Lovin’ A Rainy Day, Buying A Bake Sale, Notre Dame In The Rain, Romney & PBS, Marching Big Birds & Kissing Yellow Asses.

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

I love a rainy day. I’ve always loved a rainy day. Now I don’t care for a bunch of ‘em strung together, but when they come every once in a while, I love a rainy day. October 13, 2012 was just such a rainy day. Just cool enough to require more clothes than a t-shirt and shorts that Saturday rainy day morning, but not cold enough for “long handles” I love a rainy day.

A day when the EastWing Pets think twice before venturing outside. Mr. Bentley, even though he’s the Pit Bull in charge of Home Land Security, tiptoes into the rainy day, pees and returns to the friendly confines of the EastWing to receive his Drying Off Towel. Bentley too loves the Rainy Day, and most importantly, the Rainy Day Drying Off Towel. The Gray Lady, well, the Gray Lady takes one look outside and says “I’ll go pee later” The wisdom of the old bird dog, not to challenge the early morning rain. She too loves the Rainy Day.

Both Sophia, The Calico Conservative Republican Cat, as well as Spike, The-Man-Cat, choose to avail themselves of the feline indoor plumbing system that Rainy Day Morning. I love a Rainy Day, an October Rainy Day, when the sun never shines for the whole day. It just gets daylight, but never sunshine, and then it again gets dark. Just cold enough to let ya know it’s really no longer the summer time. Just cold enough to make ya not really want to be outside unless you’re at a football game in the rain. And then ya wonder if you’re dumb for being at a football game in the rain.

With only one appointment at Robert Howard Co. for the Rainy Day Saturday Morning, the prospect of being in the EastWing before kickoff was high. One appointment turned into two, and then two into three when I made the first mistake and answered the telephone in person rather than letting the automatic answering service take the call.

Now I’m just joking ‘bout that answering stuff, ‘cause when I’m in my office, there’s only one reason I don’t pick up the telephone. I’m talking to somebody in person. Not being able to hear on the telephone without it being on “speaker” I only pick up when I’m not engaged in conversation. When I’m not, I answer. I always do. All my clients know, that when it’s my normal business hours and I don’t say hello, I’m talking to somebody and I’ll call ‘em back.

Of all the years I’ve been in business, and Lord knows it been a while, there has never been one time in which I’ve interrupted a conversation in my office when the telephone rang and I said “just a second, I gotta get the phone.” I’ve never received an unknown phone call more important than the conversation that the ringing telephone interrupted.

On the way home from the office I stopped at the local Dollar General Store. Why of course I shop at the local Dollar General Store, just like you do. All my cat food, all my dog food, all my Q-tips, and whatever else the She tells me to buy at that store, including such diverse items as self-rising flour and salsa. Yeah, guess ya can say I’m a big Dollar General customer.

Q-Tips? Well it has to do with not being able to hear without assistance. Without my hearing aids, I’m deaf. So Q-Tips come into play. Every day after my shower, I dry the inside of my ears with Q-Tips. It’s a 2 Q-Tips a day at the EastWing to start every day, and then I can hear the world as it goes by my ears. Me and Q-Tips, we’re buds for life when it comes to hearing and drying inside my ears.

It was right there between the Dollar General Store and the CVS Pharmacy where the girls from the Baptist Church Ladies Society sat with a Saturday Morning Bake Sale. Under the awning they were, yet still outside on a rainy day. I’d never seen a more sad bunch of ladies at a bake sale in my life. They needed relief from the misery of a rainy day bake sale.

I walked up and bought everything they had for sale. I’m sure, I made friends for life. To make friends was not the reason, it was simply because those ladies, they just needed help on a Rainy Day Saturday Morning coming down. I love the things ya do on a Rainy Day and then ya get to go home and watch Notre Dame play football. I love a Rainy Day, And so it was, that October 13th 2012, by the time it was ready for the kickoff at Notre Dame, I was home in my warm and dry EastWing, still loving that Rainy Day.

I don’t know ‘bout you, but I for one, am glad the debates and the this election cycle is drawing to an end. I’d rater tell stories of wooly worms, stargazing, and mushroom hunting than politics. But politics continues dominate the news, and everywhere I look for inspiration of original thought, I see politics dominating the landscape, the roadways, the airways, TV screens, and the internet. Much of such politics slanted with a liberal flavor.

I say politics slanted with a liberal flavor, not from the position of a liberal or conservative, but from a position of fact, from direct observation. And example being, when the president’s wife appeared on the TV talk show “The View” she was asked if the president is a good lover. She was asked does she ever have a chance to fix the president a late night snack.

When the other candidate’s wife appeared on “The View” she was asked to defend her husband’s position on right to life in relationship to his belief in the Mormon Faith, and how those topics impacted his decision making process when he was an elected official. I don’t care who ya are, if you don’t think that’s not a slanted liberal point of view, you may want to rethink reality in your own life, and the way you deal with people on an everyday basis.

Of all the bizarre things to become involved in a political campaign, Big Bird. Can you believe that, Big Bird. Yep, the republican guy said he would not borrow money from places like China to provide funding for PBS, and then Big Bird is introduced into the campaign by the democrat guy.

Yes, Big Bird was used in a political ad by the Obama Campaign. Bad mouthing the Romney Camp he was. Big Bird was bad mouthing, for suggesting to defund PBS if that funding had to be done by borrowing money by the Federal Government.

It’s important to know a few additional facts ‘bout Big Bird. Seems the copy right to Big Bird is a part of the Sesame Street Project. By their own tax filings for 2011, Sesame Street, has a net worth of over $400,000,000.00, that’s 400 million, and that’s a lot. The Federal Government provides Six Million Dollars to the Sesame Street Project. That’s about 0.4% of the total net worth of the Sesame Street Project. It’s estimated that the Big Bird merchandise sales is over a billion dollars worldwide. That’s a million dollars, a thousand times, and that’s a lot more.

With that amount of sales, do you really think the Federal Government should borrow these dollars and donate it to Big Bird? Another way to look at the government involvement with Big Bird is, all the Big Bird sales profits are tax exempt. It appears Big Bird is not paying his fair share as the President wants us all to do. Damn Big Bird, for not paying his fair share. Big Bird is not using a level playing field, he’s un-patriotic, he’s un-American.

Sophia laughs out loud on the back of my chair, she whispered into my ear, “Big Bird’s just came out of the closet, he’s a Big Yellow Republican Bird. Not paying his fair share and all.” Damn Republican Cat, picking on poor ole Big Bird.

Now, are you ready for this, most all the Big Bird Merchandise sold worldwide is made in China. Most all the money the USA puts into PBS, aka, Big Bird is borrowed money from, yap, ya got that right, China. Now do ya wanta guess who makes out the most from Big Bird. It’s for sure not Burt & Ernie, or even Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy, or even the Cookie Monster, no way, its China hands down. When you look at the facts of a political campaign statement, sometimes, just sometimes, it presents a different picture than the one painted by an opposing campaign.

A most interesting thing in this whole Big Bird story is the demand by the Sesame Street people to withdraw the Big Bird political ad by the Obama Campaign. In a statement issued that same day the Obama Campaign ran the Big Bird ad, the official statement by the Sesame Street camp says they are apolitical and did not authorize the Obama Campaign to use Big Bird in their political ads.

Then within a week after Big Bird was used without Sesame Street permission, the NBC Nightly News has Big Bird planning to engage in a political march in Washington DC in support of not cutting funding for Sesame Street. Think about that for a second, that may not be most astute thing to do from a political point of view. If Big Bird marches for the Obama cause after the official statement by the Sesame Street people saying they are an apolitical organization, and now Big Bird marches for one of the political contestants.

Should that bird march, and the Romney / Ryan Ticket win the election, well, at that point, then Big Bird may just as well bend over and kiss his big yellow ass goodbye.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

From the EastWing, Lovin’ A Rainy Day, Buying A Bake Sale, Notre Dame In The Rain, Romney & PBS, Marching Big Birds & Kissing Yellow Asses.

I Wish You Well,