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Greeting to all and welcome new friends to the EastWing.

Did ya ever have random thoughts just pop into your mind for no reason other than they just did. Such things as when the microwave is running, do ya ever think microwave minutes are longer than regular minutes?. As I was standing waiting for that little microwave bell to ring, and is seemed to take forever, even with a digital clock counting backwards from 60, it seemed to take forever. That’s when the thought popped into my mind, just maybe it is. I don’t know how to check it out. Maybe ya gotta get two microwaves, and have ‘em race.

There’s few things in life more fun than people watchin’. I’m talking ‘bout watching people when they think nobody in the whole world is looking at ‘em. That’s when people show who they really are. No matter what kinda outside persona they may want to project when nobody’s watching that’s when it shows, when nobody’s watching ‘em. ‘Cept one day at one time, I was watchin’.

I saw it all play out a while back between what appeared to be one of a most intimidating “outlaw biker” type fellers you’d ever want to run across and a little tiny boy. It was a pleasure to have been given the opportunity to observe such an act of kindness between two human beings. One, an unapproachable member of society, and the other one, well, that one was just a little tiny feller. And he wasn’t afraid of big bad biker types, he just wasn’t. And it so showed in how he handled a tuff guy.

All I need to say is, it matters not how mean ya look, how bad ya look, or even if you’re the roughest, toughest looking dude in the pact, whenever a two year old boy smiles and hands you a toy telephone, ya answer it. Tuff guy.

As I set here in the EastWing looking into the South Gardens with the temperature at the summertime°, I can’t help but think about the importance of enjoying this very day to its fullest, ‘cause there will come a time in all our lives, somewhere in the future, when this beautiful, summer day of 2012, will be a long, long time ago. And we’ll all miss it when it’s gone. Ah,,,, but if I could put time in a bottle….

If last night you missed out on the laser light show from the stars, the Perseid Meteor Shower, well, you’re in luck ‘cause it’s still playing tonight. It’s still the best show in town, and as always it’s free. I’m not gona get into talking too much ‘bout the constellations in the night sky and Greek Mythology right now. ‘Cause every time I talk about that stuff somebody always says I said too little and somebody will always think I said too much. But truly one of the neat things about being on my side of the keyboard is I may say too little, or maybe too much.

These meteors are from a comet Swift-Tuttle as it orbits the Sun. Now Swift-Tuttle being a really big chunk of dirty ice, as it get closer to the sun, well guess what? The ice starts to melt. As that ice melts it leaves behind little chunks of stuff. I don’t have a clue what all that stuff is made of. Sure wish I did, so ya just have to go with me on this one, unless ya know, then for sure email right away.

It’s every year, during August that our Earth crosses that part of space where Swift-Tuttle Comet left the dirty trail, and we bump into stuff. Then the particles from this trail burn up in our atmosphere, and become meteors, we also call ‘em falling stars or shooting stars. I think us hillbillies mostly call ‘em shooting stars. ‘Cause we’re a lot bigger on shooting than falling.

This Perseids shower will be visible for the next 10 days or so, up to about August 22nd. But the peak of the light show was early AM, Sunday, August 12th . You don’t need a telescope to see ‘em, and they’re all over the place. But the best place to look is to the northeast, into the constellation Perseus. Now the easiest way to find Perseus is to look for Cassiopeia. In the northeast night sky, this time of the years, it looks like a really big letter “W” made out of stars. Just look toward that big star W and you’ll see your share of the light show.

Best time to look at the meteors is starting about 11 PM. If you look for a couple hours, you’ll be happy with what you see. You may see maybe 50-60 or so per hour. In the shooting star watching business, that’s a lot. One of the good things for shooting star watching tonight is the fact that we’re in a waning crescent Moon cycle. Now for those not being star gazers, that waning crescent moon cycle stuff, just means the Moon’s getting less bright rather than more bright. It’s just past a full moon and going toward a new Moon. And we all know that a new moon is a fully dark moon. So the waning crescent Moon is good for star gazing.

Did ya ever stop and think that everybody in the whole world smiles in the same language? So there’s truly a universal language. Stop and think about how neat it is to know a second language. “Here’s smiling at ya kid.”

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of all the brouhaha being made over the fact that the owner of Chick-Fil-A said he supports marriage only between a man and a woman. Well hello,,, the man sales chicken for a living. What would you expect him to say, he supports marriage between a rooster and a rooster. He’s got the bible on his side, he’s got science on his side. He’s got chicken reproduction on his side. He doesn’t really need the Mayor of Boston or the Mayor of Chicago to tell him he’s right or wrong. Just look at this chicken thing in a different light. The EastWing way of thinking. Ya gotta keep in mind, among other things, I’m a business consultant, and can see this Chick-Fil-A point of view. It just makes good business sense.

One Rooster + One Rooster = 0

One Hen + One Hen = 0

One Rooster + One Hen = 1 Egg = 1 Hen = Chick-Fil-A

As many of my long time EastWing friends know, I have a rather extensive collection of chickens here in the EastWing. Made from most every material you can think of, except flesh and blood. Ceramic and Cement, paper and wood, glass and plastic, coal and steel, just to name a few. And I’m sure I’ve left a bunch of ‘em out. The point I’m makin’ by bringing up my flock is this, if God intended it to be rooster + rooster, I don’t think the flock here in the EastWing would be as large. Not nearly as large, two at the most. One rooster and one rooster. Shewwww. I’d have to keep them ole boys in separate rooms.

Ya know, when push comes to shove, I can’t help but believe Harland Sanders was also glad the pecking order was not rooster + rooster down there in Corbin KY, back in the day, when he ran a motel along the way, and fried chicken on the side. Had it been so, we could just as easily ended up with KFS (Kentucky Fried Squirrel)

As we, the people, continue to lay flowers at the site of the most recent Colorado carnage from a shooter with a deranged mind, we’re driven to search for answers, answers that’ll never come our way. We’ll never know why, we’ll just never know why.

As our country recovers from that horrific act of violence, the discussions has once again turned to “have guns, not have guns” “guns don’t kill, people kill” “ban or not to ban assault weapons” I, not being a “gun” person, never quite understood the term “assault weapon” Is this term limited to a machine that can fire a large amounts of bullets in a short period of time? Or what?

It seems to me that any weapon used to assault another person would have to be classified as an assault weapon. The very first assault weapon ever had to be a rock, after all it was Cain who killed Able, not the rock that killed Able. Ya can make a strong case for the “rocks don’t kill, people with rocks kill” argument, side of the rope.

While the memory of this senseless Colorado killing is still fresh, yet another such occurs last week in Wisconsin. One of the things I learned from a long past college study of comparative religion, over at The Ohio State University, was of the Sikh Religion. Such a kind and gentle people. Today I both stand, and cry with the Sikhs.

To the dead Blue Jay of several days ago, my Red Rider BB Gun, that BB Gun, was an assault weapon. It had to be from the Blue Jay’s point of view, just saying.

Sophia was quick to point out that when the President tried to get political traction from this Colorado disaster, he was shut down by the guy calling the shots at the U.S. Senate. Harry Reid said the Senate didn’t have time to talk about that stuff right now. Sophia proposed someone forgot to put it up on the teleprompter. She said it seems when the President goes off teleprompter, much of what he has to say makes people mad now days.

Sophia, The Republican Cat, brought up the incident a few days back when the President was giving a speech and the teleprompter stopped working, he just stood motionless and didn’t say a single word till they got it back up and running, some 4 ½ minutes later. Then Sophia asked did I know why not one major news channel showed the President standing in front of a blank teleprompter for over 4 minutes and not saying a single word. I had no response to the question.

Sophia says she’s not insinuating it’s managed news reporting, just wondering why nobody at NBC, CBS and ABC , none of the decision makers at those channels, the ones who decide on what goes into the reported Nightly News on TV, none of ‘em found those 4 ½ minutes of silence by the President of the United States while standing in front of a large group of people, to be news worthy for that day. Damn Republican Cat.

When Piglet said “how do ya spell love?” Pooh said “Ya don’t spell it. Ya feel it”. Such a smart Pooh.

Stay safe in Afghanistan.

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