on the right. A perfect place to spend the last night of the Tip Top Reunion Trip.

With checking in all secured, the decision of where to watch the upcoming Ohio State Football game had to be made soon, as game time approached. The hotel great room had a large screen wall mounted flat screen TV and was inviting the Indiana travelers to a Buckeye Football Game.

Johnny ordered pizzas and hot wings which showed up just as the game was getting underway. I invited the pizza delivery guy to our inside tailgate party, but he had other deliveries. It’s a lot more fun to tailgate party in the great room of the Holiday Inn Express right off Interstate 74, just west of Cincinnati when your team wins. Mine did.

Breakfast was in the same great room of the hotel the morning after the football game. It was Indianapolis a 100 miles in front of us and another 120 miles home. But not before lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Lafayette IN.

Being a long collector of fine chicken art in any form, be it flat, 3-dimensional, cloth, wood burning, or otherwise, I’ve purchased several large ceramic chickens at Cracker Barrel Restaurants over several states.

You know how when you look around at the Cracker Barrel Store, sure as shooting one of those ladies with that brown apron is going to come up to you and ask “do you need any help?” Well she said that to me, and I asked did they have any chickens. she said “the only chickens we have are in the dining room and they come on a plate”. I didn’t order chicken in the dining room that day. Now I didn’t say anything bad to that girl, but I thought about it when she said that about chickens.

Mid afternoon and I walk into the empty house, except Mr. Bentley, Spike the Man Cat and the New Sophia. We four sat in the floor, hugged, and hugged some more, and told stories.

From The EastWing, Leaving Oakley, Tailgating Buckeye Football At Holiday Inn Great Room, Cracker Barrel & Chickens On A Plate, Hugging The Menagerie.

I Wish You Well,


BobbyRay From The EastWing