Meeting Sophia, Fingers and Legacy, A Good Dentist, Shadows of The Rain Drops, Roscoe & The Bird Dog, Al Gore & BS, The Carters Boys Billy & Jimmy, Putting Toothpaste Into A Cloud

Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

It was during the last week of the tax filing season. For me, it was a busy time indeed. And in the midst of the  chaos of that last tax filing week,   I get  new clients who wanted to be able  to come to the EastWing and meet Sophia, The Calico Conservative Republican Cat. These people were willing to travel a considerable distance (Indianapolis to North Judson ) to allow me to do their tax work, but only if they could meet Sophia. Well you got that right, we worked it all out and visited the EastWing so they could meet the Queen.

Sophia had not been forewarned of the visit and  Sophia does not do strangers well. In fact, Sophia does not do strangers at all. When I walked into the house with company, Sophia hid. I made my guests comfortable in the EastWing, and left ‘em being entertained by Spike The Man Cat & Mr. Bentley, who was explaining the EastWing Homeland Security System provided by Pit Bull Inc, as I went looking for Sophia.

Knowing all the hiding places of Sophia, I tracked her down. Explained the importance of coming with me and meeting the new tax clients. Sophia didn’t buy into the program well, but begrudgingly agreed. Picking her up and walking  into the EastWing, they were both surprised at her size. I told ‘em, no she’s not this big, she’s not even half this big, ‘cause right now ever hair is standing on end. A few gentle strokes, along with kind words of introduction and Sophia reclaimed her royal composure as the reigning  Queen of the EastWing.

It was at that point  she gave ‘em that “Sophia when she smiles” look.  That’s all was necessary. It don’t take much to fall in love with a Calico Girl. Sophia when she smiles, and it’s right here  I’ve got  two things going for me. New tax clients for life and a Damn Republican Cat. Sophia when she smiles. Seems I read somewhere that a Calico Smile is worth a thousand pictures.

Do you know the length of your finger may identify the genetic legacy of your family tree? Yeah, it can, I’m telling ya, it can. All you need do is hold your hand, palm down, and touch all fingers together. Look at the length of the fingers. One of the things I used to do, back in the day when I was involved in forensic pathology, was to measure the length of the finger bones. Sometimes it could help reduce the number of possibilities of the unknown.

One of these days, we’ll talk about those finger lengths, don’t know when, but we will someday, we  just will, someday. In the mean time, rest assured for all those who just looked at your fingers, not everybody’s fingers are the same length. We’ll talk about that, someday. I’ll talk about the code for the finger lengths, some day. My code, going from right to left, is 3-4-2-5-1. Yours may or may not be different. Most likely yours  are different. I’m hillbilly, ya know. So if you’re not, most likely it’s different. With the hillbilly’s the gene pool is kinda tight,   so we’re all pretty close to the same. Now I’m not saying all hillbillies have the same fingerprints, but our fingers do tend to be close in finger length code.

Do you like to go to the dentist as much as I do? DUH! It’s like the worst thing in the world for many people. But I have to say that I have, what I consider the world’s best dentist. The Badell Dental Clinic at Knox IN is, in my humble opinion, the best of the best.  Having had considerable dental issues in the past, I do consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to being a dental patient, and as such, I do have credentials when it comes to evaluating dentists from the patient point of view. And when all is said and done, that’s the only point of view that really matters. ‘Cause when it comes to be qualified as a dental patient, I’m bonafied.  Unlike other doctors, dentists have only one shot at getting it right.

As some of you know, I have a rather extensive  background in the health care deliver field, and have spent most of my life in close contact with physicians. Thankfully not as a patient, so much as  in some capacity of management. Either in the medical laboratories, hospital administration, or the private business side of a medical practice, both as a business consultant and accountant.  With that being said, I propose the  docs have it easy compared to the dentist. The docs can always say “let’s try this pill and see if it works for you. Come back and see me in two weeks.” Knowing full well, that many times, the patient will be recovered in two weeks, no matter what. The dentist on the other hand, it’s one strike and he’s out. The dentist, well, the dentist has to get it right, the first time. Else it’s adieu to that patient forever.

I bring the topic of the dentist to the conversation because it was only the third day past the tax filing season that I had my regular appointment. I do go to the dentist on a regular basis. ‘Cause several years ago  I had some real major issues to deal with. It was the Badell Dental Clinic that resolved those issues.   Right now I  have additional dental work to be preformed and have every confidence in the world in the Badell Dental Clinic at Know IN. Dr. Greg, a Dentist of all seasons. But I’m a little bit scared when I go there. After all, it’s still going to the dentist. And everybody knows that’s scary stuff, even for big boys, going to the dentist and al. But I still go.

Have you ever watched the rain, not from the water running down the window, but rather the shadow  of the rain drops falling soft against the window while reflecting from the outside light in the darkness, reflecting onto a table top in the EastWing as water running down the outside of the EastWing glass? Thank you NIPSCO for putting that big pole in the ground, out there by the edge of the front garden. Yeah, that big one with the mercury vapor light, allowing me to see the reflections of the raindrops falling soft against my window. The things ya see  at the EastWing when it rains in the darkness are pretty cool. The things ya see when it don’t rain are also pretty cool, and I didn’t even talk about those things. But they are. I’m already looking forward to lighting bugs.

Did I tell ya I’ve still got a rooster? Oh yeah, it’s the same rooster I rustled a while back. Named him Roscoe, then found out my old bird dog liked to carry Roscoe around as a toy. The Gray Lady James, a German Short Hair Pointer, she may be old, but she still knows how to catch and carry birds, live birds, roosters even. Live birds that don’t want to be carried, they can still be carried by an old bird dog, when the old bird dog wants to carry ‘em around. So I walked the rooster back to the first house west of the EastWing. I still feed Roscoe Rooster every morning on my way to work. I don’t think Roscoe liked being carried around by the Gray Lady James. When I feed Roscoe, he makes sure I didn’t bring the bird dog before he eats breakfast.

It’s time to start a betting pool on who can pick the first day when someone complains that it’s too hot. It happens every year. Just as sure as summer comes, two things are going to make the national news. The excessive heat of summer and that dreaded Global Warming. They are both akin to bull. Actually more akin to the S than the Bull. Guess that would make it BS.

Still  think we wouldn’t  have this Global Warming crap to put up with had Al Gore been elected president in place of Bush II.  Unemployed Vice Presidents can do some dumb stuff. For that matter unemployed presidents can do the same thing. Can we say Jimmy Carter here?

At a time when the whole world did not carry a “smart phone”, we all had to watch the TV to find out what happened during the last 24 hrs. It was a time when the national news truly reported what was happening in the world. And they never tried to push you into the donkey or elephant camp, just told ya the way it was. What was so sweet about that time, you got to decide which side of the rope was right for you.

For those of us old enough to remember the Carter Administration, it was not the president, so much as the brother of, who garnered national headlines many times on the nightly news. Billy Carter was his name, and ole Billy was loving every minute of having his brother be President of the United States. I’m not sure if Billy Carter was as stupid as he appeared on TV. He may well have been so.  Billy could have  been a regular on some of today’s TV reality shows.  Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, Moonshiners, just to name a few. Billy would  probably have cut his leg off on Ax Men, and would most assuredly been washed overboard on the World’s Deadliest Catch. In all probability  Billy would have fit best with the Moonshiners.  After all, there was a company that produced a product called “Billy Beer”. I tasted Billy Beer. It tasted like Panther Piss smells. Budweiser had nothing to fear from Billy Beer.

Do ya notice how your life changes in little bits and pieces and you just adjust and go along? I do. Now more so than 25 years ago. Body parts that hurt, use to not hurt. Memory that used to be instant recall, is now sometimes stored offsite. The only thing I can figure is for security concerns, the backup data in my mind is stored offsite. I’m not sure if it’s one of those secure on line sites like Carbonite, (which I do use at RHCO INC) or maybe is just stored in the cloud. Most people do not, at this point, know about cloud computing. But you will, Microsoft will make sure you know about cloud computing. I’ll replace the way we think about computers today. Much the same way we thought about computers before Microsoft came along.

I’m not going into details here about how cloud computing works, but just say it’s kinda like putting the toothpaste back in the tube, except you don’t have the tube to put it back into. And you have to put it somewhere. And that somewhere is in a cloud. Don’t seem like it’ll work, but it will.

Keep in mind there was a time that only one person thought it possible to hear a voice from a copper wire, and then along came the telephone. A picture out of the air didn’t seem like it would work. And then along came Television. Philco and Farnsworth made it happen for the TV and a feller by the name of Bell, well, you already know about him, Alexander Graham.

Memory in a cloud. It’ll work. Maybe I should explain just a little bit here. I’m not talking about the kinda clouds you see when you look up into the sky. Not those big puffy white things or those dark flat things that produce rolling thunder that scares the crap out of very body when the lighting walks among the clouds . It’s not that type of cloud I’m talking about.

It’s called the cloud, but really it’s still machine based. Cloud computing is a term for an internet based thing. Another way to look at cloud computing is, clouds still on the ground. “Course fog is really just clouds on the ground. But saying “storing your stuff in a fog”, just don’t sound right. Like clouds are better? DUH!

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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